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    Thick, throaty wah that cuts big in a mix?

    Check out the Joe Gagan page on Reverb...
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    Seattle music - What should I know?

    Seattle has def turned into the grim reaper of it's former self that is unless you happen to be a tech worker and then it's like the gold rush all over again. For guitar shops Thunder Road, Emerald City and Mike and Mikes, for amp techs I swear by Solderhaus. I would highly recommend if moving...
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    ovedrive for a tight Stoner Rock sound?

    I have found that the yellow spiral by Spiral effects can go there. Plus you can vary the response of the distortion
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    Pedalboard + gear carrying case

    getting a good case really is not much more expensive than buying a pedal but yeah if it is not important to you check out thrift stores or home depot
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    Seeking very specific sound- break up without gain

    Check out Mid Fi pedals, maybe their demo tape pedal
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    Favorite slide

    sell me what works for you. TIA!
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    Basic Audio Pedals

    Every review I see on the Si bye bias is glowing, was trying to decide between a spooky tooth, pirk, or mk1 but now adding this... crikey!
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    The search for the ultimate treble booster...

    I am playing a JM thru an old 6L6 Supro Big Star... not a dark amp, where should I start my search?
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    Mosrite style guitars

    My issue with those is the location of the pickup toggle switch, would be prone to strum it all over the place!
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    Mosrite style guitars

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    Mosrite style

    any makers doing a mosrite/univox hi flyer model build?
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    Mosrite style guitars

    saw a vid of a Mexican shoegaze band using a guitar that is Mosrite inspired but different brand, also had a mastery vibrato bar - anyone?
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    Gretsch supertrons

    Which Gretsch models came with these? Anyone play a supertron? How do these compare to other Gretsch styles
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    A mini pedal to give me a super sparkly clean boost?

    DOD bifet boost - buffer switch and tone control plus on sale for cheap
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    Good small, affordable analog delay and reverse reverb pedals

    Highly recommend the obscura for the kind of thing you mentioned. Has a degrade knob as well as a tone knob. Be sure to get one of those rubber settings guards that come new to protect dialed in sounds. Also fun to freestyle
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    Tele with Duncan Quarter Pounders

    Had one in a strat back in the day that consistently delivered the damage
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    Most psychedelic modulation pedal

    Check out keeley gold star for feeling it
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    NPD - Digitech Obscura Delay

    the tape delay and lofi sounds are super rich and musical -
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    The Alt.Country Club 33: Thirty Three and a Third

    Helms Alee and Jawbox tonight
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    Strictly FUZZ

    Fuzz on "baby's on fire"? Thx
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    The Alt.Country Club 33: Thirty Three and a Third

    Don't overlook the obscura for a flexible and inexpensive delay solution!