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    New Amp! Two Rock Studio Pro!

    Grats on the amp. I really want one of the Studio Pro's for a clean amp someday.
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    What is George Lynch using these days?

    What he has on stage or what he's really using behind the stage?! I heard he's using a Friedman Naked amp on the road lately.
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    Any Ceriatone Owners Out There?

    I've heard nothing but good things about Nik and his amps. Sometime soon I'm grabbing a Superlead 1987 from Nik and having it modded by Dave Friedman to the Marsha specs with the addition of a Metro Zero Loss F/X Loop.
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    Marshall AFD100 shame project

    Simple answer then. Don't buy one. :wave
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    Which one of these hi-gainers would you rather have and why?

    I really like the clips I've heard of the Friedman Marsha. If I had $3k for an amp that would be the one.
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    Small Apartment Amp

    Check out the Blackstar HT-5. Great apartment amp for mid and higher gain tones. Solid clean channel too.
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    High Gain Amp Shootout, Saturday June 20th, Hollywood, CA

    The Marsha sounded killer. Am I the only one here that liked the Elmwood? My top 3 would be the Marsha, Elmwood and the Bogner 20th Anniversary(and I'd like to hear one with EL34's in it).
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    Help me replace my EVH 5150 III

    If you like 80's metal tones then check out a Splawn Quick Rod. Those pretty much nail the modded Marshall tones of that era.
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    EVH, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, under $1700 used.......

    Musta been 7th Son era then so sue me!! I actually got curious and did a search and found that Dave is using Marshall JVM heads now. Adrian still uses his Marshall 6100LM's and some modeling stuff. Gers uses a 5150.
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    HT-5 Tube Replacement

    I've tried Ruby 12ax7-CA5, 9th Gen Chinese, NOS Mullard, NOS Tesla, JJ Tesla ECC83S, Tung Sol 12ax7, New Sensor Mullard re-issues and NOS Telefunken and my favorite of the bunch was the NOS Mullard. Of the current production tubes the Chinese 9th Gen and New Sensor Mullards both sounded great in...
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    EVH, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, under $1700 used.......

    A modded JCM 800 style amp will do the trick better than most. Maiden used JMP-1 racks and Marshall 6100LM's quite a bit from Powerslave on.
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    Blackstar HT-5

    There must be something wrong with it because the HT-5 has tons of gain. I play with quite a bit of gain and it's only at about 1 o'clock on the gain knob. The stock 12ax7 blows too...change it asap.
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    Blackstar HT-5 Mini Stack is a no brainer

    I've had mine for about 2 months and I love it. Just be sure you switch out the 12ax7 for anything that doesn't say "sovtek" on it and you're golden. I run the head version through my old Diezel 1x12 and it's rawk. :RoCkIn
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    My dear Diezel Einstein combo - I salute you!!

    What Thump said. Mode 3 on channel 1 is one of the best hard rock tones I've ever had in an amp. I miss mine :/ My only complaint was not being able to get to the clean channel without that mod.
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    What's the best sounding and inexpensive transistor amp for practicing?

    I love my Blackstar HT-5 and at $299 they're a steal. Real tube tones at reasonable volumes ftw. It's the ideal apartment/practice amp for my tastes(rock and metal mostly).
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    ROBBEN FORD?? I concede! THE MIGHTY QUINN is the winner!!!

    Sounds killer Tag. Great playing too :)
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    Holy crap...Blackstar HT-5 guys/you gotta see this!!!

    I thought it sounded pretty cool. I love my HT-5 and although I'm not sure if I need 200watts of face melting power, that's got some killer tones in it. Blackstar is a company to keep an eye on because they're producing quality(dare I say "boutique"!?)sounding products at very good price points...
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    Played the Blackstar HT-5 today....Loved it,but........

    Blackstar has a new Series One line that has the ISP controls and is based off EL34's(TK88 for the 200watt head). Check those out when they ship if you want more power.
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    Carol Ann + Joe Banamassa

    Some people just get off by dragging other people down. It sucks but it's reality, especially when it comes to the internet and message boards because anonymity makes some people braver than they might be in person(and meaner). Personally, I can't wait to hear the new amp and I'm a big fan of...
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    Blackstar HT-5 head.........DAMN!!!

    I've had mine for about 6 weeks now and I love this amp. It sounds great at low volumes and is perfect for recording or practice. It's the ultimate apartment amp for me and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes good rock and metal tones. You cannot beat the price either.
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    Looking for something low watt,blackface in tone..

    Fender Princeton Reverb...thread over. :)
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    Has anyone tried the Mullard 12ax7 reissues from New Sensor

    +1. They sound good but not as good as a NOS Mullard to my ears. They're a very solid new production tube though.
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    So what do you city living apartment dwellers do?

    Check out a Blackstar HT-5 head. I see you have an Einstein and if you like higher gain stuff, the Blackstar is elite at lower volumes and still gives tube tone. It has a decent clean channel too and you can't beat the price($299).
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    The Nicest Chinese Pre Tubes Made Today

    +1. I have a couple that I got from the Tube Store a few years ago and they have no markings on them. They sound much better than the newer Ruby 12ax7AC5-HGs I recently got. The two without markings are my favorites of the newer production tubes I've tried.
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    swapping pre-amp tubes

    I've read a few times on here that V1 accounts for about 70% of the overall amp tone. I've found that to be mostly true when I've swapped preamp tubes. I'm sure there are other folks around here who know much more than I do but that's been my experience.