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  1. JES1680

    Which Rosewood Necked PRS?

    So I've always wanted a rosewood necked PRS, but need some help or at least opinions :) I tend to like wrap tail bridges but would be open to a PRS trem I like a big neck but not really wide think Nocaster, R4, R8, etc... I know PRS doesn't make anything that big but I played a Tremonti...
  2. JES1680

    Sold Cutthroat Audio Down Brownie

    Mint with padded cover and foot switch. Price break if you are within a couple hours of MSP. $1650 with the original Weber Alnico Classic $1750 with the Creamback Alnico Both shipped and PP in CONUS No trades please.
  3. JES1680

    Sold Carr Mercury V

    Less than a year old. As new condition. No trades. $SOLD shipped and PP in CONUS.
  4. JES1680

    Sold Nash T-52

    Really nice blackguard Nash from 2010. SD stacked pickups. Great Tele sound but with the highs just slightly rolled off and no hum or pull the individual pots for true single coil. Original Nash case. Med C neck, no playability issues. No trades please. $1200.00 Shipped and PP in CONUS.
  5. JES1680

    Sold Friedman Dirty Shirley Combo

    This is the original version, no gain switch. Only issue is a slight discoloration on the grill cloth, not a stain. Looks like lighter line towards the left should be able to see it in pics. Not sure how this happened, it's not worn or frayed, looks like just a discoloration on the grillcloth. I...
  6. JES1680

    Sold 2011 Gibson Flying V Floyd Rose

    2011 Gibson Flying V Floyd Rose. Overall great condition except that it was stored in a non-heated MN storage facility and has some weather checking. Hard to see unless you really look for it but it's there. Dosen't affect playability. I have the original black bobbin pickups 496R 500T that...
  7. JES1680

    Sold Bogner Helios 50 Watt Head $1950

    Mint as new condition never out of the house. This was an early one before they started providing a footswitch, but I have a black 2 button switch I've been using and will include. $SOLD shipped and PP in CONUS. I'd be open to a trade for a Dirty Shirley Combo.
  8. JES1680

    Sold Friedman PT-20

    Only a couple of weeks old. Perfect condition, original box, manual, and packing. $SOLD shipped and PP in CONUS. No trades please.
  9. JES1680

    ARACOM PX150-P Attenuator

    Excellent condition. Older model that goes from 2-16 ohms In and Out. **SOLD** Shipped and PP. No Trades
  10. JES1680

    2 8ohm and 2 16ohm in a 4x12?

    Anyone ever done this? Should be able to get it to a total of 10.67 ohms, and I could use the 8ohm tap on my amp. Looking to try some of the other speakers I've got laying around.
  11. JES1680

    Original Klon Centaur

    Time to let this one go. Gold no horsie. Serial 3811 Excelent condition. No box or instructions but I do have a boss powersupply with the modifed adapter that will go with it. $SOLD Shipped and PP.
  12. JES1680

    /13 RSA 23 or BTR opinions

    So I've done the searches and listened to all the clips and you tubes. Anyone have an RSA23 or BTR and sold it. What did you like or not like about it? Looking at running an Aracom with the RSA if I go that route anyone have experince with attenuating these? My EDT did NOT like attenuators...
  13. JES1680

    Speaker suggestions for 5150 / Deliverance

    Been diping my toe back into the high gain pool, it's been a while. Trying to decide on a 5150 block logo and a Deliverance 60. What are your speaker preferences for these two amps. I keep going back and forth on which one to keep. I've tried them with an open back running G12H and...
  14. JES1680

    Warmer pickups for a PRS DGT?

    I've had a DGT for a month or so. Love the neck on this thing. It's the only PRS neck I've been able to bond with, but the pickups are a little bright? Articulate? They have this springy zing to the top end especially in single mode. Wondering if anyone has replced the stock ones with something...
  15. JES1680

    Timbersmith Guitars?

    Anybody hear of these???
  16. JES1680

    Strat suggestions

    Looking for what will hopefully be my last (yeah right) strat. Here's what i'd like. Rosewood board. A neck with some meat to it. Doesn't have to be wide at the nut, but some girth to it, maybe like a Fender C or a nice V. Not a baseball bat either. The tough part is that I'd like...
  17. JES1680

    Converting JMP back to 6550's

    I've got a 78 JMP MV 50 watt that was converted to EL34's. I'd like to go back to 6550's. Anyone aware of a schematic and or kit to do this? I know there are kits to go from 6550's to 34's, but how about the other way? Thanks
  18. JES1680

    Pop and volume drop in Vibrolux?

    72 Vibrolux reverb has started giving me problems. It started when I would occasionally hear a pop otherwise the amp was silent. Now sometimes the volume will drop significantly when the pop happens, soon thereafter the volume shoots back up. Its getting worse. I've replaced all the...
  19. JES1680

    Vibrolux Filter caps

    Picked up a 73 Vibrolux today. Cosmetically not good, but sounds great. The filter caps are leaking as well as the 50mfd in the bias circuit. I'm going to replace the caps, but want to know how bad do these look? Is it safe to use the amp a few days until I can get new ones in, or if not what...
  20. JES1680

    JMP 6550 - EL34 Conversion Worse.

    I had my 78 JMP 50 watt converted from 6550s and now I'm running the GT 6CA7s. Since the conversion, the amp has lost its tight low end, and has a piercing upper end that can't be completely dialed out. I've tried many different preamp tubes to tone down the harshness, but to no avail. Does...
  21. JES1680

    OD for 1974x

    Looking for opinions on an overdrive I can use with my Marshall 1974x that will get me as close to the sound of that amp cranked, when I have to run it at low volume. The closest I've come is an HBE powerscreamer in clean boost mode that is hit with a Barber DD with gain all the way down and...
  22. JES1680

    Z28 Kill a Blue?

    Was wondering if it's safe to run a Celestion Blue in a Z28 1x12 combo? The Z is rated at "around" 22 watts. So far so good, but I haven't cranked it. It sounds great!! thanks
  23. JES1680

    Help Ohm setting for this combo?

    Got an Aiken 18watt Invader 1x12 combo with a 16ohm speaker. Also have an Aiken 2x12 cab (I beleive 2 16ohms wired as an 8ohm cab). Question can I run both the internal speaker and the cab safely, and if so what ohm setting should I use 4, 8, or 16 on the amp. Thanks. jes