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  1. Black Squirrel

    On the verge of buying the UAD OX

    I absolutely love my Ox and amps, No wifi issues here. I have my iMac connected via ethernet cable to the Internet I use the wifi on my Mac and select the OX. I do not have any internet going to the OX. The ox and computer are connected to each other with Wi-Fi and My computer gets internet from...
  2. Black Squirrel

    FS Line 6 HXFX// SurfyBear/ Glass Nexus

    For sale only. 1) Line 6 HXFX mint used only a few times on a desktop never saw a Foot. Updated to the newest firmware in a box with all papers. Plastic on screen. $389 shipped and PP (Expression pedal in Photo has been sold) 2) SurfyBear Compact Reverb Mint with power supply $270 shipped and...
  3. Black Squirrel

    FSOT Kauer Banshee Rally Green

    The way it's looking I may be keeping The Banshee It's a real great guitar. Possible trading in the other Firebird for a White Falcon. Have no idea about all of these Bird guitars.
  4. Black Squirrel

    FS HXFX used twice in box updated firmware.

    perfect, just realizing my Music will most likely never leave the house again, I am going the plug-in route this winter. I have updated to 3.0 The expression pedal in the photos has already been sold, $389 shipped and pp No trades, please
  5. Black Squirrel

    FSOT Kauer Banshee Rally Green

  6. Black Squirrel

    FSOT 2019 gibson m2m r7 57 reissue $3500

    Great seller Great Guitar.
  7. Black Squirrel

    FSOT Kauer Banshee Rally Green

    I bought this from an Awesome local TGp'r It is an amazing guitar But in the interim I have reclaimed my PAF-loaded Non-reverse bird. no man needs 2 firebirds. I would like to offer it up for trade to the community My interests are other cool (non-firebird guitars) I prefer PAF or p90 or gold...
  8. Black Squirrel

    FS 1968 ES-335 players grade

    Would it be possible to post a pic of the repair?
  9. Black Squirrel

    FT / Wiz pedal Mini D/

  10. Black Squirrel

    FT / Wiz pedal Mini D/

    Still available
  11. Black Squirrel

    Sold DSM Noisemaker & Humboldt Electronics Simplifier $229

    well here is a little bump I have prepared earlier.
  12. Black Squirrel

    Sold DSM Noisemaker & Humboldt Electronics Simplifier $229

    Perfect has some velcro With Box and manual. No Trade offers, Please.
  13. Black Squirrel

    FS Kemper Profiler Rack (Un-Powered) w/ 3rd Party Profiles

    It's best to tell us where you live if you want a local deal.
  14. Black Squirrel

    60's Gibson SG Jr year?

    Measure the Nut 1965 could either be 1 11/16 or 19/16th, If it's 1 11/16 it is much more desirable than 1 9/16th and worth a little more. You are measuring the neck right below the nut Close not the actual nut itself.
  15. Black Squirrel

    Sold BluGuitar Amp1 Mercury edition 100watt Amp

    This thing is fantastic, 100 watts great sound 2.67lbs. This is the Newer improved Mercury edition. with some tweaked sounds from the original. It's like new ships with Orig box manual and bag. $615 Shipped No trades, please.
  16. Black Squirrel

    Novo Guitars

    it was not the trem (as I wrongly suspected) I was having a hard time with it was the Metal pickup covers the made the pickups so Freakin dark and muddled, I pulled them off and the guitar sounds exactly how it should. Im keeping it now.
  17. Black Squirrel

    Best Way to Educate Guitar-Mart Staff

    Doc Jeff, PHD I love you, Be the best DocJeff you can possibly be. That is all/
  18. Black Squirrel

    Sold PRICE DROP!!! Gretsch 6129T Players Edition Silver Sparkle

    I just got one of these up, They are great.
  19. Black Squirrel

    FS 2020 Kauer Banshee - SOLD -

    You Have PM