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  1. SFW

    Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons...

    Meh... I was kinda disappointed that band members like Bruce were not included in the RRHoF induction. He was in the band longer than Ace. At any rate, I have read all if their books. Ace was the reason that I picked up the guitar in the first place. Probably the reason that I play a Les Paul...
  2. SFW

    The Edge soundcheck (deleted scene from Might Get Loud)

    Very cool vid. I watched the Documentary the other night on VH1. Edge and JP were great. I spent the whole time wanting to punch Jack White in the throat. He comes off as total douche bag.
  3. SFW


    I've listened to Eric Clapton since I was a kid. He was always around in some capacity on the radio. However, there were always other players that captured my attention... like Vai, Moore, Lynch, Eric Johnson, etc... Here in the past few weeks I have been listening to a lot of Clapton, and...
  4. SFW

    World's best string scrape in a song? (The mighty Mick Ronson)

    shotgun messiah - heartbreak blvd ZYUjDi0xKPQ
  5. SFW

    Are blues "poser" bands prevailang in your area?

    lol! Yeah, here in Houston there are about a zillion bad blues bands.