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  1. skiltrip

    WTB Catalinbread Talisman

    Looking to buy a Catalinbread Talisman in good or better condition. Goal is $165 shipped.
  2. skiltrip

    FS Walrus Audio Fathom

    Walrus Audio Fathom... totally mint shiny like-new condition. Comes with all the originally included stuff as shown. $160 shipped and PayPal'd to the mainland 48 United States.
  3. skiltrip

    Transparent Tremolo, 2020 edition

    The newer ones have a little trim pot inside that you can adjust to your liking. You just need a tiny flathead screwdriver. I’ve grown to really like the TR-2. It’s very amp-like. Has a very choppy character to it, but can also be smoothed out. I love the simplicity of it. Using the Shape and...
  4. skiltrip

    Anyone else use an unusual string set?

    I use these. Basically 11s on the high strings, 12s on the lower strings I use these on my Strat with floating bridge
  5. skiltrip

    Transparent Tremolo, 2020 edition

    No bells and whistles, but the Boss TR-2 doesn’t change my core tone at all.
  6. skiltrip

    Pedal similar to the Fathom (without the bass rolloff and 1k boost)

    Using the Walrus Audio Fathom for my always on rock Plate / Hall, as well as for ambient noodling when I get the urge to do so. I love the sound of it. It's perfect, except, it rolls of bass and boosts around 1k. I'm not talking about the reverb sound, I'm talking about what it does to your...
  7. skiltrip

    Has anybody bought gear from Coast Sonic Pedals before?

    Coast Sonic is fantastic to work with. I’ve bought a few things from them. Highly recommended.
  8. skiltrip

    Greer Lightspeed, light to medium gain broken tones

    I've got a Lightspeed and Southland. I never had a Timmy, but for what it's worth, I had a Caline Pure Sky. Never bonded with the Pure Sky. It just had a somewhat annoying voice I couldn't dial out. The Lightspeed and Southland for me have been absolutely perfect. I've never had a moment...
  9. skiltrip

    If you could only have up to 5 pedals for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

    Today’s answer: Greer Lightspeed Greer Southland Belle Epoch Deluxe Walrus Audio Fathom SurfyBear Metal
  10. skiltrip

    Neunaber Immerse vs Dark World or other?

    I gave up chasing digital spring in a multi-algo reverb pedal. Never found one that actually sounded like a proper spring, be it outboard tank or regular in-amp reverb pan. For quite a few years, I've been using a dedicated pedal for spring. That opens up the options for a multi-algo reverb...
  11. skiltrip

    String Gauge Poll -- .07 or .13

    7s sound like a nightmare. I use and 11/12 hybrid set on my Strat, 11s on my Telecaster, and 10s on my SG. I think 7s would ruin the feel of every single guitar. I like tension on my Fenders, and I'd make due on the SG. I could also go to Eb to offset the added tension.
  12. skiltrip

    Strat floating bridge - parallel or angled?

    Not sure if there is a standard or "right" way, but those of you that have your Strat bridge floating, do you have the bridge plate parallel to the body, or is it angled up a bit (meaning the back of the bridge plate is a little higher than the front of the bridge that connects with the posts)?
  13. skiltrip

    Vibrato pedal recommendations please

    The Behringer UV300 is fantastic. Seriously no compromise in sound. Under $30 and Sweetwater actually just got them back in stock.
  14. skiltrip

    Reverb buyer say pedal does not sound good - UPDATE

    Sounds like you have offered to accommodate him reasonably and he has refused. Sending a video comparing them is standard practice. Pedal makers ask for this when doing support for a possibly malfunctioning pedal. Absolutely NO reason he can't do this. Also, you compromising on a...
  15. skiltrip

    Sellers on Reverb - Is it me?

    On Reverb, unless things fall unfairly one way or another, the buyer pays a little too much, and the seller takes a bit of a beating on the take home. Reverb profits. Seldom is there a fair deal on Reverb anymore, no fault of the users. Just offer a lower amount, and be prepared to pay a...
  16. skiltrip

    Anybody compared the Belle Epoch to the Dunlop Echoplex?

    I had both the Belle Epoch and Dunlop Echoplex. I now have the Belle Epoch Deluxe. The Belle Epoch (regular) is much darker, to a fault, but it has a lot more vibe/magic/mojo in the repeats. The Dunlop can be very clean. Modulation is done very well and seems to be a little random and...
  17. skiltrip

    Best tremolo for the money?

    TR-2 is my pick. Dirt cheap used. It's a tank. Sounds great. Nice and choppy if you want it, nice and subtle if you want it.
  18. skiltrip

    Anyone replace the tank in a Surfybear?

    Yes. I emailed their support. service@surfyindustries.com I think they had me send them a video of the sound and they knew right away what it was and offered to send me a replacement pan.
  19. skiltrip

    Topanga Reverb......still the best?

    I am not primarily a surf player either, but I’ve always loved the music and the sound. The SurfyBear units are great for more than just surf too.
  20. skiltrip

    Topanga Reverb......still the best?

    I've bought and sold the Topanga three times. That's a testament to how GOOD it is, not that it's bad. The previous two times I sold it, I thought some all-in-one could replace it and would be "good enough". I was wrong both times. The third Topanga I sold, I only sold after getting the...
  21. skiltrip

    Show your Covid-19 pedalboard

    Already had a pedalboard, but covid lockdown certainly helped drive me to rearrange it a million times and add and subtract from it. I really have come to a happy place with it though.... Still kinda need to just upgrade to a Classic 2 at some point so I can get my compressor, vibrato, and...
  22. skiltrip

    Anyone replace the tank in a Surfybear?

    I had a bad pan in my SurfyBear Metal. It had something like a sizzle distorted sound in the tail. They sent me a replacement pan to swap with the other one free of charge. It was easy to do and fixed everything right up. It was indeed a faulty spring pan.
  23. skiltrip

    Belle Epoch Deluxe repeats heard in bypass mode?

    I noticed mine did this a few weeks back and was surprised I hadn't heard it before. In most cases I can't hear it or don't notice is because it's faint. But if I have the Rec level up pretty good, and I really nail a chord and listen, there's that repeat. It's almost like I have to make it...
  24. skiltrip

    I hate concentric knobs.

    Also not a fan. Mostly it's about the inability to instantly look at my knob position and then know what's going on. They almost always feel more flimsy to me as well. Now that it's being brought up, it was definitely one of the strikes I had against the Obscura delay. Wasn't digging that...
  25. skiltrip

    Anyone replace the tank in a Surfybear?

    If you have any questions about your SurfyBear, email their support. I have never had ANY company be as helpful as they have been to me. If your SurfyBear Compact is fine they may even be able to recommend a different pan that you might like better.