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  1. crambone

    Last concert before this mess?

    My last live concert was 311 at the Florida Man Festival back in November. My next concert is supposed to be 311/Incubus in August but I don't see that happening anytime soon.
  2. crambone

    Band Touring Van stories

    I love these stories. For someone who has never toured "for real" (not counting day/night trips in-state, which I've done a lot of) and probably never will they give me a glimpse into a world I've never seen.
  3. crambone

    How will the live music scene be after Covid-19?

    I think it will take a while to come back and it won't be "like it was" for a very long time. 311 tours every summer and I doubt they will make this tour (with Incubus) work. I've got my tickets for August but cannot see it happening. FWIW it's a large outdoor amphitheater and I have pit tickets.
  4. crambone

    Your band plays a song you damn well hate.......what is that Song ?

    It's really tough for me to listen to any Beatles or Tom Petty after a 2-year stint in a cover band. The lead singer / band leader would have at least 6-7 songs by each artist during the standard four 1-hour sets. If you think your life is tough, try playing "Running Down a Dream" with a...
  5. crambone

    I declined a New Year's gig. Am I unreasonable or hard to work with?

    $165.00 for a NYE gig? The least amount I've ever played a NYE gig was $300.00 a man (5-piece band with a female singer) and even then we had a ton of time invested in preparation so it didn't feel like I earned that much. You did the right thing.
  6. crambone

    Lyrics That Send a Chill Down Your Spine

    The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald always gives me chills.
  7. crambone

    "warm-up" bands, and cruel fans

    No stories like that for me but I enjoy reading these threads!
  8. crambone

    Emporium Sellers ... Would you find this Insulting ?

    I would not, no. It is definitely a buyer's market and people know that going-in to any negotiations. I always expect people to counter with 10-20% of what I am asking. Sometimes I can build that into my posted/asking price but others I cannot.
  9. crambone

    Rites of Passage: worst nightmares on stage...

    I was in a band that played a lot of private events and we had one at the lavish clubhouse of a gated community. They had a bathroom in the backstage area and I remember ducking-backstage during "Black Velvet" to go pee. It was during a verse where the bass pretty much takes the whole thing...
  10. crambone

    Rites of Passage: worst nightmares on stage...

    My very first non-church gig I was playing acoustic electric. I was completely green and didn't think to carry an extra 9-volt battery. First chord of the first song and my battery dies. Yep, didn't have a backup but luckily the soundboard dude had one. Ever since then I have 3-4 extra...
  11. crambone

    Gig pay then and now

    The last few cover bands were all $75.00-$100.00 per guy per gig (4 and 5 piece bands). One band I was in did a lot of Motown, old-school R&B, 80's & 90's and we played a ton of private events. Way better pay with those. The best I've ever been paid was $400.00 per person (5-piece) for a NYE...
  12. crambone

    My Last Concert was... My Next Concert is...

    I’ll be in CO next month for work and the function I will be at has a tour going to Red Rocks and the Coors Brewery. Uhh....yes, please!
  13. crambone

    My Last Concert was... My Next Concert is...

    Last concert: lovelytheband (@-Empire here tours with them so I got a chance to meet him) Next concert: 311 in August. This will be my 17th time seeing them.
  14. crambone

    What was your last straw? (quitting band content)

    I have my share of stories but the cliffs notes for each of my departures that were out of the ordinary: 1. Originals band 2006-2008: lead singer/lead guitarist/lead song writer was a essentially a musical genius but was also an addict. Fell-off of the wagon twice in my tenure with the band...
  15. crambone

    What is "ska?"

    Do it. DO IT. At least you are near their home-base so you should be able to catch them before I get a chance to again.
  16. crambone

    What is "ska?"

    I think I found my new bestest friend! I, too loved the 90's ska revival ("Third Wave"). Bosstones, Rancid, No Doubt's early stuff, OC Supertones, Less Than Jake, Dance Hall Crashers, all awesome in my book! Those times were my high school days (graduated in 2000) so they made a big...
  17. crambone

    Anyone tried a band practice with just headphones/In-Ear monitoring (e-drum + modeling gear)

    I've done it before. Not my favorite thing but far better than 2 guitars + 1 bass playing their amps, acoustic drums and one PA main blasting the vox. I always used to wonder if someone else walked in the room how it would look to see us playing & singing but not hearing anything, lol!
  18. crambone

    Album cohesion

    Grassroots is my favorite 311 album!
  19. crambone

    Cover Band Flops

    We took a gig at a "smoky dive bar" when we were just starting-out with a project a few years ago. We had a steadfast rule of "no smoky dive bars" as 2 of our members hated smoking and had done tons of them in the past. We had a pretty wide-open setlist as our female singer was absolutely...
  20. crambone

    I saw the Gin Blossoms last night in Bethlehem

    I'd love to see Gin Blossoms. Brings back memories of middle school.
  21. crambone

    Being in bands: Over it or love it?

    Depends on the band. I've been "over it" and also "loved it" in different bands.
  22. crambone

    Has there ever been any 4 core original band members ...

    I came here to post this exact same thing. 311 began in 1989 with 4 members and added S.A. in 1993. No changes since that time. 30 years and still rocking & selling-out shows. I've seen them live 16 times.
  23. crambone

    contemporary Christian music.

    You are the first person I've ever met IRL or on TGP that isn't a fan of Crowder. His voice doesn't sit well with me, either. And his original songs just don't seem to flow well, at least to me. I can safely say that the only Crowder song I can even stand listening to is his version of "How...
  24. crambone

    Gigging with a Novice...just say NO?

    I love playing the 55+ communities around my area for the exact same reasons. Plus, they come to the clubhouse to hear your band, drink & dance. It's not like we are simply a distraction in the corner while alcoholics get their fix or dudes try to pick-up milfs with stretchmarks like is...