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    Telestrat - how would yours look?

    I like this one:
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    Strat superswitch Q: Pos #2 Bridge + Neck?

    Thanks a ton! I'll give that a shot... Cb
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    Strat superswitch Q: Pos #2 Bridge + Neck?

    I've never been a fan of the #2 Knopfler Bridge + Middle sound, I much prefer the Neck + Bridge sound. Can anyone point me to a wiring schematic to do the following: #1: Bridge pickup, rear tonepot active #2: Bridge + Neck, ideally only the forward tonepot active, but both tonepots...
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    Premier Guitar: “When Exactly Did ‘Boutique Pedals’ Become a Thing?”

    seems to me MIke Fuller was among the first boutique mfgrs.
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    Blues rock suggestions

    Well, he starts this ~30 minute set with a slow blues, but gets cooking from 1:10 on...
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    "We're letting you go" reactions.

    You just gave me a great idea for a Youtube channel...
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    In need of a good tripod mic stand w/boom. Any suggestions?

    Yeah, I missed them about a month ago, so I "subscribed" to the Stupid Deal emails and waited for them to come up again.
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    In need of a good tripod mic stand w/boom. Any suggestions?

    I've got some Atlas and K&M stands and they are well-made, but they are a bit pricey. DR Pro has a tripod boom stand that approaches the quality of the K&M and Atlas stands, but Musician's Friend occasionally has a 2-pack of them for $70 as part of their Stupid Deal Of The Day. I missed them a...
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    Solution For Having Safe Rehearsals

    We resumed a few weeks ago with several precautions: - I rearranged the band area to move the bassist across from the drummer rather than beside the drummer - we've got 11 foot minimum spacing (guitarists are ~20 feet apart) - there are 3 bands that have resumed, I've got individual...
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    Please help: has anyone here gone from "truly incapable" to "passable" singer?

    Passable? I think so. Pop music listeners became more tolerant of so-so singers in the 60's & 70's. Vocalists like Bob Dylan, JJ Cale, John Prine, and Tom Petty found success, and some local bands with even worse vocals made a go of it. I think Tom Petty once said he only started to sing...
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    Allman Brothers Alumni Concert

    I don't see any video options...do you?
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    Is Coronavirus creating a music gear buyer's market like we've never seen before?

    Seems like a great opportunity to put together a massive PA. :idea
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    What a load of BS so many people are into...

    Eric Johnson?
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    Playing guitar with earplugs

    I'm with you on that - the occlusion effect makes it tough to play with confidence, and singing is even worse. The best compromise I've found is to use the flesh-colored foam ones from Walgreens and just sit them just outside my ear canal. On a really loud song I reach up and push them in a bit...
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    Michael Landau

    I haven't heard one. The guys on Guitarwank are pretty good friends with Mike, he's turned them down several times, dreads talking about gear & tones, etc. Jude Gold from the No Guitar Is Safe was a recent guest on Guitarwank, and he said the last time he asked Mike when he was going to come...
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    Regular Production Strats with bigger neck profiles?

    The Ed O'Brien sig strat has a big maple neck. I bought 2 from Stratosphere for $359 ea. w/tuners. They're listed as a "thick 10/56 profile" - mine check right around .920" at the 1rst & 1.020" at the 12th, satin finish except for gloss on the headstock. 9.5" rad, tall narrow frets. Just...
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    Great Headliners Using Whole Other Bands as Backup

    Neil Young & Lukas Nelson's Promise Of The Real The Black Crowes
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    Wampler Pedals Customer Service Praise

    They recently replaced the switch on an Ecstasy pedal I bought used - no charge for the repair or return shipping. I think maybe they only send out an invoice for their ~$35 repair fee for "special" customers.
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    Gibson Es 335 2 princeton reverb live in studio

    Wow! You guys play beautifully. The only thing better than a Princeton Reverb is two Princeton Reverbs!
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    dB for band rehearsal

    A few years ago I was playing with a drummer with substantial hearing loss. I bought a ~$20 dB meter from Amazon and found that we were regularly over 100dB and occasionally going over 110dB at rehearsals. I still wasn't able convince the drummer that we were too loud. He also ramped up...
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    Tip for ya's: Fender-brand fat maple 10/56 necks for $359...

    I'm a big fan of fat necks. I was *this* close to buying a American Original 50's strat neck from Stratosphere for $599. I played a few AO Strats at local stores and wasn't crazy about the high gloss finish, and wasn't too excited about dropping $600 on a neck either. But I figured I could scuff...
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    NPD, DOD Carcosa

    I've got a Carcosa that I like a lot, but find the toggle voicings to be either slightly too bassy, or slighty too much bass cut. Does anyone know a of simple mod to alter one of the voicings to something in between, like the Boss SD-1 C3 mods?
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    Do you measure your playing volume at home?

    I bought a ~$20 dB meter from Amazon when I was playing with 3/4 deaf drummer* a few years back. At the time I also installed free dB apps on my phone & iPad. The apps & the cheap meter were pretty close up to about 100dB. Above that the phone & iPad apps varied quite a bit, while the meter...