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  1. boltrecords

    Help Using EQ to Create a Better Inear Mix

    I've been using inears for about 6-7 years now. I've always had a fairly solid mix but am always looking for ways to improve it. I use stereo In ear systems and have a Behringer X32 as the in ear console. I'm not too experienced when it comes to mixing music either live or for recordings, but...
  2. boltrecords

    Will another footswitch work for 5150 III 50 watt?

    I have a 5150 iii 50 Watt head and since there is a huge volume jump from channel 1/2 I am only using channel 1 and 3. I also don't use the effects loop. Because of this I'd like to use a single footswitch to toggle between the two channels. Is this possible? The footswitch is taking up most...
  3. boltrecords

    Sold Mesa Boogie Rectifier Recording Preamp

    Selling a Mesa preamp amp 2 space rack unit Basically a dual rectifier in a 2 rack space. Comes with the manual, power cord, 2 button Mesa foot switch and switch cable. Excellent condition. No rack rash or damage Two Channels..Clean and Overdrive Killer sounding preamp that can be used for live...
  4. boltrecords

    Sold TC Electronic G Major Guitar Processor Like New In Box

    Selling a mint in the box to electronic g major Run 7 different effects and tuner all at once Single rack space. Comes with original box, manual, power cord Perfect condition and working order No rack rash ITEM WILL BE SHIPPED IN THE ORIGINAL BOX PACKED TIGHTLY INSIDE THE BOX $165 Shipped and...
  5. boltrecords

    Sold Friedman Smallbox Head

    I have $1900 to spend on a Friedman Smallbox. Shipped and pp'd to Chicago. PM if you have one for sale.
  6. boltrecords

    Sold Custom Audio Electronics Suhr PT-100 Pete Thorn 100 Watt Amp Head

    Selling my Mint condition CAA/Suhr PT-100 Head Not one mark or scuff anywhere on the amp Only gigged out a few times. Mostly kept indoors, Always in a smoke free environment. recently rebiased. Comes with the original footswitch and cable Has a custom TUKI cover as well. This amp is 3...
  7. boltrecords

    Sold Fractal Audio Systems MFC-101 MK II MKII Midi Foot Controller

    Selling a MKII version of the fractal Mfc-101 mint condition works perfectly i removed the feet and applied Velcro to the back. Feet are pictured and included if you decide you want to remove the Velcro and put the feet back on comes with original power supply original box and packaging manual...
  8. boltrecords

    Help with Suhr wiring of strat HSS

    Hello all, Sorry if this has been covered but I couldn't find any thread specific enough for what I need. I have a 2008 fender strat deluxe quilt top that has one volume one tone. I took out all the S1 switching that came stock. I'm putting in Suhr v60LPs and an SSH in the bridge. I'd like...
  9. boltrecords

    Live Guitar Sound is very Thin with Palmer PDI-09 Speaker Simulator

    Ive been using my CAA PT100 amp for the last few gigs running direct through a Palmer PDI-09. All three of the last gigs I used it on the different sound techs told me it sounded very thin. I noticed it myself during sound check. Has anyone else had this issue using a direct box/ Speaker sim...
  10. boltrecords

    Having trouble with mic'ing live cabinet

    Lately I've been using a palmer pdi-09 to run my amp direct to the FOH during gigs. Mainly because I've never been able to get a good tone micing my cabinet live. I've tried numerous speakers and mics. It always seems to sound boxy and fizzy to me. clean tone is ok...its more noticeable on...
  11. boltrecords

    Question regarding my guitar cabinet

    right now I have a 212 avatar with a g12h30 and a greenback. Both 16ohm running in 8ohm. My amp is a Cae pt100 100 watt head. I am going to be switching to g12h75 creambacks soon. They are 75 watts. My question is, as of now I only have one creamback speaker and still need to get a second...
  12. boltrecords

    Sold KR Musical Products Mega Vibe Pedal

    Selling a rare Mega Vibe Pedal By KR musical products USA Amazing sounding pedal...I just got this pedal and the only reason I'm selling is because its fairly large and doesn't fit well on my board and I don't want to rearrange the board to accommodate. Great Condition Functions perfectly This...
  13. boltrecords

    Having Issues With Live Sound Techs

    I'm just about fed up with dealing with inadequate sound techs at small bars and venues. Not only has the sound been extremely crappy on majority of occasions, but the attitude of most of them is just ridiculous. This past Saturday We played a gig at a local bar that we've played multiple...
  14. boltrecords

    I Think My Klon KTR Died

    I had an issue with my KTR last night at a gig. I went to activate the pedal and the led light just flickered and then went off. After that the pedal was basically functioning like it was always on. The button would not turn it on or off but the knobs on the pedal would still function if turned...
  15. boltrecords

    Boss ES-8 question.....Can i go back to original setting by hitting same button?

