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  1. Quarter

    What is your preferred tone capacitor value in a Stratocaster?

    If you are the type of player that does not use or like to roll the tone all the way back, then a lower value cap may fit you better. As AdmiralB points out, it can give you more usable "real estate" throughout the sweep.
  2. Quarter

    Where To Buy 6/6 Nylon for Nut and ABR-1 Saddles??

    McMaster's is a good source for things like that. Their site can be hard to link to more detailed selections, but go here, select 6/6 nylon from the top left menue, then the thickness you want http://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-plastic-sheets/=14rk3vo
  3. Quarter

    Disconnecting the bridge wire to prevent DEATH!?!?

    Screwed up main wiring is more common than you might think. Especially in small clubs and bars where everyone and their cousin is an electrical expert after 3 beers. These plug in socket testers are cheap, reliable, and super simple to use. .
  4. Quarter

    what size drill press for luthier work?

    There are some great deals to be had used if you are not in a big hurry. If you have the space for one, look around local for a nice older Delta, Rockwell, etc, floor standing press.
  5. Quarter

    set screw knob insert?

    McMaster sells unthreaded standoffs that you can make your own with.
  6. Quarter

    Laminating Celluloid

    Definitely something to test Thanks for the clarification. Having not ever used it, it never dawned on me that it was only a layer of adhesive. I'll have to add some to my next order.
  7. Quarter

    Laminating Celluloid

    Thanks both for the suggestions! Definitely some food for thought. I've got some of the 3M double sided tape that Stewmac sells and I think its close to the same as the peel and stick sheets, at least close enough for some testing.
  8. Quarter

    Laminating Celluloid

    I've got some thin .060" tort celluloid I was thinking of laminating to a wood, or possibly a metal substrate and was wondering what might be the best glue and or plan of attack. Other than a little binding, I've not a lot of experience with glueing celluloid. Initially I thought about maybe...
  9. Quarter

    Router recommendation please

    I'm not seeing a link or pic, but in general, I like and use Freud bits. That said, for general hogging where a super clean precision hole is not important, I've got a cheap Harbor Freight set that does just fine. The "trick" with any heavily used bit is to learn how to sharpen them. A couple...
  10. Quarter

    How do you get a high-gloss from Tru-oil finish?

    Looking good JPERRYROCKS :) Good point, you can fool around with it too much, best to lay it down and leave it be. It is easy to forget that Tru Oil is more like an old school oil based varnish, and not a traditional drying oil like linseed or tung oil. To add to the thread, here is a recent...
  11. Quarter

    Extending strap button towards headstock with skateboard bearing spacers

    McMaster sells spacers in all kinds of sizes and materials that may fit the bill. Here is a stainless 1" x 3/8" OD sized for a #6 screw for example. Though, if I were going that long, I'd drill out the button for a #8 screw and use a #8 sized spacer.
  12. Quarter

    Bandsaw suggestions?

    For best bang for the buck, something in the 14" size off Craigslist might be what you are looking for.
  13. Quarter

    Sugar Pine for a guitar body

    I can't speak to sugar pine directly, but on swamp ash, I use water thin CA to strengthen screw holes / threads and other spots / areas I want to harden up. It is amazing how thin CA will wick in and penetrate.
  14. Quarter

    Are Wilkinson's tuners as good as Grover or Gotoh?

    I like the Hipshot's a lot. With a little shopping around, you can find them for $50 - $55 a set.
  15. Quarter

    CTS Push Pull Pots

    Thanks for the heads up, thats good to know! I've got a good Hakko soldering station and a little bit of electronics soldering experience, so should be good.
  16. Quarter

    CTS Push Pull Pots

    Thanks for the feedback :)
  17. Quarter

    CTS Push Pull Pots

    Now that CTS has had their new push pull pots out for a while, I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with them. In particular I am considering one of the DPDT for a project that will get some pretty heavy use and I'm debating on using a simple and reliable toggle switch or walking on...
  18. Quarter

    Fixing small splits in a mahogany body-Titebond or CA glue?

    If its stable, then John's suggestion to flood it with thin CA would be a good path forward. I'm always amazed how deep the water thin CA can / will penetrate.
  19. Quarter

    How do you get a high-gloss from Tru-oil finish?

    I'm not sure I understand. If it looks flat with no low and shiney spots, then you are ready for the last coat. I'm not sure how the feel figures in. If its flat with no low and shiny spots, it should all feel the same.
  20. Quarter

    How do you get a high-gloss from Tru-oil finish?

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but my best guess is yes, you want it all to look even with no shiny low spots showing. Nice :)
  21. Quarter

    How do you get a high-gloss from Tru-oil finish?

    I think of the whole process as level as you go instead of the typical level at the end like with a traditional nitro. If the goal is a flat mirror finish, then you need some material on there to build a film. Thin coats are good, but overworking it or too thin does not help. Beyond the first...
  22. Quarter

    Need staining/finishing advice from the experts

    Tru Oil is a specific product made by Birchwood Casey and does harden and build a film. It is not a traditional drying oil like linseed or pure tung. It is more like an old school oil based varnish that is thinned down for wiping. If you have more patience than sense, you can do a high gloss...
  23. Quarter

    Need staining/finishing advice from the experts

    Thats a great looking chunk of maple. I personally am not a fan of the dye black / sand back look. It can look great in pics, but to me at least, it seems to kill some of the natural chatoyance / 3D effect you see in person. If I were to do any dye / sand back, I'd just use a concentrated dose...
  24. Quarter

    Ghosting (?) in my tru oil finish

    Looks like something on / in the wood. I'd say it will probably cover and go away about coat 4. Or you might think about lightly sanding the headstock face back with some 400 or finer grit and start over.