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  1. crambone

    Great Martin vs Taylor video.

    good video
  2. crambone

    Martin > Taylor ..?

    I'll say this: the 114ce's I've owned were both REALLY good guitars and I wish I had kept one of them.
  3. crambone

    Martin > Taylor ..?

    To each his own but I love my Taylors. I've had 2 114ce's and am currently rocking a 314ce. I won't use anything else.
  4. crambone

    Recommend a guitar humidifier

    FL resident here. Nothing special, just a travel soap case with a sponge in my Taylor 314ce case.
  5. crambone

    PSA: Guitar Humidity

    Here in Central FL we turn our heat on about 6-7 times per year. Still, I keep a damp sponge in a travel-sized soap case in my Taylor case year-round. Can't hurt, right?
  6. crambone

    Lower end Taylors - new 214ce Deluxe vs. used 314ce?

    You will love the 314ce
  7. crambone

    Happy N 'B-Day' G to me from my Wife.

    ahh, understood.
  8. crambone

    NG - Taylor 314ce LTD

    I <3 my 314ce. Good stuff. And yes, I still smell the inside of the guitar every time I take it out of its case. Seriously.
  9. crambone

    NGD - Taylor 812 !!

  10. crambone

    NGD - Taylor content!

    Very cool!!!
  11. crambone

    Just picked up an early 07 Taylor 110

    <3 Taylor's!!!
  12. crambone

    Taylor 110 Review

    My first Taylor was a 114ce. I loved that thing. I miss it dearly.
  13. crambone

    Any capo that's particularly good w/ acoustics?

    PlanetWaves NS Capos for me, all day. Electric or acoustic, I love them. I still have a few Keysers but those put way too much tension on the strings for my taste.
  14. crambone

    How fast do fret wear down?

    I learned the hard way (wore down the frets my first decent acoustic guitar) how to best prolong your fret's life: Change your strings often Wash your hands before you play Wipe down your frets before and after you play
  15. crambone

    NGD - Taylor 214CE-DLX KOA

    very nice!
  16. crambone

    Taylor Service Packages feedback

    Yeah man, don't do it for that price.
  17. crambone

    Running an Acoustic-Electric Guitar through an electric amp?

    Why not? I gig out regularly (2-3 times per month) and my Taylor is always played through my Vox AC15C1 without issue. I have to turn up the volume a bit, but other than that it sounds great. One less thing to lug around. FWIW, I do keep a Behringer DI-100 closeby just in case but I am too...
  18. crambone

    Taylor fall ltd 714ce for a Martin CEO 7 - good trade?

    Let us know what happens!
  19. crambone

    Taylor fall ltd 714ce for a Martin CEO 7 - good trade?

    It depends on how YOU feel. If you think you'd get more enjoyment/playing time/moxie out of the Martin, go for it and don't look back. A few years ago I traded a Fender American Standard Tele straight-up for a Gibson LP Studio with a few upgrades. On paper I got the short end of the stick...
  20. crambone

    NGD - Taylor GS-Mini-e RW

    I loves me some Taylors!!!
  21. crambone

    Best Acoustic-Electric under $450

    You should be able to snag a used Taylor 114ce for about $450.00-$500.00. Fits your bill quite nicely. That's what I would be on the hunt for.