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    $1999 for a Blues Junior!!!!!

    There's a thread on this one already.
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    The "thin" fallacy

    Somebody here should use this line as their signature: "use a wine bottle cork as a bullet" Brilliant!
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    Tube epiphany - that V1 tube is where it's at

    Gosh, and here I was thinking a new something. Timbre Wolf, I'll try and have a look this weekend. But I agree with DaveKS above. Every amp is different. All I want to say on the matter is that swapping tubes is a simple enough "mod" that anybody can do, and they get to hear the results...
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    Flash of light out of the back of my amp on startup!

    Some 12ax7's will flash when you turn the amp on. It's very short, not unlike a light bulb emitting a short flash. The funny thing is, it doesn't always happen, even with the same tube.
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    Tube epiphany - that V1 tube is where it's at

    An Amperex bugle boy
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    Tube epiphany - that V1 tube is where it's at

    This might be old news to most people here, but I've just tried out some tubes in my amp, and of all the permutations the one tube that seems to make the most difference is the first pre-amp tube, the one receiving the signal of the guitar. In my case I tried out a few different tubes, but there...
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    3rd Power has cured my amp GAS....thank you Jamie!

    OK, congratulations and everything. But where are them pitchers?
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    Weber Mass 200. Has anyone here tried it?

    No, no miracles for me. I'm saving those for things that really count, hehe. My needs are very much like bgh's. I just want to knock out a few db's when playing out, and I want a passable tone when practicing at home. I guess I won't be drinking the expensive attenuator kool aid for a while.
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    Weber Mass 200. Has anyone here tried it?

    Hi everyone, Anybody here has ever tried the Weber Mass 200 attenuator? If you have, how did you like it (or not)?
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    Orange Retro 50 vs Custom Shop 50

    You might have seen this video already, but I think this one really showcases the sounds this amp is capable of. By the way, I've also got my eyes peeled for a CS. Good luck
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    3rd Power British Dream: Favorite Settings!!

    I saw a YouTube clip, where he plays a few chords in a basement. That sound!
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    Orange PPC 412 HP 8 - What say you TGP?

    Bumping for more info. Yes, it is one loud mother
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    Orange PPC 412 HP 8 - What say you TGP?

    Well, Initial impressions. First of all - my amp (Alessandro Bloodhound) will clearly have to put up a sweat! I've been playing through an old Boogie with an EV, and I was used to certain settings to get my sounds. I know it's obvious but, anyways, I'll have to relearn how to get my usual...
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    I'm nuts. Bought another 4 X 12 cab.

    I hear you. I've just bought an Orange 4x12. Don't really need it, but then again, now that I have it I think I'll need it a lot!
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    Orange PPC 412 HP 8 - What say you TGP?

    I've just closed an insanely good deal on an Orange Cab - the one in the title, with Celestion G12K100 Speakers. I've never owned such speakers. Anybody here with first-hand experience with this cab / speakers? Cheers
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    New Eminence Speaker

    I'm in no way affiliated with Eminence, but I think this might be a very interesting speaker. From their description: "Rated at 300 watts, the 8 ohm Double-T 12 features a tight low end, a midrange bite that can cut through a mix, and detailed high end without being too bright. Travis worked...
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    Satellite Barracuda - still WOW!

    Sweet, sweet, sweet. Tell us more! What speakers are you using? Did they also make the beautiful speaker cab? And... WOW!
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    An uncommon JCM 800 combo conversion

    Great thread! Is this a 4x12?
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    Altec Lancing 417-8H Series II in a Thiele...lets discuss!

    That was an awesome video!
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    NAD Mesa/Boogie .50 Caliber+

    "overly gained up brootalz" I think this is going to be my signature.
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    Marshall Astoria Series revealed

    Nope, they will be made with VERtical boards.
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    Lance Keltner Appreciation Thread

    I'm a fan too