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  1. mmunguia

    Vox AC30 Handwired or 6TB?

    OK, old thread, owned them all, TBX (two mid 90's), Heritage handwired 30 and 15 with blue speakers, then an ac15, and ac30 handwired (vietnam). All great sounding amps, Heritage speaker cones were wrong, so they were a little ice picky, but with the right speakers great amps, now on to...
  2. mmunguia

    New 'The Edge' hand wired tweed deluxe

    Big edge fan here too. And yes, not thrilled about the guitar, but the amp..... I may need to get one. Too bad is so pricey.
  3. mmunguia

    Bad Cat vs Matchless ? ?

    I've owned the Badcat Hot cat 100, Hot cat 15 (1x12), BlackCat (1x12). Also a Matchless HC-30 head + 2x12 matchless cab (sampson era), Matchless lighting (newer 1x12 combo, larger cab), Matchless lightning 1x12 small cab (sampson era). I have since sold all my bad cats, and the HC-30 is the...
  4. mmunguia

    Friedman Dirty Shirley vs Reeves Super 78

    Any more experiences with the two? I have a super 78, definitely lots of gain on tap, but can do cleans pretty well too, how about friedman?
  5. mmunguia

    Weber Mass vs Any Other Attenuator

    Following thread for the Dr Z Airbrake
  6. mmunguia

    Tone King Imperial - anyone using JJ 6V6's?

    Anyone? same question, would like to get an A/B test between stock tubes and JJ6v6 is possible!
  7. mmunguia

    How do you stack your cabinets/heads & amps? (photos and suggestions please!!!)

    Any other ideas, coming back to this thread!
  8. mmunguia

    Speaker change for AC30?

    NEVER replace speakers, Make sure you get UK Blues (if you have the old heritage anniversary, then you have the sucky blues, get some UK blues and you'll be happy!!!) owned several ac30's, UK blues are the way to go!!!!
  9. mmunguia

    JTM45 and Plexi sounds in a smaller gigable package

    1974x is great tone (but not nearly clean at all specially with humbuckers). I had issues getting clean tone when practicing on my own, but its like butter in the OD departmetn. The 2061x will give you more headroom (not as buttery, but close, and more jtm45 like from my experience). If...
  10. mmunguia

    Q: Amps w/ two inputs (Matchless, Badcat, etc)

    Yep, I owned a few badcats, the hotcat 100 in particular has a (5 or 6 pin) connector and works as an A/B/Y witch, however, you can also use an A/B/Y switch infront of the amp if you want!
  11. mmunguia

    When is the BadCat "Unleash" due out?

    I've used a monster version to do just this (the adapter) and it holds the cable very tightly, never had a problem, on the other hand there are other cheaper brand ones I had, that were easy to unplug, not the monster one!
  12. mmunguia

    Weber Mass Lite attenuator and matching impedance

    Thx for this, I was wondering since you couldn't select the impedance on. So I guess with the mass lite just set your amp to 8 ohms, and plug in any cabinet right?
  13. mmunguia

    Lets talk badcat and matchless

    I think new ownership/partnership (James is still there), and as far as I can tell its the same quality, I think they are looking to move more amps, buy components in bulk. sell more!
  14. mmunguia

    Lets talk badcat and matchless

    I love both Matchless and BadCat. Ihave owned a few badcat's in the past, and they are really nice amps (heck, I own a blackcat and lil cat 15 right now, proly go for another hot cat at some point). You can't go wrong with matchless or bad cat. I think badcat may have more versatile...
  15. mmunguia

    New Fender '65 Princeton Reverb FSR w/ Celestion G10...hmm..

    No one? Got the wife to order me one for my b-day next month!!! I'll have a review early next year for those who care. I liked my old RI princeton reverb, but the break-up was very fizzy, didn't like it at all. Lets see how this goes!!!
  16. mmunguia

    Crazy BadCat deal on MF (is this real?)

    Heard badcat is dropping prices on their USA made amps btw, you may want to call them up!!!! plenty of amps around the 1500 range guys!!!
  17. mmunguia

    Best Speaker Ever!!!

    I also do like the bad cat speakers. I used to own a Bad Cat Hot Cat 100 and played through a Marshall 1960AHW cabinet (with the heritage non-anniversary speakers), the sound was OK. I ordered a 2x12 from badcat with their speakers. Night and Day guys, Night and Day. I too have a pair of...
  18. mmunguia

    New Fender '65 Princeton Reverb FSR w/ Celestion G10...hmm..

    Anyone any experience with these FSR version of the princeton? my old one was good, the breakup wasn't great, but clean sounded awesome. I'm wondering if this greenback makes a big difference. I own mainly Vox/matchless/badcat class A amps, but do need my fender tone once in a while... this...
  19. mmunguia

    Do I need an AC15HW?

    HW much better than the CC, for sure, worth getting that!! they don't sound the same at all!!!
  20. mmunguia

    New Fender '65 Princeton Reverb FSR w/ Celestion G10...hmm..

    hmmm I used to have a regular 65 princeton reverb that was nice. I'm thinking about this one too, anyone? any insight?
  21. mmunguia

    Discovered a Vox AC 15 Hand Wired. So good.

    Hehehe, Yes, those are some GOOD AMPS!!!!!!! I have one on the emporium to pay off for a guitar purchase, but I may pull it if it doesn't go soon. Nice playing man!!!
  22. mmunguia

    2061 and 1974X

    OK, I also kinda disagree, having owned 2 1974x, and 1 2061x for a few years I will tell you: 1- The 1974x has earlier break up, its smoother sounding - like butter. the 2061x is more aggressive sounding (not as smooth), and has more headroom, I hardly think it has more gain, the 1974x would...
  23. mmunguia

    X Fargen Olde 800 owners/users

    I have the OLDE800, haven't sold it, love it, its an awesome amp, It can do what my 2061x, 1974x, and my reeves custom 18 could do, but better, and more options, its loud too (the master volume works awesome!!!
  24. mmunguia

    Reeves Custom 18 vs. Fargen Olde 800 MkII

    I've owned both amps. I did not like the reeves custom 18, has too many switches, sounds more modern than the Fargen. I ended up keeping the custom 18 for about a week and flipped it! The Fargen I've kept. I love reeves (I have a super '78) that I love, its more modern sounding than the...