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  1. cnardone

    ARTINGER Owners - Artinger Gil Parris Custom, Expectations?

    I played on Artinger many years ago. It sounded incredible. I wound up trading a bunch of emails with Matt. He is a cool cat. If your guitar sounds anything like the one I played, you'll be happy. good luck!!
  2. cnardone

    Chapinistas: Fatline Question

    I'd give the goldfoils a try before getting rid of the guitar. It is highly unlikely you'll ever find anything close to that configuration again. If you hate the gold foils you sell them and you are out a couple of hundred bucks. If you throw in the towel on the fatline, you'll never have...
  3. cnardone

    Derek Trucks Tone - Vibrolux? Deluxe Reverb?

    That is only because you've never played a Beagle or English for them :). But a Big giant "Yes" to the Black N Tan. I miss mine. The BnT is just right in every way. What kind of cab?
  4. cnardone

    Derek Trucks Tone - Vibrolux? Deluxe Reverb?

    I saw DT about 1.5 years ago at an outdoor gig. I was about 10 people back. We were packed it nice and 'cozy' trying to get close. Everyone was pretty much standing back to back. He was using the Alessandro. I was shocked at how clean he was. Barely any hair at all. A couple of days later...
  5. cnardone

    Suhr Reactive Load IR user issues

    Where is your DI level? Have you tried turning that down?
  6. cnardone

    Any Chapin players?

    I believe he's been evacuated. I have a Fatline and the Mahog - a - houla. Great guitars, Great guy.
  7. cnardone

    what is the lightest you could make a 22watt tube head?

    My 50 watt K&M Custom comes in that 17 or 18lbs (I don't remember exactly, its been a while) without any sort of Cabinet. I built an AX84 years ago. It was a single el84 with small Xformers but I swear the amp itself (no cabinet) it was less than 10lb. It sounded great.
  8. cnardone

    Please talk me out of buying an Axe Fx rig

    with people buying the FM3, I'd think (I don't know), that the AX8 is now pretty cheap second hand. Try that. If is it cheap, perhaps you won't feel like you have too much gear and get rid of your rig.
  9. cnardone

    Sourcing wood for guitar project?

  10. cnardone

    Cables....do matter?

    Yep some cables do sound different. But different is not always better and as always more expensive is not necessarily better either. To make it worse, your preferences could be different rig to rig. I only have two amps and 3 cables. My cable preferences are the same for both amps. But...
  11. cnardone

    Anyone know of or use a fixed resistance attentuator ?

    If you only need 3DB worth of attenuation, this works great. I did this a couple of times with my Weber Mass. Ultimately, 1/2 power sounds like a lot bigger reduction in sound than it actually is.
  12. cnardone

    Suhr Reactive Load IR.

    Mooer Radar. cheap and can be used direct from pedal board or our of the RL.
  13. cnardone

    Set up / Repair recommendations Fairfield CT / Westchester area

    @burningyen, Thanks for the name. Does anyone else have any names?
  14. cnardone

    Set up / Repair recommendations Fairfield CT / Westchester area

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a set up / repair guy in the Fairfield CT / Westchester area? NYC is a possibility but would rather stay closer to home. thanks cmn
  15. cnardone

    Suhr Reactive Load quesion

    Let us know how it goes!
  16. cnardone

    Suhr Reactive Load quesion

    in relation to the SRL? no. It needs to be set to the cabinet the shiva is connected to.
  17. cnardone

    Amp Guts Durability (PCB, Non-PCB, Handwired, etc...)

    ahhh, this almost always turns into a heated discussion. It is not technique used. It is the builders intent. PCB done well will last a long time, same as high quality turret board construction. Done poorly, they'll both suck
  18. cnardone

    Robert Cray 1987: smoking (gun)..........

    And he was a member of Otis Day and the Nights in Animal House. Show Down is a must have album for anyone that enjoys the blues.
  19. cnardone

    Suhr Reactive Load IR.

    I want one, but now I have to sell my RL and ACE first :(
  20. cnardone

    Suhr Reactive Load vs Torpedo Studio

    Or just wait for the new SRL coming out in a couple of weeks with IRs loaded in it.
  21. cnardone

    Home Practice Amp Recommendation with Aux and Phones

    OK, I am the first ass that is going to go outside of your parameters. What about saving a little more and getting a Freyette Powerload. You get the aux and phones but get to work with your current amps that you already like.
  22. cnardone

    Best Way To Record Tube Amp At Home? (Poll)

    I run my 50W Two Rock Custom into a George Sholz 100W speaker. I don't run amp anywhere near full volume. For silent recording, I am really happy with my Suhr RL and ACE. My Alessandro Beagle into a 1X12 Blue it is another story. I usually run the Beagle volume close to 3:00. I've tried a...
  23. cnardone

    Why are Led Zeppelin always accuses of plagiarism?

    The reason is that SRV gave song writing credits to JH. Zep did not. That is the crux of the matter. Song writing credits.
  24. cnardone

    best headphone out available today

    Freyette Powerload? or out of your price range an UA Ox.
  25. cnardone

    WTH are both my amps buzzy when turned up?

    are the guitar single coil of humbuckers? Did any close proximity lighting or electrical equipment change recently?