    Does anyone know if theres a way to setup the Boss unit so that when you hit the same preset you are currently on, it automatically reverts back to your saved settings for that preset? Thanks
  16. boltrecords

    Help Bypassing Eventide H9's with Boss ES-5

    I am running two eventide H9's. I am using the new Boss ES-5 switching pedal which sends midi PC and CC messages. I have the presets set up and working with changing the H9's presets through PC messages. I set up one H9 as channel 1 and the other as midi channel 2. I cannot get the CC...
  17. boltrecords

    Sold George L's Nickel Straight Connectors for Right Angles

    I have about 25 Like New Nickel Straight George L Connectors. I am in need of right angles and would be willing to swap with someone who may need straights. all of them are in excellent like new condition I have a bunch of stress black jackets as well PM if you're interested
  18. boltrecords

    Pedalboard Soft Case Recommendation

    i just got my trailer trash 30x18 pro. I ordered cool case called the Mono M80 Pro. Great quality super thick soft style case. The problem is it is about 1" too small in the pedalboard depth. It only fits in the case if I jam it in there. I think once I add pedals to the board it will be more...
  19. boltrecords

    Can the Eventide H9 Run Multiple Effects at Once?

    I've been watching and reading a lot about the H9's by Eventide. Great idea and sounding pedal. Im looking to thin out the pedalboard a bit and like the idea of this pedal replacing some of the single pedals i have. But one thing i can't seem to figure out without playing it is whether or not...
  20. boltrecords

    Help with using Rocktron Patchmate & Voodoo Control Switcher

    Im setting up my new pedalboard and am currently using a Rocktron Patchmate Loop 8 Floor, a Voodoo lab Control switcher and also a TC electronic Flashback X4. Im having a tough time figuring out if the Rocktron can actually send Midi messages. the manual is not very clear. I want to be able...
  21. boltrecords

    Sold Analogman Beano Boost NKT-275 White Dot Version

    Selling an older Analogman Beano boost. The pedal is in perfect working order. It is in excellent condition except for a small piece of finish that came off the back while removing Velcro. See pictures This is one of the early runs of this pedal. It has the now discontinued white dot NKT...
  22. boltrecords

    Mic'd Cabinet is Killing My Tone.

    So for the last 5 years or so I've been using a Fractal Audio Axe FX for live use. I also run stereo in ears with a behringer X32 and JH Audio 16's. The last few months I started Gasing for a tube amp again. I picked up a JTM 45 and then a SUHR PT100 head. The suhr head is absolutely amazing. I...
  23. boltrecords

    Sold EMG DG20 David Gilmour Prewired Pickup and Pickguard Set

    I installed this in my EJ Strat a few months back but decided i like the EJ pickups slightly better. NO soldering required at all to install this setup. Its in Excellent, Like New condition No damage or issues at all. Comes in the original box with a 9 volt battery and the manual. White...
  24. boltrecords

    Help with Pedalboard chain. What order would you do?

    I'm currently running the following pedals: EHX pitch fork (for down tuning) Mini fuzz face silicon Fulltone Octafuzz Cry baby Wah Dyna Comp Klon KTR Fulltone OCD Tube Screamer Suhr Riot Boss CE2 Chorus analogman ARDX20 Delay Strymon Flint That is currently the order I'm running the pedals...
  25. boltrecords

    NEW Gigwrx Glow Labels For Fractal MFC-101...PICTURES INSIDE!!!

    Here's a little preview of our new Glow in the Dark labels that will be available VERY SOON! Specifically for the Fractal Audio MFC-101 foot controller. www.gigwrx.com No more struggling to see your labels on a dark stage.