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  1. underdog726

    Help me build the ultimate SRV/Sayce/Hendrix pedalboard

    That would definitely work. The 3 Kingtone pedals and Texas Twang and micro vent. Great board!
  2. underdog726

    Help me build the ultimate SRV/Sayce/Hendrix pedalboard

    Here's a pretty good representation of the Clean Drive played by the builder himself. I love it, it has that woody, yet glassy tones melted together in one overdrive pedal.
  3. underdog726

    Help me build the ultimate SRV/Sayce/Hendrix pedalboard

    Into the same tones and the Homestead Undertaker is awesome. Couple it with the Honey Bee Amps Clean drive and your there, well ya need a blackface style amp and a good strat
  4. underdog726

    Vendor DCW Pedals - TGP Thanksgiving Pedal Giveaway 2020!

    I am thankful for the grace of God, and would love to play thru a ODR Mod Deluxe. And thank you!
  5. underdog726

    Sold Sold - Honey Bee Clean Drive - $200

    Favorite pedal ever for a strat and a blackface amp. Good luck with your sale!
  6. underdog726

    anyone still offering Fuzz Face Mods?

    i got mine from Wes Jeans
  7. underdog726

    Sold Honey Bee Amps Double Trouble

    The indicator lights are around the foot stomp button. Awesome pedal at a savings right there.
  8. underdog726

    School me on Black Face Amps

    Fender AB763 40-watt circuit . Fender never made a 1x12 combo!. They had an AB763 that was a 1x12, but it was only 22 watts (Deluxe Reverb). If you want that fat, thick 6L6 tone, the Vintage Sound 40mvp addresses that
  9. underdog726

    Sold WGS G12C 8 ohm speaker

    Thats out of new vintage sound 40 mvp amp. Its a wgs 12C labeled for their amps. I just put a evm 12L in it. Perfect condition , couple months old.
  10. underdog726

    My guitars were stolen

    It's sad Randy. With all your friends and the info you have on the kidnapper I believe and pray he will be found. Its a matter of will the kidnapper be able to lead you to the bodies (and necks) in good health and returned home. I pray for a safe return!
  11. underdog726

    FS Tonal Recall, Ceriatone Centura Non Horse, Memory Man, Big Bloom, Honey Bee Clean Drive, Lovepedal, Mr Black Eterna

    Somebody should pick up that Honey Bee Amps Clean Drive. My favorite overdrive and heavenly with a Strat. Save money and time ordering from Hungary.
  12. underdog726

    Fuzz but not a fuzz?

    Back your guitar volume back a smidge.
  13. underdog726

    Does anybody still play DR strings?

    How does a string effect your intonation? Is it only on the wound strings?
  14. underdog726

    What is your main overdrive pedal? (2020 Edition)

    Honey bee amps Clean drive. Love this pedal.
  15. underdog726

    Just ordered a Ditto +. Anyone?

    Are they in stock anywhere yet?
  16. underdog726

    FS DLS Rotospin. Leslie pedal. Lowered price 10/22

    A great Leslie and Vibratone pedal. Multiple cabinet sounds & Mic distances using the Tweeter Intensity and, Bass Rotor Level. Rotation speeds are set via the Fast, Slow, and Ramp controls. A switchable Overdrive stage OUT A (thicker), or OUT B (brighter), or both for a wide (((DLS Stereo))) ...
  17. underdog726

    FS Homestead Preacher Fuzz ( Germ C Diaz Squareface) Lowered the price on 10/22

    Signed by Peter Mcmahon who worked along side Diaz and kept the Diaz line going for quite awhile after his passing. From my understanding this is true to a Diaz Squareface. Excellent condition minus some of the sparkle on the bottom came off with the duel lock. Lowered on to 10/22 to $175...
  18. underdog726

    FS SRV Pedals. Klamac El'Mo and Sabbadius Mr. White both are excellent with box and no velcro. Lowered price 10/22

    The Klamac El'Mo ( in a rare color) does a great job of sounding like a super reverb cranked but at any volume and the Sabbadius Mr White is a great boost with a broken up super/vibroverb type tone that just adds something to your tone that makes it sound like you have a bigger cabinet or...
  19. underdog726

    High E string won't stay in saddle

    This might be naïve, I am not a tech, but what if the saddles had no notch? It almost seems as the bigsby and the bridge are not made for each other as far as string spacing.
  20. underdog726

    What countries of origin do your pedals represent?

    All USA except one from Hungary