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  1. KBN

    Pedals to spend on and pedals to save on?

    I haven't had the opportunity to play one. I'll take your word that it is great.
  2. KBN

    Pedals to spend on and pedals to save on?

    Budget delay and reverb pedals have always disappointed me. There are loads of great overdrives for good prices. There are also plenty of good, simple modulation pedals for very little money, though something more complex that sounds good is worth spending for. You don't have to pay $200-300...
  3. KBN

    Divorcing... New bedroom setup.

    I'm married, though I did make many purchases before the blessed day. :D
  4. KBN

    Unstackable pedals and non-effects-friendly amps

    Way Huge Fat Sandwich does not stack in my experience. Running anything into it produces nearly imperceptible changes. It can be a bit of a temperamental beast anyways, so it figures that it wouldn't play well with others. But on its own it does some pretty wild stuff.
  5. KBN

    One That I Wish I Didn't Let Get Away from Me: Share Your Experience Regarding a Peavey Amp That You Wish You Still Owned

    I scored a Mk IV Bass head just a couple weeks ago for a very good price. What a glorious and under-rated amp. I fear that the Peaveys that have gotten away are all of them that I haven't given much thought to. I suspect that I might end up with a small collection.
  6. KBN

    Sleeper Pedals

    BSIAB2. I have one that I changed the transistors out for lower gain and I did the contour knob mod. It was in a box for few years after a move, but I've been putting together a second rig throughout Covid just for my own entertainment and I have been really loving this thing. It isn't my...
  7. KBN

    String Gauge Poll -- .07 or .13

    If it had to be standard tuning I'd take the 13s. Assuming 13-56 guage strings, I'd only put 5 strings on it and throw out the 56. Low E - B it would be 46, 36, 26w, 17p, 13p. I think that would be like a set of 10s. Nobody really needs the high E anyways. System = Gamed.
  8. KBN

    Guitar players hating on bass player's pedalboard?

    I find that bass pedalboards are almost always way more fun and inspired than the average guitar player's board.
  9. KBN

    Cheap fix that made a big difference

    I know some people think such devices are nonsense, but my experience is exactly the same.
  10. KBN

    Cheap fix that made a big difference

    Move the amp around the room. I spent quite a bit of money before I figured this one out.
  11. KBN

    Help me fill a hole on a gift pedalboard

    I would seriously go with a stock rat 2.
  12. KBN

    Tell me why I need (or don’t) a fuzz

    Fuzz is fun, but not necessary. Some of my favorite (i.e. sit in a mix and don't disappear) fuzzes with humbuckers are ones that straddle the line between fuzz, distortion, and overdrive. Maxed out Rat, MXR Distortion plus, Sam Ash fuzz, and Subdecay Flying Tomato all do it for me.
  13. KBN

    Help me understand what I like - Dirt

    Good call on the box of rock, though I'll throw the Zvex Distortron in the ring for the OP as well. Same basic circuit without the boost and more tonal flexibility.
  14. KBN

    People think they want a ____, what they really want is a ____

    I regularly tell my wife, "I'm going to talk about gear for a minute, you are going to listen and nod and then I will shut up."
  15. KBN

    DISTORTION PEDAL (on)- Transistor amp vs Valve Amp

    Drive pedals can have drastically different characters based on what amp they are running into. I have pedals that are smooth and even into one amp and bright and scooped into another while the clean tone of each amp doesn't seem radically different. Not sure why that is, but it is, and I have...
  16. KBN

    OD pedal with Fuzz pedal

    Just last night I was quite enjoying a GCP Fuzzy Pickle (SamAsh-ish fuzz) into a Subdecay Liquid Sunshine mkii.
  17. KBN

    Tips to Thin the Herd

    I mostly hang on to weird stuff that isn't worth selling. If it's worth less than $40 on the used market I could probably get more occasional fun value out of it by keeping it. I no longer hang onto "maybe" pedals for recording. With an eq pedal and a boost pedal before or after other drives you...
  18. KBN

    What pedal do you own 2 of?

    I have owned a number of pedals multiple times, but the only ones I own two of are the Boss SD-1 and DOD Gunslinger.
  19. KBN

    Your Approach to Boost & OD Pedals

    I play humbuckers and a clean amp that is just compressing a bit. It is a Reeves 50 into an attenuator into a 2x12. No real breakup, just compression. I have a dirty boost, overdrive, cleanish boost, distortion. I roll guitar volume down every once in a while for something different. I stack...
  20. KBN

    The best pink pedals

    Green Carrot Pedals Fuzzy Pickle http://www.greencarrotpedals.co.uk/fuzzy_pickle.php
  21. KBN

    What is your favorite boost pedal?

    I like both the EHX LPB-1 and the HAO Rust Booster 2. They are both a little gritty, just the way I like them.
  22. KBN

    Good attenuation on a budget?

    I don't know any of this. I just own one Jet City product that I bought second hand.