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  1. sickboy79

    Single pickup guitar for a beginner

    Single pickup guitars really help you learn the instrument and learning how to get tones out of it by using the volume and tone controls, as well as your fingers. I would have no hesitation what so ever. Something like an Esquire or Jr would fit the bill nicely.
  2. sickboy79

    Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder (2020 edition)

    Very cool! Love this concert. I have it on VHS. I haven't watched it in years. I'll have to upgrade to the Blu-ray version.
  3. sickboy79

    Your Favorite Tape Echo Simulation Pedal

    Catalinbread Belle Epoch (original version, not Deluxe) does the trick for me.
  4. sickboy79

    Anybody else not using delay?

    Delay is not one of my main effects. I do like it a lot but, only really use it for slapback/rockabilly stuff. I suppose I should experiment more but, have never felt the need to.
  5. sickboy79

    NOS Mullard - bad after 3 hours of use?

    It's absolutely possible. You could try cleaning the tube pins/sockets. Put it back in and see what happens. Is it NOS or a used tube?
  6. sickboy79

    Yamaha T-100 Buzzing

    I own a T-100 head myself. Great amp. What I would try is get another known good 12AX7 and sub it into each pre-amp tube spot one at a time. If it goes away at a specific spot, you have found a bad 12AX7. I'm assuming you did this based on your post but, if you didn't you can also try cleaning...
  7. sickboy79

    Just revisited the Radial Hot British

    I've never played one but, have heard great things about it.
  8. sickboy79

    Is Mogami the king of cables?

    I've played a friends Mogami instrument cables in the past. They sounded great, IMO. I wouldn't mind owning one. That said, Colossal Cables are my absolute favorites. I use the Sweet Fats instrument cables and Colossus speaker cables. Both are just fantastic. The Sweet Fats are the best...
  9. sickboy79

    How to dial in a Blackface amp

    I can only speak for my Bassman heads, and I'm primarily a dirty player. Either channel, volume anywhere from 10-11 o'clock, which starts that nice overdriven tone a la Stones level of drive, to 1-3 o'clock which gets me well into AC/DC, Aerosmith, and Social Distortion levels of drive. Treble...
  10. sickboy79

    The Official MATCHLESS Thread

    Looking forward to the tone report! I'd love to try one.
  11. sickboy79

    The Official MATCHLESS Thread

    Outstanding! I have a 94 or 95 Superchief myself, as well as a Matchless ES-412D (deeper than standard ES-412). Absolutely stellar amp! Congrats. They are rare birds indeed!
  12. sickboy79


    Sweet score! Congrats!
  13. sickboy79

    Best OD with boost... KOT, Tim, Fulldrive?

    HUGE fan of the KOT. Just amazing pedal. Another that I would put on a similar level that doesn't get much talk is the JHV3 Ghost Drive. Himmelstrutz stuff is amazing too....Fetto series. I have a Nord myself.
  14. sickboy79

    wife Approved amp¿

    The best approved wife approved solution that I have is the Suhr Reactive Load RI using headphones. Sounds and feels amazing. IRs are great. Sounds fantastic through headphones. Plus, you can go through monitors if you want at low volume as well. Next best solution, in my experience, is the...
  15. sickboy79

    Which P-90 LP?

    You really couldn't go wrong with any of them. That said, I have a vintage Pro Deluxe that is my #1 guitar. It's that good. I'd also throw a Jr or Special into the mix to consider as well. Play a few if you can and go with what your ears/hands tell you.
  16. sickboy79

    Amalfitano Pickups - Sound Awesome

    I've heard nothing but great things about them. I would love to try a set sometime.
  17. sickboy79

    4 or 16 ohms for Marshall cab with superlead and bassman

    Personally, I would rewire it to 4 ohms. Your Marshall will sound great at 4 ohms. I have a mid 70s Marshall 4x12 that I rewired to use with my Bassman heads and it sound fantastic with my Marshalls and other amps as well.
  18. sickboy79

    Scumback H75 vs V30

    No experience in a 2x12 but, I do have a pair of M75s (25w) and H75s (30w) in an old Marshall 4x12 that I bought unloaded. I went with the M75s on top, H75s on bottom. Sounds glorious! I would agree with a lot of the comments above comparing the H75 and V30. Pretty different speakers to my...
  19. sickboy79

    Duncan Custom

    The Custom sounds amazing as is. Really great pickup.
  20. sickboy79

    Tele users what are your favorite Overdrive pedals?

    I don't necessarily have a favorite as I find most of my OD pedals sound fantastic when I play with a Tele. A few standouts: - Frantone Hep Cat - AM KOT - Crowther Hot Cake - Skreddy Screwdriver - Clark Gainster - Lovepedal Eternity - Spaceman Aphelion
  21. sickboy79

    Does "Big Iron" matter at lower volumes?

    This, in my experience.
  22. sickboy79


    AM Beano Boost and Keeley Java Boost are my personal favs. I can't recommend them enough. Not sure what your budget is but, they are both well worth it.
  23. sickboy79

    Why so much dislike for the Marshall JCM2000?

    JCM 2000 DSL amps are fantastic. I have a 50w head. Lots of great tones from classic Marshall to hot-rodded. A steal used. I had a TSL for a bit some 20 years ago. Didn't care for it as much. Traded it in for the DSL.