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  1. Zounds Perspex

    Does Gibson make a 57 Goldtop (R7) but with a 59 neck?

    I can see that, but as 57s are basically always goldtops, that's the obvious difference for me.
  2. Zounds Perspex

    Does Gibson make a 57 Goldtop (R7) but with a 59 neck?

    yep, I got an R7 with an R0 v2 neck from CME - GREAT guitar.
  3. Zounds Perspex

    How many is too many?

    I'm in the 10 to 15 range, and that's after a few 2 for 1 trades to get the number down. but that's including a couple of basses, a few acoustics, a Weissenborn, etc. with electrics, I know what I like and want to use every day, and then other things I don't play all the time, but I know that...
  4. Zounds Perspex

    Show me your Les Paul

    not that much of a burst guy, but man, that's a looker.
  5. Zounds Perspex

    Show me your Les Paul

    showed this on a NGD post, but stoked enough I'm going to share again! not sorry. CME R7 with '60 V2 neck carve.
  6. Zounds Perspex

    NGD! My first “real” Les Paul?

    Forgot to mention- under 8.5 lbs, too! Very comfy.
  7. Zounds Perspex

    NGD! My first “real” Les Paul?

    Thanks, all! Guess I better check the case for that tip!
  8. Zounds Perspex

    NGD! My first “real” Les Paul?

    Yep! i had a “Studio Lite” when I was a teen - NAW. and an Edwards goldtop with P-90s that was okay. but I got a Custom Shop SG a while back and was both surprised and impressed how much better it was than my SG Standard. It got me thinking I needed to try an LP from the Custom Shop. a little...
  9. Zounds Perspex

    Show me your Les Paul

    aiii, first real LP coming this week and this thread is getting me stoked! if only Laura doesn't roll right on top of me. :confused:
  10. Zounds Perspex

    Are you still guitar hunting?

    I'm in the strange situation of having never looked for "the one"....but I think I found it anyway. I have a couple other electrics I don't think I'll get rid of, a couple I'm sure that I will, but for the first time in a bunch of years I don't think I'll be selling guitars to buy more guitars...
  11. Zounds Perspex

    For those with more than one guitar...

    probably ridiculous to say the most recent guitar I picked up, but that just so happens to be the case.
  12. Zounds Perspex

    If you could only have 1 acoustic guitar?

    I'd be perfectly happy with just my Martin 000-28vs.
  13. Zounds Perspex

    For those that WILL be buying a guitar in 2020, what are you getting?

    I've been all over the place, but I think this will be the year I finally get a Flying V, either Custom Shop or some small maker. ....but I'm also eyeing a Bartlett Retrospec way too hard. :bonk
  14. Zounds Perspex

    What's your secret tuning that opened up your playing?

    I generally play electric guitar in standard tuning (or a half step down), but for acoustic, nothing beats Open C - CGCGCE.
  15. Zounds Perspex

    Can only have 1 - Tele or Les Paul?

    SOPHIE'S CHOICE. Les Paul for me, but I don't want to ever be without a good Tele...or Strat, for that matter. and this should definitely be a poll.
  16. Zounds Perspex

    I've gone from 18 to 6 guitars... and I'm happier with fewer!

    I'd like to get down to 3 electrics, 1 acoustic, and a bass. .....and use the proceeds to buy more amps.
  17. Zounds Perspex

    I. . . Am DONE! 2020 is the year of the 'gear fast'.

    I'm not going on a fast, but it won't be much. I'm dedicated to not changing my pedal setup or "tone chasing" at all this year. It's about creating. That said, I'd like to have a backup amp and guitar that wouldn't be so dissimilar to my favorites, but I'll be trading/selling to pick those up.
  18. Zounds Perspex

    "You don't need more than one guitar"

    I actually wouldn't mind have just a Tele and a good acoustic - the rest of the guitars could go and I wouldn't be too bummed. Amps? That's a whole other thing.
  19. Zounds Perspex

    You get one guitar in this thread! ONE (1) guitar!! No runner up, no if, ands or buts ....

    Man, rough choice. I think I'd have to pick an acoustic - if it has to be one I already have, my Martin 000-28vs. if people are going big with pre-war Martins, I'll just take a lil' ol Larson Brothers built jumbo, please.
  20. Zounds Perspex

    What's The Appeal (or not) of The Jazzmaster?

    the body shape is great - very comfortable. if you can get over any bridge issues, the trem is excellent as well. for the avant types like Nels or Thurston and Lee, the string length behind the bridge is something to use. I know Sonic Youth got deeply into them because they were cheap and they...
  21. Zounds Perspex

    Collings 290 -consistently good?

    Collings might be the most consistent guitar maker around. I'd buy a used 290 on the 'net without too much worry, as long as the frets and whatnot are in good shape.
  22. Zounds Perspex

    At what age did you start playing?

    Like a lot of you it seems, I started taking piano lessons when I was maybe 7, only lasted a couple of years. Played trombone in school band starting when I was 10. Wanted a guitar, begged for it, a family friend loaned me a nylon string when I was 13 and I was instantly obsessed. Got an...
  23. Zounds Perspex

    That token acoustic you think you "need"...

    If you don't think you need one, you don't. Personally, I go through stages - times when I'll almost exclusively play electric, and then I'll get obsessed with fingerpicking again and stay on acoustics. I always wanna have at least 2 nice acoustics around, just to leave in different tunings...
  24. Zounds Perspex

    Do you really need a backup to gig?

    I rarely break strings, but I have had switches go out on me - I always bring a backup. Spare cables and a lunchbox head are always in reserve as well. Super impressed you dudes can change a string that fast, or while playing - I'm slow. At one time I could roll a number with my left hand while...