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    Sold Burtone/Superlead 62/63 Tele Custom. 2-tone SB, Double Bound, Neck HB

    How is the action on the neck? Any buzzing?What strings?
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    Sold ‘05 Nash Esquire

    What is the neck radius?Typical esquire wiring?
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    Sold 2014 Gibson Les Paul Traditional

    Isthis guitar still for sale
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    Sold Gibson Les Paul Traditional Ebony - Lowered to $1125 Shipped

    What amp are you playing in your demo
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    Sold 2008 VOS SG

    Would you have interest in a Nash 2014 S-57 Strat
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    Sold Gibson Orange Flametop Les Paul

    Isthis a Les Paul Standard or traditonal?What pickups? any interest in a Nash2014 S-57 Stratocaster?
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    Sold The California Special - Ultra Light Tele - Dual Mini Humbuckers (Video Added)

    Could the bridge be changed to a vintage Tele Bridge?
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    Sold MJT VTT Telecaster

    Does guitar come with a case?