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  1. itstooloudMike

    Another "bedroom Marshall" thread, more like "basement Marshall" though. Good Master, Attenuator, low watts, etc?

    JVM-1watt head into either a 2x12 or 4x10 cab. These were limited production 50th anniversary amps, and were/are pricey. But the sound is excellent at reasonable volume. I have the JVM1c combo, but play it through a 4x10 cab. Louder than you would think for 1 watt.
  2. itstooloudMike

    Vox Bedroom Options

    Pathfinder-10 plus a good reverb pedal. Great tone, low cost.
  3. itstooloudMike

    I quit trying last night... (telecaster content)

    Please give us details. I used to have a Strings and Things guitar with that body shape, and have been looking for a source for that body. Where did you get that guitar?
  4. itstooloudMike

    What’s giving you GAS right now?

    I’ve been good for a year. But suddenly I “NEED” a Ric 620. Really!
  5. itstooloudMike

    Owning Both a PRS CU 24 and CE 24

    Be careful. If you get a good old CE-24, you may find your Cu-24 to be very expendable. I’ve had both, and much prefer the CE.
  6. itstooloudMike

    12 vs. 14 frets

    I have two 12-fret acoustics now, and have become a convert. My 14-fret acoustic feels “long” now. I play lots of blues leads up the neck, and don’t feel restricted at all. The 12-fret is more comfortable, feels faster, and sounds better to me. I play a lot of finger style. Small body and...
  7. itstooloudMike

    Love the tele tone, not the guitar. Alternative?

    St. Blues makes a model that is like a Telecaster with a LP Jr or Nighthawk body shape. I had an original Strings and Things Bluescaster, and foolishly let it go. Great design. I wish I could find where to buy a body in that configuration.
  8. itstooloudMike

    Anyone make a cheap solidstate Champ amp?

    Vox Pathfinder 10
  9. itstooloudMike

    FS 1985 Rickenbacker 360 6

    PM sent awhile back. Any trade interests? Where are you located? Thanks.
  10. itstooloudMike

    DGT or 335

    Get an ES-345 with the veritone circuitry. You will have all the versatility you will ever need. (More than the DGT I owned)
  11. itstooloudMike

    watt setting vs attenuator - is one better than the other?

    I have a Hotplate, which I use to tame my high wattage amps. But for low volume practice at home I prefer to use my Marshall JVM1c, through a 4x10 cabinet. The JVM1c only has an 8” internal speaker, which sounds kind of boxy at low volumes. But through the 4x10, it sounds full and wide, even at...
  12. itstooloudMike

    What is going on in your head, if anything, when solo-ing

    I think about phrasing. My fingers go with the muscle memory, so I don’t think much about notes. I do think about shifting hand positions, but usually in the context of phrasing. The beat is everything. Do I want to be slightly ahead or behind? Should I speed up or slow down? Phrasing and...
  13. itstooloudMike

    Acoustic that plays and feels like an electric???

    My Taylor T5z plays as well as any Les Paul I’ve owned.
  14. itstooloudMike

    If you could get one back,...

    Probably 20 years ago, I stumbled into a great deal on a very early (1982?) Strings and Things “Bluesmaster”. It was in pristine condition, with a beautiful sunburst finish, and the Telecaster pickup configuration. It was light weight, and had this great “hard-V” neck shape. I really liked...
  15. itstooloudMike

    Best 80s Hair Metal bedroom amps

    Marshall JVM1c 1-watt anniversary combo is perfect for this. Has effects loop, can run at 0.1 watt, and lead channel sounds like a boosted JCM800. Add a delay and you’re there.
  16. itstooloudMike

    Advice for Guitar Players Learning Mandolin

    Great choice with the MD505. Get a pro setup, and I would suggest light gauge strings at first.
  17. itstooloudMike

    Advice for Guitar Players Learning Mandolin

    You will find that wider frets and a radius fret-board will play easier. A little wider neck is also helpful. You won’t find these features on Eastman mandolins. I had an Eastman 815 for awhile. And it was fairly nice but not easy to play. I sold it and found a used Weber A-style Bitteroot...
  18. itstooloudMike

    Options for compact lightweight (<6 lb) hollowbody electric guitars?

    I have a Taylor T5z, and love it. Weighs practically nothing, and has a small body similar in shape to a Les Paul. Mine is set up with low action and light strings, so it plays effortlessly and sounds wonderful. Has the added advantage of having both electric and acoustic sounds.
  19. itstooloudMike

    Best Strat for approximately $1K? Help me choose my next Strat

    You can often find used Clapton Signature Strats for $1K or slightly more. That’s a lot of guitar for the money. You can find AmDlx Strats for $800 to $1K, and those are also great guitars.
  20. itstooloudMike

    Amp Conversion Advice: modding a 1966 Pro Reverb

    Bad idea. Black-face Pro Reverbs are well loved and getting more valuable. Don’t ruin a great amp because you want something else. Keep it stock, and use pedals for other sounds. If you don’t like it as-is, sell it to someone who will love it for what it can do. Modding the circuit will only...
  21. itstooloudMike

    Wound G revelation!!!!

    I stumbled across D’Addario EXL-110w in my search for a light gage set for my 12-fret 00 acoustic. I wanted low action, and the ability to easily bend strings. The wound G in this set is only .017 diameter. I learned that a wound string actually has less tension than an unwound string of the...
  22. itstooloudMike

    Acoustic amps

    Let your ears help you judge. Acoustic amps aren’t like regular electric guitar amps. Size is not relevant. Some of the best acoustic amps are very small. 12” speakers do not work well for acoustic amplification. Look for 10” or smaller speakers for clear acoustic amplification. My acoustic amp...