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  1. jbird

    Favourite not popular guitarist?

    Saga's Ian Crichton!
  2. jbird

    Pick a song you'd like played/performed at your funeral

    "Going to California" Led Zeppelin
  3. jbird

    How important is unplugged electric tone to you?

    Very important!
  4. jbird

    What is the best Mesa Boogie amp, and why?

    I'll say the Roadster! Lonestar cleans and Recto crunch!
  5. jbird

    Guitar strap recommendation

    Another Italia user here x 3!
  6. jbird

    White guitars- let’s see ‘em

    2009 Experience! I've literally bought it twice...The green of the Bird section had bled through to the White, so I returned it to PRS...I lost interest, got a refund, and bought another Custom24! Never connected...About another year I'm searching WMC again, and lo and behold, there it was! I...
  7. jbird

    Music Video Attire Question (Late ‘80s / Early ‘90s)

  8. jbird

    Family Shot

  9. jbird

    The Heaviest ( in terms of weight ) amp you owned and the misfortune of lugging it around ?

    Mesa 212 Roadster combo is ~ 100#'s! And even at 54, I love every inch of it!
  10. jbird

    Do you always bring a back up guitar when playing live? (poll)

    Only one...Eight - ten original song set, maybe 30 minutes...Fresh NYXL's...
  11. jbird

    Which Amp For A Basic Living Room Guitarist?

    I mean really, just tell your wife it's a beautiful addition to the living room! https://images.app.goo.gl/hA1LmfPKq62dzhVg8
  12. jbird

    Where Do You Put Your Phaser?

    My Whirlwind Orange Box is after a Micro Flanger, before a Carbon Copy, all in front of a Mesa Roadster!
  13. jbird

    What guitar cables are you using- Mogami, Evidence Audio, Lava, Monster Whirlwind, Ernie Ball other?

    I also have the EA Lyric HG, and while I like it's dynamics and brightness, I found the Lava ELC's to be perfect with the right amount of warmth!
  14. jbird

    Which tremolo to get?

    I have one of these, I just don't use it much...
  15. jbird

    How Thick is your Pick?

  16. jbird

    Thegearpage member since Nov 6, 2003

    March 2003 here, also from the old PRS forum!
  17. jbird

    What's your spare pick situation?

    I'll usually leave a couple on my amp...
  18. jbird

    Devaluation of PRS with Cracked Neck Repair?

    Just curious, was there significant damage to the case?
  19. jbird

    PRS Custom 22

    Yes, all "10" tops are US, not all US models are "10" tops...
  20. jbird

    Best High Gain Amp

    Trying to attain a wall of sound via rhythm playing, my Mesa Roadster is perfect at high gain! If I were to venture into more soloing, I'd consider the Triple Crown series!
  21. jbird

    Recommendation - EL34 tubes for Mesa TC-50

    Well, I'll say this...I'm loving the metal kit from Doug's Tubes in my Roadster!