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    Anderson question...

    No, you don't want regular lemon oil. The best stuff is bore oil, available at any hardware store, just a couple of dollars for a bottle and will last years. Fret Doctor is great stuff too...highly recommended. A little more expensive, but again, it will last for years.
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    Jack Briggs Classic Lucky Numbers 7 & 13

    These remind me of the old Baker B1s...and that's definitely a good thing. Very great looking guitars. Jack makes some incredible stuff. The coolest top I've ever seen was on one of his guitars...old growth redwood that was just stunning. I'd love to have a redwood-topped Apollo some day.
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    David Myka's new "heel-less" neck joint = awesome

    Cliff, the owner of DAG, is a great guy too. He'll literally spend hours talking with you to help you get gear that will work for you...or just talking guitars or music. Incredibly nice guy and really knows his stuff.
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    David Myka's new "heel-less" neck joint = awesome

    Destroy All Guitars: www.destroyallguitars.com
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    Anderson Atom or the like...

    Re: your question about maple vs. walnut, walnut is my favorite "top" wood. It sounds much like maple with maybe a tighter bottom and "sweeter" highs. The main distinction is that with walnut your color options are much more limited. Here's my walnut Atom (solidbody):
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    Anderson Atom or the like...

    Yeah, if you want a crappy guitar that doesn't stay in tune and sounds bad, don't get an Atom. I also have a walnut topped Atom but mine is HMM, and I LOVE it. Has tones that I can't get from any other guitar. It just has its own thing going. In that sense, you really shouldn't get one if...
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    Builders who do great fretwork

    I've had guitars by most major builders, and many of the one-man custom shops. The only one I would use the word "perfect" for, in describing fretwork, is Anderson. Lots of other folks do GREAT work too. But Anderson does incredible work that is, all things considered, strikingly consistent from...
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    Rick Kelly guitars

    If anyone on here wants to sell a Kelly strat, let me know. I'm kind of particular about specs, but I'd be interested. My recently acquired Kelly Tele is just amazing. I have several guitars worth 3 or 4x the "value" of this guitar, yet I keep picking this one up. It's one of the most resonant...
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    A $4500 Guitar with no Case???

    Even in a back seat, a guitar can get bounced around quite a bit. The issue for me isn't convenience, or even weight. It's protection of the guitar. There's also the issue of humidification, which most gig bags suck at. I'm not saying hard cases should be used exclusively...but for most of...
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    A $4500 Guitar with no Case???

    When you've got vans (or trucks, or whatever) loaded with equipment, you really want your $4000+ instrument in a gig bag, where it can get crushed under some large piece of heavy equipment? Even if you've just got it in the back seat of your car, it's not all that protected. Anyway, to each...
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    A $4500 Guitar with no Case???

    Still, a $501 case? Or, per Jim's post, a $375 case? Unless it's a Cedar Creek or similar ilk, that's nuts. On a guitar at that price level, you absolutely should get a case included.
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    Rick Kelly guitars

    Anyone have any more photos and/or clips of their Kellys?
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    Your favorite Tom Anderson Color

    I love the Tobacco Shaded Edge, but my Andersons both have walnut tops, one with Tobacco Shaded Edge and the other with natural...both look great. Just depends on what you usually like. I'm not a big fan of the real bright colors, some people love that.
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    I love curly walnut (NGD)

    My favorite of all tone woods:
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    NEW RELEASE: Giffin Single-Cut 'Valiant'

    Conversely, I can NEVER understand the idea of having more than one volume and tone pot on ANY guitar. Just can't get on with all those ridiculous knobs. This looks amazing to me. KISS.
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    New Thornton Classic

    Anyone have clips of one of these? I'm really wondering about how much "twang" and "growl" these have (two tonal characteristics of the best T-style guitars I've played). Of course, tonal characteristics themselves...as well as our terminology to describe them...are all subjective, so clips...
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    Who is making the best Les Paul Inspired guitar??

    Or Page, or Richards. Gibbons is the only one that I would classify as "world class".
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    True Temperament fretting system

    I'd love to try it, but I doubt I'd be able to get on with frets like that, since I do a lot of bends. Some folks have said there shouldn't be any problem with bends on these frets, but if you dig in (as I routinely do, with the blues, etc.), I can't imagine you wouldn't slam your finger into...
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    Is there a Downside to the Feiten system

    Not so. If you tune the strings to themselves, you still get the benefit of the compensated nut and the intonation offsets, which I still say play a much more significant role than the tuning once those are in place. If not, you'd be able to tune with the offsets and ignore the nut and...
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    Is there a Downside to the Feiten system

    Sorry, that was a guess, because I've heard a bunch of guitar makers (like Anderson and Myka) complain about the licensing costs. In any case, the point still stands...you didn't stop offering it altogether, right? It just became an option with an upcharge.
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    Is there a Downside to the Feiten system

    Because of the licensing costs. And he didn't "quit putting it on all guitars", it just became an option with an associated upcharge (to offset the cost of the license).
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    Is there a Downside to the Feiten system

    The system is the combination of the position of the nut and the offsets being included in the intonation and the tuning. Those put the instrument back to "ground zero". The tuning makes the least difference of the 3. A guitar that has the correct nut position and is intonated correctly, then...
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    Is there a Downside to the Feiten system

    Actually, keyboards/pianos are already "tempered". A bass should also have the system, but in my experience you'll still get better results with a guitar that has a tempered system and a bass that doesn't than you will with both guitar and bass non-tempered.
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    Opinions on stainless steel frets

    Tonal differences are negligible, except in the sense that your intonation will be that much more micro-accurate in the long-run without the (even miniscule) wear on the nickel frets. Any "ping" is, IMO, the result of the way one plays or a guitar that integrates the SS frets poorly rather than...