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  1. scottlr

    Happy Birthday, Ringo!

    80 Years old today!
  2. scottlr

    Help with Surround Sound/TV

    I recently purchased a new 58" Samsung TV. The internal speakers are not great. A friend had a Sony DAV-HDX274 Home Theater System he didn't need and sent it to me. I have connected all of the speakers, HDMI cable as well as an Optical Audio cable, yet I cannot get any sound from this thing...
  3. scottlr

    Rollings Stones on STARTZ - "Olé Olé Olé!: A Trip Across Latin America" & "Havana Moon"

    I searched last week and this weekend, and nobody has mentioned these two film debuts (as far as I know) on STARZ. I watched both, and found them to be very good, especially 'Havana Moon,' which is most, if not all, of the free show they did in Havana. They are still bringing it as far as I am...
  4. scottlr

    The Gibson hologram

    Can someone show a pic of it. I see the nasty signature all the time, but never have I seen the hologram.
  5. scottlr

    Have you ever had a club tell you to turn up?

    I did once. Had a 4 week gig in Florence SC at a Holiday Inn with a big club that had rock bands. Good sized stage, big bar giant dancefloor, etc. First night about 3-4 song into the first set, a note from the manager saying to turn down. We turned down a bit, and continued, soon, another...
  6. scottlr

    PSA warning - Info on Unknown SG thread

    I clicked on this SG thread, and after a minute, it redirected me to a page with a pic of what looked to be maggots, saying eat this and you'll never have to diet again. I am on a Mac, so if this f'd me up it should f everyone up. My Safari browser hasn't worked correctly since, and I have...
  7. scottlr

    Dhani Harrison - Thenewno2

    From the soundtrack thread, I was lead to Dhani's band. DAMN! Pretty good way to take your past influences (The Beatles) and sort of modernize it some. I hope he does well with this style. Check out the other songs/vids he has. I am intrigued. watch?v=pJGrpeD_h8g
  8. scottlr

    Any Jade Warrior love? Joseph, you gotta love em?

  9. scottlr

    PA Question

    My last road band had a huge PA. A lot of work to haul it all in, set up, and tear down. Sounded great, but it was HUGE. Last year, I saw Joe Walsh at a local casino (outside) and he had an array of cabs that looked about the size of a Fender Bassman cab (maybe a little smaller). Perhaps 10...
  10. scottlr

    General EXDrummer question

    I know it has a choice to split into separate tracks. I'd like to try that, but I generally pick a decent loop that covers the beat I want close enough to use it as a glorified click track, then edit it later. So if I do that, and want to drag in fills and such, will they also go to the separate...
  11. scottlr

    Question for you guitar teachers

    I am not a teacher, but I have been playing for 46 years. I have a fairly good grip on putting some soul into anything I play. But I have a much younger close friend that has asked me to show him some stuff. The problem as I see it, is that he never took lessons, and just started from the git-go...
  12. scottlr

    Really odd problem in Logic - Need Help

    I have a Keystation 49e midi controller that I have used for several year for mostly organ and piano instruments in Logic. All of a sudden, when I try to record, the channel fader jumps up from unity to like +6-8Db out of nowhere. And it does it on playback, too. I tried adding track automation...
  13. scottlr

    60 cycle hum on studio monitors

    I just moved, and after getting my studio set back up, I have a low volume 60 cycle hum coming from the monitors. It wasn't there where I was before. This house is an older house, but it has had electrical stuff done to it to update the outlets, etc. I haven't tried to record anything yet. The...
  14. scottlr

    Marty Stuart - Holy Cow!

    I just got back from seeing Marty and his band. What a freaking great show! Some of the finest picking and singing I ever heard. And it was a small club. Just plain wow. Two killer guitar players, a tight bass player and drummer, and they all sing lead, so the harmonies were spot on. And if that...
  15. scottlr

    Laurie Morvan - WHOA!

    rw9tSDkANHY Then checkout all of her vids.
  16. scottlr

    Saw Joe Walsh tonight!

    OMG, this was as good a show as I have ever seen! I thought he'd be good, but I did not expect him to be great. He was funny as hell, and he played his ass off, had perfect tone, and FOH was really well done. And this was an outdoor show. The sound was so good, I almost heard walls. Not sure how...
  17. scottlr

    NGD Rickenbacker!

    When I saw this picture, I knew it was coming to live with me. :JAM
  18. scottlr

    I knew Fender uses a thick finish, but...

    WOW! I managed to chip a good sized chunk off of my MIM Special Edition 69 RI Tele. OK, I have always thought it'd look really cool when it started to get dings. But the finish is like 1/16 inch thick! It is like an M&M with a candy shell. I really don't give a rat's ass about poly vs nitro and...
  19. scottlr

    You first band. What year and how many mics onstage?

    My first band was in 1967, and we had 1 mic onstage, plugged into one of the channels of one of the guitar amps. My second band, maybe 1968 had 2 mics, plugged into a silvertome Twin Twelve head, into 2 homemade columns with 4x12s each (speaker type unknown). Later that band bought a pair of...
  20. scottlr

    Synth/midi/software instruments for guitar players/newbies

    I am not a keyboard player at all. But my right hand can work some keys OK (sometimes the left hand if not too complicated). :D I'd like to start from scratch with the synth possibilities in Logic (my particular DAW). Where/how does one start? With a preset, then tweak it(seems the most...
  21. scottlr

    Anyone know the chords to

    'Wake Up Sunshine' off Chicago II? I find bass tab online, but no guitar chords. I am lazy these days, and will figure them out for myself if I have to (this is not for a gig). But if anyone knows them, I'd appreciate it. :D
  22. scottlr

    3 piece direct using Saffire 6 usb?

    What I want to do is record a jam session with a drummer that has an electronic kit. Can I record him via midi and still use inputs 1 & 2 for direct guitar and bass with Logic? I'd 'think' midi is not related to inputs 1 & 2, but I am not sure. I have never done this before. If I can do it, it'd...
  23. scottlr

    Help me troubleshoot Saffire 6 usb

    A few weeks ago I ordered a new Focusrite Saffire 6usb from Sweetwater after my trusty old Tascam US-122 bit the dust. I have never had this thing work right. I have a 24" iMac running Snow Leopard, using Logic Express 9, and I have installed this thing 3 times, and downloaded the newest...
  24. scottlr

    Anyone have a Focusrite Saffire 6 usb?

    I just got one after using a Tascam US-122 for many years. The first thing I notice is the output through my KRK Rokit 8s is way lower than with the Tascam. The second, and really odd thing, is I have always run my Mac alert sounds through my monitors, but the MAIL alarm when sending an...
  25. scottlr

    I have been looking at pictures of guitars...

    ... since 1964. I still find them as fascinating as I did at 9 years old. I winder if there's other folks that got into something at such an early age that has lasted into their 50s.