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    Could Use Some Advice Please!

    I am wanting to get into recording. I've been playing music for 30 plus years, but never have gotten into recording. It's kind of intimidated me, despite buying a Zoom HD16 recording device a few years ago. I just never learned to use it, although I lazily didn't put in enough effort to do...
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    AC30 Custom Classic Users- Need Quick Help ASAP For A Show

    Hi guys. I have to play a show tonight with a Vox AC30 CC with alnico blues. I want to use a Tele and Les Paul but want to avoid having to do too many adjustments to the eq and settings when I change guitars. What I want to try and do is use a Morley ab box through the effects loop:v have...
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    Love My AC30CC w/ Blues-But......

    I've gone through many amps over the years and always wanted to experience an AC30. I've had one for over a year and totally see what the magic that is the AC30 chime. Now since I'm hooked on that tone, I'm wondering if I would like the AC30 handwired/Heritage series even more...? Or maybe...
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    Craigslist Dictionary

    Saw this on the Cincy CL and thought some here would appreciate the listing. Cracked me up. http://cincinnati.craigslist.org/msg/1538784572.html
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    AC30 Users Who Gig Them - Advise Needed

    I've had an AC30 CC with blues for over a year or so, but have never gigged it. I want to try it out this weekend and was hoping to get some advise from those who have. With the AC30's versatility, it leaves several options. Use Normal channel? TB channel? AB Box and try switching between the...
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    For Those Who Do A Lot Of String Bending

    Do you find that certain guitars make it much harder for bending-especially higher up on the neck and on the bottom strings. I've not been able to identify exactly what it is, but some strats, a tele, and various others will have this....where I can't really "dig in." It's like the fret is too...
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    Injured Finger In Practice: Joint Closest To Fingertip

    Had a very long rehearsal and now have pain in the joint at the top of the finger-the one closest to the nail. I have a very big show thats been heavily promoted this Saturday and am freaked at the thought of this still being an issue. Anyone have any experience with a similar issue? Any...
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    RS Guitarworks-Will It Clean My Signal A Bit

    I have an 08 Standard with the stock Burstbuckers. I'm not getting as clear or clean of a signal as I would like. Would a RS kit remedy this, or would I want to address the pickups? Thanks in advance. :munch
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    We've All Read HC Reviews Before And Seen This....

    I'm sure you've all seen reviews from various places; especially HC's, where people say things like " I've owned ____, and _____, and ____'s over the years, but this _______(insert a cheaper amp than the examples above) beats them for a cheaper price. Similar ones (that might be more common...
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    1977 Fender Std. Telecaster

    Anyone have any experience with this year of Tele? I have the opportunity to get one at what I assume is a pretty decent price. I am partial to the 3 barrel saddles. This one has 6, but I think that is how they came. This guitar is apparently pretty much all original except for a fret job...
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    My LP Custom Sounds Worse Than My Other 2-Help Please

    My LP Custom sounds inferior to my '97 Classic and 08 Standard. It feels as if it is darker, muddier, and just not even close to the tones of the other two. It shares the pretty similar pu's as the classic, so i don't think its the pu's. I've heard about some things you can do to brighten or...
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    Was Offered This Trade: Should I?

    Been a Les Paul player all my life. I have black LP Custom and a Honeyburst Classic. I recently got an SG Standard to goof around with. I'm just starting to get used to it, but haven't totally warmed to it (starting to dig it a lot more recently). If I were to keep it, I'd DEFINITELY have...
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    Always Been A LP player and Wanting An SG

    I'm looking to buy an SG - preferably a Standard, but have really never played one, except for short intervals here and there. Besides the weight, what are some differences in the two. Pros? Cons? Anyone have a strong preference to one or the other? I am going definitely keep my Les Pauls...
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    What Is This Old Gibson case ?

    A guitar i got in trade came with it and I'm wondering what it was from. I'd like to sell it but have no idea what year it is or what it's from. A Dean ML is what the guitar was. I sold the guitar but still have this case. Explorer maybe? Thanks.
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    Need Help Improving My Old LP Custom

    I have a 1981 Les Paul Custom that I've been playing for 16 years. *First Issue I've played it a ton and the frets are very worn to where I have trouble bending at times-like I'm having to use a lot of effort "digging in" to get under strings etc. The frets are so level that I think it may need...
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    Can someone tell me how to run a pod through a powerblock

    Sorry for another PB thread: I've searched some threads and saw where you can bypass the cab sim on the powerblock through the CD inputs....What kind of cable or adaptor do i need and where do I run the cable or cables into the pod. I just want to know where to connect everything to the...
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    Help me with Panning

    Hello. I'm a novice recorder, using an old Roland VS 840. I always just sort of "wing it" when I record, but I'd like to know some strategy on panning. Is there an old fashioned standard for each instrument? Like what normally would be panned in the middle, what to the left, to the right...
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    Carmen Ghia Owners:

    What speakers have you tried with them? I'm currently running my Ghia head through 2 vintage 30's, but want to try some other options out. I'm thinking of buying a 1x12 or something different for fun. I was wondering if a Red Fang would work well with one...? Open to any...