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  1. dwoverdrive

    Your 5 Essential Pedals???

    1. Peterson Stomp Classic (best display on a strobe tuner I love it) 2. Strymon OB.1 (get one and you will never go back) 3. TC Nova Delay 4. Strymon Flint 5. Mooer Ensemble King Those are the only 5 I use with the exception of the Ditto looper. I am just happier than **** with this setup...
  2. dwoverdrive

    Flint for drippy surf?

    +1 on the Holy Grail i used to have one and it does the drip awesome. now I have a Flint and it is one of the best pedals Ive ever heard. I love all three trem modes (I love tremolo) and the reverbs are perfect for me. The drip might have been better on the Grail though
  3. dwoverdrive

    Name the Pedals that you've Bought more than Once.

    I bought a Fulldrive 2 (pre MOSFET) when it first came out, black knobs I think thatI got rid of for something, then got another one later with the cream knobs (still pre MOSFET) and ran that through a Bassman reissue combo and got rid of that for a reverb pedal and something else. Never got...
  4. dwoverdrive

    How to make my amp sound better?

    I disagree with a couple of points. A Deluxe Reverb has enough clean headroom to gig with especially considering it would be miked. Its one of the most popular amps of all time. The OPs post really sounded like a tube issue to me more than anything. If its obvious and not subtle, it probably...
  5. dwoverdrive

    The Boutique Pedal Market Has Passed Its Apex... Is It All Downhill From Here?

    The lines of boutique and regular production pedals have been blurred so much. You can ask anybody who's been playing for many years: They didn't really care that much about gear. There were limits to choices and reliability and usually sensible advantages to owning a piece of gear would win out...
  6. dwoverdrive

    Klon discussion threads (merged)

    I've only ever heard a Klon once and it's not my sound at all, but a pretty darn good pedal. I will say that I can get a very very similar sound as people who use it as a clean boost with an ordinary clean boost. Clean boosts like Boosta Grande, OB.1, etc are vastly misunderstood and underused...
  7. dwoverdrive

    Give me cab ideas. Light or small or both cab ideas

    My bass player recently test drove some Mark bass amps and the sound is just fantastic. Its the first line of bass amps that has turned my head in many years. They are worth the money. I would put his main rig up against any though. An American Fender Precision Bass through an Ampeg SVT Classic...
  8. dwoverdrive

    Best Sounding V1 / V2 Tubes You've tried?

    Im going to throw out a current production tube. I am pretty thrilled with the sound of a TungSol 12AX7 in V1 of my XTC 101B. I haven't tried any NOS tubes because of the price and lack of knowledge in the NOS world. Maybe someday
  9. dwoverdrive

    Best 4x12 cab

    I have a Bogner XTC 101B that I play through a straight recto cab with V30s. I want a Bogner cab after hearing about them. I'm intrigued with Stoneage and wonder how the two stack up
  10. dwoverdrive

    Klon discussion threads (merged)

    For anyone who bought one when they were affordable like we all wish we had, congratulations. Pretty cool to have that on your board. I will say that comparing the Klon/Klone debate to original/reissue guitars is a bad analogy. Its just totally different considering the organic materials etc...
  11. dwoverdrive

    Recommend me a reverb pedal...

    If you ever use tremolo I went with the Strymon Flint. Bluesky was too many options for me and it just took the place of my TS-2 on the board. The reverbs on the Flint are ridiculously good
  12. dwoverdrive

    Best currently produced 12ax7

    Plus one on the above post as I love the AC5 HG+ as well. I am using a Tungsol in front of one of those in my Bogner. Good combination
  13. dwoverdrive

    First Pedal Board - some layout questions

    buffers won't be an issue with this few pedals even with all true bypass. Looks like you have plenty of real estate there. I like your pedal choices as well. all great tone and great value. nice work man!
  14. dwoverdrive

    The absolute best 'boutique' amp you've 'played' was ....

    Bogner Ecstasy which I have at home. I played a guys Matchless once a Chieftain I think. Sounded great.
  15. dwoverdrive

    Budget Tube Amps

    Go for the Jet City 20watt I think it is. Great value for the tones and not too heavy. Some of the Vox "micro" heads sound pretty terrible on certain settings. I am very unimpressed with the sounds from them on the whole. Jet City is a great value. The Orange Tiny Terror is by far the best micro...
  16. dwoverdrive

    Mesa Mark V alternative

    Bogner Ecstasy
  17. dwoverdrive

    an amp with an o/d channel that just never gets old?

    Bogner ecstasy 101b Blue (or red):rolleyes: .....drops mic
  18. dwoverdrive a database of effects units

    Fantastic job! It would be worthwhile to add Danelectro effects. I didnt see them in there. A lot of confusion with those and the different runs and types of them. Digitech? I dont know. is this like every pedal made? Im probably getting ahead of myself. Again good job
  19. dwoverdrive

    Bass D.I. or amp...or both?

    My bass player has the ultimate rock rig which in my opinion cant be beat. Fender Precision Bass through SVT Classic into an Ampeg 8x10 cab. Here's the thing: Bass players with a tried and true rig like this want a powerful organic tone. A little real tube overdrive and dynamics. They dont spend...
  20. dwoverdrive

    I'm falling out of love with my Deluxe Reverb.....

    I had a Hot Rod after hearing some tones from it and kind of falling in love with it at first sight. Its hearing the 10" speakers vs the 12" that makes it stick out. The Deluxe is the better sounding amp though as you quickly find that the Hot Rod is less flexible than you would have thought as...
  21. dwoverdrive

    Classic Marshall Tones?

    Look into a Bogner combo if you can afford to. He has a whole family of combos inspired by several combo designs like the ones you are after with rediculously good tones and features that blows most current production Marshalls out of the water
  22. dwoverdrive

    Tuner Placement

    Quote: Originally Posted by steam-powered As the pedals prior to the tuner are true-bypass, it shouldn't matter where it goes in the chain. Well that's not necessarily true. True bypass creates one long cable essentially. Most of us got a Petersen or Turbo tuner because it can tune more...
  23. dwoverdrive

    Tuner Placement

    Ouch. Nice to have that skill when I need it but if someone here can beat a Peterson,Turbo, or any strobe by ear, let me know bc that's basically impossible
  24. dwoverdrive

    Ordering a Dumble

    It think it's hilarious and yet kind of interesting that even mentioning the word Dumble on TGP can cause huge arguments. I've never understood it. I mean, he obviously knew what he was doing with the legend he manufactured along side the amps. Seriously though do people get more fired up bc...
  25. dwoverdrive

    whats the best comp

    Strymon OB.1 is great if you want reasonable amounts of compression. just sounds fantastic. Plus the booster is great