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    Vaschenko SC '59

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    Pagelli Massari - Moon Cut Spruce

    In the hands of a master player https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZpAQQZy9_Q
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    Friedman Guitars

    This! LOL
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    NGD.....Koll Gojira

    This guitar is all kinds of badass! What are those tuners? Can you provide a better shot of the headstock?
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    Thorn Artisans are back! Ltd runs...

    Sweet guitars! Anybody here owns/has played one?
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    Copycat? The Andergustavsson guitar

    There are at least three recent threads in TGP whose sole purpose seem to be dissing Mr Anderson. The man must be doing something VERY right to piss off some of the people who lurk in the muddy waters of TGP innuendo.
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    Copycat? The Andergustavsson guitar

    Is it just my impression or some people here have a hard-on for this Anderson guy? Just sayin'
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    Corsa LP-Style Guitars

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    Show the BEST looking guitar you own part Deux

    Wow! Don't you ever tell where you live kingsleyd. Some folks around here might kill for that guitar! :dude:worried:bow:rockin
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    Mahalo Bill Asher

    What pickups are those?
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    Brian Monty

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    Gustavsson Futuremaster ~Mahogany~

    First of all, congratulations! Question - wnhat bridge is that, and more important, where can we get one?
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    Anniversary GIFT: WHO and WHAT makes an Incredible LP styled gold top???

    Now starjag, Stop being a tease already!! What's this?!?! More photos / info pretty please?
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    Evertune on a PRS SC245 pics

    Me thinks these evertune guys are on the right track. As soon as I win my Loto prize (I've been investing in these babies for over 40 years now), I'll have them design one of those who can play 'Mustang Sally' - now that's technology working for you!
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    A new model from Roman Rist, The Showhorse

    This is a stunning guitar! Congratulations to you and the builder. Could you tell us a bit more about the hardware, it sure looks interesting...
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    What are these tuners!?!?! They look cool!
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    A new Thorn for me! SoCal R/S #36 Black with Gold Competition Stripes

    I'm a Les Paul guy all the way, but this is awesome! Congratulations!
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    Show the BEST looking guitar you own part Deux

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
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    TiSonix hardware, anyone using?

    Jolting a dead thread back to life...
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    Incoming - Yaron LP

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    Zachary guitars

    Quote: What he says about Tom is indeed flat-out offensive. This guy is an ego-maniac and obviously delusional. You guys that are defending him should be ashamed, he insults the guitar playing public and many fine builders for no reason. My take on the above, What most people post here is...
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    Zachary guitars

    When you are stupid enough to buy an IKEA cutting board guitar for 3k Ill be the first to laugh at your expense. If you think its so funny/brilliant then put your money down. Im sure you are a good enough player to "make the Zachary guitar cut" so why not put your money where your mouth is...
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    Kraushaar Umehime (custom guitar)

    Wonderful! Wonderful!