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    PRS Private Stock

    I've seen and played a PRS Private Stock and they are nice but are they as nice as the price tags? I have a 1995 PRS 10 top and it's a great guitar. I wanted to get some feedback on the PS guitars from people who have giged with them.
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    D'Pergo from Donnie B

    Just picked up a killer D'Pergo from Donnie B and what a great guitar! I've never played anything quite like a D'Pergo plus Don did a great job shipping, describing and following up, he's now in my list of best sellers!:aok
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    Marshall JCM 800 4140

    I'm selling an older very used JCM 800 2 x 12 combo for a friend. I plugged it in to check everything out. I was blown away at how good it sounds. I have no idea of the value but checked e-bay and they get a lot of action. Need a little help here. What's the value? What do you think of...
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    Johnny Winter Appreciation Thread

    I was just reading the SRV thread that he never claimed Johnny Winter as an influence or never met him. Whatever. In 1967 I started to listen and follow Johnny's career. He was my main influence even before Cream. Being a white boy surfer just starting to play myself I quickly fell in love...
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    Two Rock J2

    Played a gig Friday night with a TR J2 1x12 Combo and have to say it is an incredible amplifier. It is just a fun amp to play with a lot of mojo. I played on the clean channel all night and used my volume on the guitar. To me this is the best new amplifier out there and doesn't sound like any...
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    Tom Anderson Hollow T vs. Tom Anderson Contoured T

    I have been looking at the Tom Anderson T's. Can anyone tell me the difference between the sound of these two guitars? I'm thinking about buying one and I would really like to hear from the GP community. Thanks
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    I'm looking for a do-all kind of combo and have been looking at the Rivera Venus 6 and Fandango. Can anyone tell me about these amps or reccomend an alternative? For instance the Hiwatt combo...etc. etc. etc.
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    Two Rock Kimock and Category 5 Tempest

    Ran my TR Kimock and Cat 5 Tempest for the last week getting ready for some fall gigs. I ran the effects off my board into the Cat 5 and a tape delay into the TR Kimock. The a/b box is a Framtone with a ground from Keeley and it works great, no dreaded noise. All I can say is wow, what a...
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    Has anyone on TGP ever played a 69 Marshall, 64 Super Reverb, Hiwatt 103? Has anyone played a Snider, Category 5, Two Rock Kimock or Sterling? Has anyone played a good Deluxe Reverb, Princeton or Deluxe tweed? Has anyone ever played a Kendrick 2410, Clark Piedmont or old tweed bassman...
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    plexi clones

    Who makes the best Marshall hand-wired plexi clones? I'm getting ready to buy one and I need some advice.
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    Louis Electric Deluxe Killer

    I just received a DB from Music as a credit on another piece. I have a had a couple of Louis amps and they are very good. I really love the T-lux. I threw some NOS tubes in the Deluxe and my gosh, what a great amplifier. Great to record, practice and gig with. I played with my band (a fairly...
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    Category 5

    Played a gig Friday night with a Category 5 Tempest and 2 x 12 cab loaded with one EV classic and V-30. Morgaine Gold Beauty. OMG the Category 5 is the cat's meow for the plexi tones, It was like letting a pit bull go in a blues band. I just can't say enough good about this company and Don...
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    Vox ac15 or 30 clone?

    What is the best Vox ac15 and 30 clone out there? I've been looking and I just don't know what's what. What do some of you GPr's think that play this type of amp?
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    Category 5

    I just received a Category 5 Tempest. What a killer amp, very impressive. It does the plexi and jtm45 thing better than anything else I've played. Any one else playing a Category 5?:AOK:dude:banana
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    Top Hat Amps..help Me Choose

    I am a songwriter, rhythm guitarist, some lead guitar, Americana blues type music in the styles of John Hyatt, Eric Clapton, JJ Cale, Paul Thorn...etc. type of music with heavy ties to very organic root tones and high quality. I hear great things about the Top Hats but have never played one...
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    Top Hats

    I've been looking at a Top Hat Supreme 16. I need the Vox 15 sound and I want an effects loop but the S-16 doesn't have one. Can anyone shed some light on the subject of this amp or maybe the other Top Hat line as I've never had or played one. Thanks for your help fellow GP'gers
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    Best Combo Bruno or d13 or...etc. for gigging

    What is the best new combo between the Bruno cowtipper and the Divided by 13 13/29 for gigging. I know they are different but I need a simple operating amp with decent headroom that take pedals well, the Bruno ct and d13 are just two I've narrowed it down to. Help
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    Help, need advice on a 2x12 cabinet

    What is the best sounding 2x12 cabinet and combination of speakers? I'm looking for something to go with my Elmwood Modena 60. Help
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    Show me your vintage Strat

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    6v6 Tubes

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    wet, dry, wet rig setup

    How do you set up a wet-dry-wet rig. I would like to keep all my effects in a rack including the pedals. So, can anyone of the geer techs. help me out with this question?
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    Jackson Ampworks

    I just received a 20 watt Atlantic head and 2x12 cab from Brad Jackson. Usually I don't make a lot of noise about something, but this is truely something very special, from great Britt tones to just spectacular trainwreck type sustain in total 3d. Don't even bother with a pedal board with one of...
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    Who makes the best tweed Bassman and Bandmaster?

    There are so many great builders out there that make these great amplifiers. I just want to know who makes the best tweed 4 x 10 Bassman and 3 x 10 Bandmaster. I have a Kendrick and Clark Bassman and they are both great but very different sounding. I think every collector or player has to...
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    Grosh Set Neck Hollowbody vs. Gibson335 356 Johnny a

    I have been looking at a Grosh set neck hollowbody but I've never played one. I've been looking at Gibson 336, 356 and Johnny A. I've never played or heard the Grosh HBSN or the Johnny A but have played the 336 and 356. I know the 336 and 356 need some setup work and maybe a change of pups but...
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    Marshall Clones

    There are so many and I'm confused. What is the best 45watt Marshall Clone. I've seen Roccaforte, Germino, Blockhead, Louis, Mojave, Cornell..........etc. Tell me what you think. I'm confused.:confused: