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  1. Zounds Perspex

    Brian Eno appreciation thread

    not so much into the ambient stuff, but the first two Roxy Music LPs and the first two solo LPs are still favorites of mine - of those, it would be difficult to choose between For Your Pleasure and Taking Tiger Mountain.
  2. Zounds Perspex


    Mule was so damn good. That guy had such a distinctive voice, and the Southern rock overtones with the 90's Jesus Lizard/Laughing Hyenas thing was such a rad, strange combination.
  3. Zounds Perspex


    Jawbox were great. I wish I'd been able to see them on their reunion tour in 2019 - the clips I've seen look like they still have it. In addition to all his production work, J has also had several bands since Jawbox, most notably probably Burning Airlines. my favorite Dischord band of all time...
  4. Zounds Perspex

    What is the most technically difficut Zep song

    I'm not sure which is the most technically difficult song to play, but "Achilles Last Stand" is the hardest to cover. Just so many simultaneous parts happening in different parts of that - which to play?
  5. Zounds Perspex

    I need to stop shredding

    I can't believe this has been discussed all weekend and the obvious solution hasn't been proffered- Quit your job, move to the other side of the country without telling anyone, bringing only the clothes on your back and a guitar rig. So much practice time! :beer
  6. Zounds Perspex

    Songs that sound cheerful, until you actually listen...

    I can't believe, on TGP of all places, we're 5 pages in and no one has said "the entire Steely Dan catalog."
  7. Zounds Perspex

    Worst band with most talented musicians?

    i'm stealing this for the name of my next band, thanks!
  8. Zounds Perspex

    Please recommend some new bands!

    I'll be 45 myself this year! It's hard to know what constitutes "new" around these parts, but here's some good stuff from the past few years. Great punked-up Marc Bolan-y stuff. Every album is a bit different. And Ty has also made music with this cat- excellent catchy modern psych pop. also...
  9. Zounds Perspex

    The interesting story of The Silver Apples

    first two records are GEMS. Danny Taylor's drumming had such cool poly-rhythmic content, and Simeon was ahead of his time. Here's a little diagram of his "Simeon" oscillator setup I saved long ago.
  10. Zounds Perspex

    Death/Black/Doom/extreme metal

    more recent death metal that kicks ass - Blood Incantation record is a doozy, too. for the slower stuff, not much piqued my interest this year, other than the SUNN records (and shows!) Big Brave record was great, but doesn't really scratch a metal itch. I did like the Swamp Witch LP -...
  11. Zounds Perspex

    The video that ruined Billy Squire's career.

    I just watched about 2 minutes of the "Rock Me Tonite" video before I had to turn it off. WOW.
  12. Zounds Perspex

    Josh Smith Rig Rundown

    Dude really has his playing and sounds *together.*
  13. Zounds Perspex

    What was the most satisfying musical instrument acquisition of your life?

    My Martin 00028vs. I'd only owned one nice acoustic before that (a Collings D1A), but that guitar is much more of a flatpicker. When I play acoustic, it's strictly fingers or thumbpick/fingerpicks. Getting the 28 was just a total, "oh, THIS is how a guitar should play for this purpose." here's a...
  14. Zounds Perspex

    I just heard X for the first time in a week & here we are!

    Billy Zoom is the coolest. No ugly guitar faces, just a huge grin playing Chuck Berry licks at hyperspeed.
  15. Zounds Perspex

    Guitarists: What's your favorite tuning to play in?

    here's to the Weissenborn! any tips on learning it? I am still exceeeding terrible with the slide hand - I'm getting closer to playing in tune, but it's been a struggle.
  16. Zounds Perspex

    Guitarists: What's your favorite tuning to play in?

    On electric, I'm usually in C# standard. For acoustics, it's all over the place, but almost *never* in standard. C modal is getting the most use right now maybe - CGCGCD.
  17. Zounds Perspex

    Who have you seen walk onstage and immediately own the place (not just because they were famous)?

    my best bud plays in Daikaiju! another in the "not famous" category - Lee Bains & The Glory Fires. they seem to always whip up the crowd into a frenzy, even if the crowd doesn't know the music at all.
  18. Zounds Perspex

    David Berman has passed away (Silver Jews & Purple Mountains)

    RIP. Terrible. Dude captured the sadness and beauty and absurdity of living as well as anyone ever has. I read his book, Actual Air, sort of obsessively as a young man.
  19. Zounds Perspex

    I hate the concert cellphone dude.

    Since no one else has said so - cool GBV clip! At least that cellphone dude wasn't *right* up front.
  20. Zounds Perspex

    Khraungbin dub remix record

    more specifically, a bass heavy remix that takes the original elements of the track and adds effects intermittently - echoes, reverb, flanging, lots of high-pass filtering- artfully applying these things to what were often single drum hits or the guitar chop. Jamaican music is so interesting -...
  21. Zounds Perspex

    The BEST bands that came out since 2000 are?

    Yep, tons of stuff. Trying to just name bands that haven't already been mentioned- LCD Soundsystem Comets On Fire Sunn O))) Clinic Pissed Jeans White Fence 75 Dollar Bill and about a zillion more. Guitar based "rock" music has definitely become a fractured, niche-within-a-niche kind of thing...
  22. Zounds Perspex

    PJ Harvey....

    oh wow, I didn't realize she ever played shows as just a trio since To Bring You My Love.... because count me as someone who loved Dry & Rid Of Me intensely and was bummed with all the synths and just the general production of the TBYML and kind of tuned out. I've popped in occasionally to check...