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    Neural network guitar modeller, open source, SmartGuitarAmp

    I'm interested in open source AI approaches to amp modeling, so this is great info. If there are any others pls share. Thanks!
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    My FM3-based combo amp

    I see your use case; good point. I'm considering a related project but mine is a head box to accompany existing 1x12 cabs (I have two - Mesa Thiele and Bogner Cube). Right now I'm in the concept stage for an FM3 or Quad Cortex and am looking at amps. How do you like the PS 170 for this...
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    My FM3-based combo amp

    I wondered about that, too, and I figured some gasketing would take care of it, though.
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    My FM3-based combo amp

    Great idea and implementation! Did you consider using a hinged clamshell top with a couple of flush latches? I figure it would be quicker to open her up to get to the gear inside.
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    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    I've been working at Silicon Valley startups for 30+ years and the pandemic has amplified the difficulties, and the obstacles Doug has in getting products designed, tested and delivered are right in line with my experiences. Keep up the great work, Doug!
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    Not looking to start anything but Kemper vs Fm3?

    How does the upcoming Quad Cortex compare? Does it use the modeling or snapshot approach? From reading the website a while back it seemed to be the snapshot approach but it wasn't clear. Any ideas?
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    Share your ideas for new modelers/new technology you'd like to see

    - A UI device that is physical combined with computer graphics: actual physical knobs and switches with a display behind them. When the amp model is changed, the function of the knobs/switches changes as well as the legend describing each. Say there are 10 knobs and 10 switches in two rows...
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    Best small handheld effects unit for practice, etc?

    I'm also interested in an Android solution. Also, do any of the high-quality modellers/FX units have a feature where they offer a companion device (phone) to provide a subset of the stand-alone device's capabilities? For example, maybe Fractal has a phone app that allows simple editing and...
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    Can modellers compensate for an individual user's hearing loss (auditory ear tests)?

    My ears have changed sensitivity over the years and now that I'm in my 60s I don't hear some frequencies as well as I used to. Auditory test results are in graphical format, with a curve that has some dips that show where my losses are. What this means is the sound emitted by a speaker will be...
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    Can an AX III or FX3 blend 2 amps in this way?

    I'm thinking of getting an FX3 if it can meet my needs, but if not the AX III is my second choice. First I'd like find out if they have the capability blend two amps simultaneously. So I come to The TGP Brain Trust to ask, do both or either of them have this capability? I want to blend two...
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    Amp for FM3?

    I'm planning on getting an FM3 and would like to get an amp to drive existing guitar cabs, so I'm looking for recommendations. Here's my needs: - For use either in my living room or for taking to buddies' living rooms for small jams (low to medium volume, never high volume as in a club) -...
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    Guitar modeling has reached singularity, the next tone quest is the cabinets

    I understand him to be saying that if a perfect FRFR existed, that is, one that emits exactly what the input signal defines with no coloration or distortion, and any intended modifications such as IRs would be done in software, then other non-perfect FRFRs would be mediocre in comparison and...
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    Do Any Modellers Characterize the Room It's In?

    A few years ago I read about room characterizing technology used by designers of concert halls and high-end home audio installations. To characterize the room they used a feedback approach which consisted of placing a microphone at the sweet spot location of the listener which picked up some...
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    Which Modeler for Me?

    Yes, I have a laptop running S-Gear into an audio interface, amp and monitors. While I like S-Gear, I'd prefer a hardware UI with knobs/buttons/screen over a computer UI with a mouse to point and click on images of virtual devices.
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    Which Modeler for Me?

    Hi All, I'm interested in getting a modeler and have a few basic use cases, so I'm asking the TGP Brain Trust for some ideas to use as a starting point. I've been using a variety of tube amps for the past 40 years and would like to branch out more into the modeling world. Here's what I want...
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    Recommend Headphone (or Way) to "Hear Sound From the Front, Not Sides"

    By "hardware" I mean circuitry, perhaps using a DSP, ASIC or processor. This is in contrast to a program that runs on a PC.
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    Recommend Headphone (or Way) to "Hear Sound From the Front, Not Sides"

    OP here. I've done a lot of work with virtual reality and 3D directional sound (what Brandon7 alludes to above) which is I why I know the technology exists. Since it can be done in software or hardware I thought there might be some ready-to-use solution that's built into a headphone or a box...
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    Recommend Headphone (or Way) to "Hear Sound From the Front, Not Sides"

    I sometimes use headphones instead of monitors to listen to my software modeler (S-Gear) for those times when I don't want to disturb others at home. One thing I don't like about headphones is that the sound appears to be coming from the sides rather than from the front. Is there a solution...
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    DV Mark 2018 NAMM Oh my....didn't see this one coming.

    What interface would you suggest, then?
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    s-gear hardware questions

    I ran S-Gear standalone on a 2012 vintage Vaio laptop and Win 7 with a Scarlett interface for several years with no issues. I recently upgraded my laptop to a MS Surface Laptop with Win 10 and have no issues.
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    Seeking Smartphone Guitar Apps (Spare Android Phone)

    I upgraded my phone so now I have a spare Android and thought it would be a fun project to set it up as a dedicated guitar platform. This way I could learn about guitar apps for Android phones, which will undoubtedly get more powerful as time moves on and technology improves. I'm happy with my...
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    Alternatives to Korg Pandora Mini?

    I'm looking for a personal amp for traveling, something similar to the Korg Pandora Mini. Any suggestions for alternatives? Key things I want: - Small size - put in guitar case - Headphone out (my primary use) - Line out for use with an amp/stereo - Many presets of amps, effects and sounds -...
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    Recommend Websites Focused on Digital & Modeling Gear

    Yes, I do that but it has led me to ask my question. The dedicated forums are biased and I'm hoping to find non-biased info, as well as comparisons. Thanks!
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    Recommend Websites Focused on Digital & Modeling Gear

    I'm looking for more detail on digital and modeling gear than we have here on TGP so I'm interested in websites that focus on this. I'm hoping to find reviews, analysis and discussion by knowledgeable experts. Any recommendations? Some of the things I'm interested in: - Modeling approachs -...