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  1. TomDev

    Searching for guitars you once owned

    Certain guitars come to mind... Back in the late-70's to mid-80's, I used to go to 48th st in NYC sometimes and buy or trade for guitars. Back then prices for older Fender and Gibson guitars weren't crazy yet. I bought a 1957 LP Junior from 'We Buy Guitars'. What made the guitar interesting is...
  2. TomDev

    '73 beater Strat, to rout or not?

    I think that looks glorious as it is. I wouldn't do it. Maybe consider a high output single coil sized pickup so you don't have to rout?
  3. TomDev

    Is playing guitar is good for your mental health?

    Yes, definitely. Not so sure about buying and selling, though.
  4. TomDev

    Dogs of Yesteryear...are now amazing?

    Hondo made a whole range of guitars. Some were better and some were worse. The better ones were MIJ and can be decent players with a good setup and better pickups. Mainly nostalgia value these days, though.
  5. TomDev

    I dare you - What's the best-sounding amp you've ever played?

    In the late 70's as a kid, the rehearsal studio my band played at had two Marshall JMP 50-watt half stacks which, for me, were "the sound". That tone and the JCM 800 50-watt tone are two of my all time favorites. Hard to beat a black face Fender, though. On the solid state side of things, the...
  6. TomDev

    Craigslist Scam?

    You might as well send your SS number so it's all legit....
  7. TomDev

    Lets settle this nonsense once and for all

    Logged in just to like this....
  8. TomDev

    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    Sometimes when a member of a famous band dies, they can replace that person and keep going, but Eddie *was* Van Halen. Major loss and a pretty young age to go (unless of course you've lived the rock n roll dream). RIP to a true guitar legend. Think I'll go listen to some VH1.
  9. TomDev

    If it's red- gotta be fiesta ( or Tahitian); am I right?

    Yes but which fiesta red are we talking about.... It can be pinkish or orangey depending on who you talk to. Dakota doesn't have that problem.
  10. TomDev

    Why did you take up guitar? Wanna be a rock star or maybe just make music?

    It was the 70's and it was the thing to do. You could get electric guitars and amps from the Sears catalogue. Great era for guitar music! Not a singlet regret.
  11. TomDev

    F**K Dhl my grover jackson is dead :(

    Sucks but actually looks totally repairable, providing there is some reimbursement involved.
  12. TomDev

    Who would you choose as a builder for your custom guitar?

    If money was no object... Linda Manzer for sure. For solid body electrics, Don Grosh
  13. TomDev

    Green stuff

    This thread is making me green with envy. Sherwood green would be the the green for me.
  14. TomDev

    I Lightened My Les Paul by TWO POUNDS!!

    Now that is cool... Congrats on not being deterred. You now have a better guitar.
  15. TomDev

    Crazy Craigslist Ad - $20 String Change

    Well he does have a pretty slick string winder thingy based on the pictures so maybe he's legit.
  16. TomDev

    I like it. Pointy guitar.

    For some reason, I'm reminded of the creature from Alien. Maybe it's just the sheer dangerousness of the thing.
  17. TomDev

    Gibson $59k reward email

    Maybe Fender has it. LOL.
  18. TomDev

    The clowniest of clownbursts

    Band name: Clown Burst
  19. TomDev

    The insane 3 month (and counting) battle to get my G&L fixed

    I would rate G&L among the best I've encountered in terms of customer service. Granted, this was a while ago but my experience was excellent. I would definitely factor the pandemic into any problems.
  20. TomDev

    So, why did Billy Joe jump......

    I remember this song from my early childhood because it was on the radio a lot and I had older siblings. However, listening to it now, it really occurs to me what a masterful piece of songwriting it is. Haunting. I just looked at her Wikipedia article and apparently that whole album was excellent.
  21. TomDev

    What's your most controversial Led Zeppelin opinion?

    JP wore his guitar too low. He probably wouldn't have been so sloppy with it cinched up really high...
  22. TomDev

    Spruce bodied Strat?

    Curious now about what the grain on a spruce bodied strat would look like. Would it resemble some other wood we are familiar with for electric guitar use?
  23. TomDev

    Joe Walsh's divebombing on Walk Away

    James Gang Live. One of my all time favorites. Excellent use of an Echoplex and massive tone. I figured the divebomb type stuff was done with bends since I have usually seen him on a Les Paul for anything from that era.
  24. TomDev

    What kind if sound do p90s have?

    Mississippi Queen or basically anything by Mountain is a great example of the rock tone. Classic and a singing quality. A great jazz pickup, too. Heck, I had a Les Paul Special that twanged.