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    New ez drummer 2!! What do u think?

    Do you have EZ Drummer 1? Although 2 is supposed to be a complete overhaul I have a feeling the grooves will be similar, if more extensive. The base EZ Drummer has acceptable 6/8 grooves and some of the expansions help with that. I would think that whatever your needs you could do very well with...
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    Gigging with drum machine

    This is the answer. EZdrummer would do the job if what you needed was a fixed length drum track. In other words, you'd program your song and it would be 100 bars every time - no stretching it out for solos. You could program a pedal to start and stop it, however. It is possible to program a...
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    You could solve it by bouncing just that loop in L9 and importing that sound file into X. If you need to transpose or do other tricks you could actually convert it into a new Apple Loop in X. But that's annoying. Something is not right in the loop library. I don't use Apple Loops much but...
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    Is it a MIDI or audio track? And what is making the fade? A track automation, a velocity fade, or a literal audio fade in performance? Not sure what 'fades at the end (on its own)' means. I could see an automation getting corrupted in the switch to X, in which case the fix would be to remove...
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    My band Facts On File new video

    Cool tune! I like the vibe of the video too.
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    How to make best recording at home?

    Nooo! Please don't! I wouldn't be able to pick from your three choices without knowing - are you able to get a recorded sound you like from your amp/cab/mic setup? If the answer is yes, I'd pick that any day over amp sims, at least after answering these other two questions: - what...
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    Question for singer/guitar players :

    I haven't had that happen specifically, but everything around you affects how you hear your voice. Snare 227 nails it, I think. If you are used to your voice sitting in a certain sonic space, when it doesn't work out it's likely it will throw you off. For me that usually feels like 'not being...
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    I haven't been around in a long time, I am making a reappearance. Good to see so many familiar names still around. It's interesting to return to TGP because I am more involved in music than ever, but strangely I hardly play guitar, at least in an attentive way. I thought it was time to...
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    Soloway website

    Dan's dearly departed 7-string is happily living at my house now. Great guitar in all respects. Now I feel the need to find it on the website. I'll add another endorsement for Jim's guitars and for Jim himself. Top-notch in every respect.:BEER
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    Chapin Guitars

    Haven't contributed to this fine thread for ages, so I thought I might offer this 'action shot' of my Redwood Hawk.
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    Chapin Guitars

    I did NOT need to read that...sounds incredible.
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    Chapin Guitars

    Those are mine. You can see our garden bench behind the one.But I agree, more pics are in order!
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    New Chapins in place or en route?

    I haven't heard any announcements for a while.
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    Chapin Guitars

    Hey, I'm on Destroy All Guitars twice! It's my redwood Hawk that on the rollover for "Hawk", and then the Mahogany bent top shows up on the Hwak page.
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    Chapin Guitars

    That's just wrong, so wrong.
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    Chapin Guitars

    That's how I got inexorably drawn into a redwood Hawk, too - hearing that tapped tone! My Hawk is actually cooler than cnardone's, because it was made afterward and hence could only be an improvement. :p But the mini-humbuckers - will they be TV Jones? There's no beating redwood with TV Jones...
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    The Hawk has landed (Chapin content WARNING)

    Too cool! Can't wait to hear tone report &/or clips! edit: (In addition to Bill's, which I've already heard.)
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    Chapin Guitars

    Gorgeous! Love the Baby Grand in gold, especially against the blue. But I'm annoyed at you for coming up with this concept, because now there's something new I need to have.:mad: :p
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    Props to Joe Driskill and Jason Lollar

    I have the same setup in Driskill #61 and, if anything, they are too bright in that guitar. I think P-90s are the most personal pickups there are. The same pickup can behave differently in another guitar, and everyone hears them very differently, it seems. I wish I knew why! I bet the L-560s...
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    Who are your favourite NEW Small Company Luthiers?

    So what you're saying is that you've never seen a picture of the "Wangcaster". :p
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    Chapin Guitars

    Nice! The only downside with photos like that is the waiting till the whole thing is finished!
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    Props to Joe Driskill and Jason Lollar

    Mike, what Rios are in your Driskill? I'm really happy with mine - 2 Halfbreeds and a Muy Grande. There's always been plenty of clarity and no shrill feedback, ever. I know YMMV and all, just surprised to hear that much of a different report. Leon, that's a gorgeous guitar. What's the knob by...
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    Chapin Guitars

    Right - what is the finish on those necks? :p
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    Chapin Guitars

    That's a beauty, Charlie! I can only imagine the sounds you're getting out of it! Which pickups did you go with?