1. During the first week of August 2020, we'll be upgrading the software TGP runs on to the currently available up-to-date version. The software version is a significant upgrade, so there will be some downtime as we do the work under the hood. We've got a team of professionals, including the software development company assisting the process. We've conducted substantial tests using backups of the current forum to ensure a smooth and successful upgrade. We've gone to great lengths on the design of the theme (aka 'skin' or look and feel) of the forum to offer a better user experience for members and visitors. The default theme will be new, yet clearly influenced by the classic TGP look. We will have a dark version of that also easily selectable. Also available will be a "Classic TGP" theme that closely matches the current theme you are accustomed to using with the current software. There is also an easy width adjustment to make it set width or expand to your window width for each theme. As we get closer, I'll update everyone so hopefully, no one will be caught by surprise.
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