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  1. rwe333

    UFO Strangers In The Night reissue

    Cool... Love SITN, though always thought the original mix missed a bit of 'punch'. So, fingers crossed now corrected.
  2. rwe333

    Michael Schenker - Drilled To Kill

    Don't love much of his current material, but - my goodness - what a spectacular player. Playing better than ever.
  3. rwe333

    Uli John Roth

    One of the greatest rock players ever, IMHO. Beautiful sound, especially in his Strat days. Far ahead of his time sound and technique-wise, a composer's sensibility towards soloing (over improvising). You can't get a better lead and rhythm guitar record than "Fire Wind", but - my goodness - the...
  4. rwe333

    Jesse Gress Health Concerns

    What a shame, glad possibly on mend... Great educator/player - saw him w/ Todd Rundgren, Tony Levin & Jerry Marotta; hell of a band, nice man.
  5. rwe333

    Eddie Van Halen: Closet prog and fusion head

    Yeah... He loved Holdsworth w/ Bruford and UK, Brand X, Tony Levin esp. w/ Peter Gabriel, Billy Cobham obviously influenced AVH's "Hot For Teacher", Johnny Winter influenced EVH's later neck pickup tone, learned things like Ulrich Roth's "Catch Your Train" early-Scorpions solos in the VH bar...
  6. rwe333

    Van Halen's tone. Do you love it, or hate it?

    Totally love it, at least in the first DLR years. Started to change around 1984 then really changed 5150 on.
  7. rwe333

    Yngwie Malmsteen: Your Thoughts

    Brilliant player - great phrasing, sound, chops, vibrato/bends. Sadly not a ton to say post-Alcatrazz & debut record.
  8. rwe333

    Keith Richards & the X-Pensive Winos

    One of the greatest live clips ever.
  9. rwe333

    Keith Richards & the X-Pensive Winos

    Killer band and killer records, at least the original run. Recent release much lesser, in part due to no Charley Drayton.
  10. rwe333

    25 years since Bowie’s most underrated album

    I'm a big fan of the records David Torn and Ben Monder contributed to, so the very latter era of Bowie's career. Heathen, Reality, The Next Day, Blackstar, the big band/Maria Schneider single ""Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)".
  11. rwe333

    Lee Kerslake has passed away.

    Such a fantastic drummer - so great on those two Ozzy records. "Over the Mountain" incredible single bass drum work.
  12. rwe333

    Any love for John Goodsall?

  13. rwe333

    Favorite Joni Lyric?

    Come in From the Cold Back in 1957 We had to dance a foot apart And they hawk-eyed us from the sidelines Holding their rulers without a heart And so with just a touch of our fingers I could make our circuitry explode All we ever wanted Was just to come in from the cold We really thought we had...
  14. rwe333

    Sonny Rollins

    Wish I could find the proper quote/interview. But, to paraphrase Pat Metheny, he said there was a particular multi-year run where Sonny was the apex of the jazz ideal, wholly inventive night-after-night.
  15. rwe333

    the other Bruce

    Thought Jack first... Hornsby? Badass.
  16. rwe333

    Blues rock suggestions

    Free (Paul Kossoff) will 2nd Pat Travers as well as Mahogany Rush (Frank Marino) Robin Trower (less bluesy) early Wishbone Ash Deep Purple’s (Ritchie Blackmore) bluesier tunes
  17. rwe333

    What's your favorite Elton John record

    Captain Fantastic
  18. rwe333

    Chris Whitley

    Late to Chris Whitley listening, so currently catching up. Started w/ Din of Ecstasy in part due to a rec by Anil Prasad / Innerviews. Pretty dammed floored, moved to tears in spots. Know much more to get to...
  19. rwe333

    Page Vs Blackmore

    Much better read in the context of my much longer post - but, yes, an awkward sentence. Meant more that Page was pretty broad in his approach (sounds, textures, tunings), Ritchie less so (mostly a single note soloist/'lead' guitarist) until later years.
  20. rwe333

    Martin, Guild, Blueridge and COVID

    My feeling as well - Japanese built Yamahas truly rival guitars at double the price point.
  21. rwe333

    NGD - Yamaha LL6 ARE

    Just got an A5R and I'm very pleased. Haven't even plugged it in yet, as priority is good acoustic tone. Solid case, includes soundhole mute... This replaces a HD-28 that needed some major work - I remain a dreadnought guy, but nice to have the cutaway and varied pickup options. Made in Japan -...
  22. rwe333

    William Shatner ft. Ritchie Blackmore “The Thrill Is Gone”

    Ritchie sounds pretty fine - beautiful vibrato in spots, course not the chops of yesteryear at 75. Shatner is, well, still Shatner (89!).
  23. rwe333

    Masters of the Wah

    Loved the half-cocked tones of early Michael Schenker, Ulrich Roth, Carlos... A fave wah moment at 2:10 here, though perhaps a ParaPedal (think Iomni used one too) over a wah:
  24. rwe333

    RIP Frankie Banali

    He was the drummer on quite a bit of the Hughes/Thrall record, a great album. Met Frankie (w/ Glenn Hughes) at a NAMM some years back - was very kind. Have a pic somewhere...