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  1. bluesrules

    Les Paul Studio. Anyone coiltap 490r 498t pickups?

    Love my USA Les Paul Studio, the alnico II 490r neck pickup is great but the 498t alnico V bridge pup seems a little too hot for me sometimes...coming from the Fender camp and all. Don't get me wrong I'm not interested in changing the pickups, they really hold their own with clarity even with...
  2. bluesrules

    Strat's with Mahogany bodies, Anyone try it?

    I have a chance to buy one without playing it, but I'm thinking it would lose that much beloved "chime" or "Glass" or whatever. I like a cleanish vintage strat "sizzle" tone. Would the Mahogany ruin that and be better suited for classic rock sustain (dirty) or smooth Jazz (clean)? I really...
  3. bluesrules

    Lollar Strat Blackface Middle pup with Tweed or Blonde neck pup?

    I have a set of Blackface Lollar's, I simply love all positions but the Middle-neck sound isn't quite there. Not getting enough "chime". The neck and middle sound great by themself but not together. Where as the bridge and middle in the 2 position is very useful and chimey. After hours of a...
  4. bluesrules

    Walnut guitar bodies sounds like....?

    I thinking about getting a Walnut Strat body. I hear they are brighter than Ash or Alder but less than Maple, and heavy with long sustain and Alot of bite. Anyone have a hands-on theory?
  5. bluesrules

    P90's with Maple fretboards?

    Has anybody seen or played one of these? Is there something about the P90's that don't mesh with the Maple? I own 3 guitars with Soapbars, all rosewood boards, and thats all I ever seen out there. I would think P90's having a little more grind in them than single coils makes them perfect...
  6. bluesrules

    Guitar player needs strings for bass

    Hello TGP Bass brothers and sisters. Hoping you can help me get a good set of strings for my "Home Foolin' Around" Bass. I've had it for 3 years and finally broke a string at the tuning post. It's a Peavey NTB 4 Grind (neck-thru) with a 35" scale (short/long?). I don't remember what gauge I...
  7. bluesrules

    FAB50 (COT50) compared to SHO or SCP

    Well after buying 10 Overdrive pedals in the last 2 years I finally found what I was looking for. A Lovepedal FAB 50, my strat and reissue Bassman never sounded so good. I can't believe this thing only has 1 knob, voiced perfectly IMO, very open and full sounding! First pedal I had that works...
  8. bluesrules

    TGP Newbie alert! Needs a sustain pedal.

    Hello folks, Nice site, my eyes gone blurry from reading all the cool information in here. But I'm looking for a specific tone, clean sustain with less compresstion. I know a compressor's job is to get sustain by compressing a note but is there a...dare I say it, A less-compression sustainer...