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    Sold Germino Lead 35 (purple! / 20" head box) Price Drop!

    Is this still available?
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    Sold 2019 Ron Kirn Signature T Style

    Where in jersey are you? And is the Fillmore the only thing you are looking to get as partial trades toward it?
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    Sold [All Sold] Kingsley, Mad Professor, King Tone

    I'll take the sweet honey overdrive if its still available. PM me. Thanks!
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    Tuttle Classic S

    I’ve seen them go for under 2k in these current crazy market environment. they’re worth more than that in terms of quality
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    Saito anyone?

    Japanese domestic market
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    Sold 1968 Gibson ES-335 tdc w/Bigsby, original case w/candy EXC VINTAGE!

    I can’t believe this is still here....
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    My new one from Cindy Guitars

    Very cool - did you have a lot of input on the design or did Cindy just run with it?
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    Rick Kelly Guitars: PART IV

    i did! I got the butterscotch blonde one - should be arriving tomorrow.
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    Rick Kelly Guitars: PART IV

    I have a 228 being shipped today- between "sunny" and the 228, i think i'm set with Teles for life =)
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    My new one from Cindy Guitars

    man that looks sweet! what was the build time look like? and how does it compare to Rick's guitar (assume they should be similar)?
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    Rick Kelly Guitars: PART IV

    OH WOW~! I was drooling over that guitar when Hahn posted it, and thanks for sharing the wood origin - i was curious about that! I sold him the black and white 228 below. It was a top 2-3 guitar for me, but the neck was too skinny. i think a hahn guitar is the perfect compliment to a carmine...
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    Rick Kelly Guitars: PART IV

    That's awesome Maggie- Chris is a good dude. Whats funny about this is I actually sold him back a Hahn guitar that he was the original owner of, literally, right after i purchased this one from him. So i take it you got the cool sparkle hahn he had for sale, he got the hahn back that he wanted...
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    Rick Kelly Guitars: PART IV

    And here is my contribution to this thread. I've been reading this thread for a few years now, but never got around to buying a Kelly. i thought the time was right given that i recently left NYC and this guitar is a bucket list find me. I would love to own one of his regular ash teles too...
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    Rick Kelly Guitars: PART IV

    I think the height adjustment will probably be in order. The first 4 strings sound punchy, and the high strings feel less dialed in and focused. Part of the pick change for me is 1) i love don mare pickups and have a couple sets now, and 2, to pass time and boredom.
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    Rick Kelly Guitars: PART IV

    Hi guys, So I recently got a Bowery pine and I am thinking about swapping the Fralin bridge with either a Don Mare Joel Foy or a 0038? Any thoughts on which?
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    Why is it so hard to get in contact with Hahn Guitars?

    Yeah I saw that- but it seems it’s been dead ever since. This guy is killing me right now...
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    Why is it so hard to get in contact with Hahn Guitars?

    has anyone seen or heard from Hahn recently? It appears his reverb site can no longer get any messages.
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    Sold Chad Underwood S Style Relic

    hehe, love the rowdy answer!
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    Recommend a ~$1000 'boutique' guitar

    I've gotten a grosh electrajet for 1100, and had a LSL tele offer (which i passed on) for 1150. Wait a few months, and there's going to be tons of deals to be had.
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    Sold Tone King Imperial Mk1- SOLD

    I just recently bought a 20th anniversary model that I’m very happy with, but would’ve bought yours in a heartbeat at that price. great, great amp!
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    Anti-GAS Tri-fecta Poll: The longest you've gone NOT buying, selling or trading gear?

    I didn’t buy anything new for almost 10 years, but from being bored at home with this pandemic, I think I’ve bought 7-8 guitars in the last two months the :/
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    Sold 2004 Gibson R7 Les Paul - Cherry Red

    How much does she weigh?
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    Sold 1995 Gibson Les Paul Studio Wine Red

    where in NJ are you?
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    Sold 1973 Fender Telecaster Blonde

    Where are you located?