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    FS: JHS Twin Twelve / Xotic SP Compressor

    Both of these pedals are less than 2 months old. They both have velcro on the bottom and are in mint condition. Both also have the box and goodies inside. Twin Twelve - SOLD SP Compressor - SOLD
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    FS: Jackson Britain 3.0 Head/Cab + Cases

    Guys, I've got a Jackson Britain 3.0 head / 1X12 cab for sale. The amp has a few "character" marks on it, but is in pretty good shape. Not abused at all. It's a super nice amp, that sounds great for sure. You won't be disappointed with this one. The green has also been an eye catcher as well...
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    Matchless Chieftain Issue.

    Hey guys, new matchless owner here. The chieftain has 2 EL34's, 5 12AX7, and 1 5AR4. After a while of playing, it's like my tone just drops. Loses a ton of brightness and gets muddy. Then it'll come right back to normal. Any idea on what tube could be causing that?
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    Combos with Road Cases...

    I have a newly acquired 2x10 Chieftain that came with a road case... How do you guys transport amps that are in road cases with wheels? I have a extra cab Tundra and my wife has a 4 door accord. I would think that those wheels would dig into the back seat of my truck/car. Just looking...
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    Board Identify..

    I know what some of these are, but I know you guys are the experts. What do you see?