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  1. J

    Let's See Your Bass Amps!!

    this is one
  2. J

    North Carolina Fall Amp Fest

    hey guys i own a asian fusion restuarant in charlotte not far from noda. if any of you amp fest people want to come i'll give you 25% off! btw jack butler is my forum name ask for stacey leazer thanks creation 1221 the plaza charlotte nc 28205 704 372 2561
  3. J

    Review of GVCG Ultimate '55 Tele

    not only does he make great guits but i have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with this guy for about three years and he is an absolute stunning musician!! he is like a prince, he can play anything he puts his hands on and yes, better than you:D but he does it with so much style and...
  4. J

    Is the Z Route 66 A Pedal Friendly Amp?

    don't really know why but it seems that every front loaded ef86 amp takes pedals like a champ! someone with knoledge can probably explain why. :BEER
  5. J

    so many overdrives i need help!!

    okay guys throw it my wAy. i need some suggestion on an overdrive just know this going in to it, i keep my super hard on on all of the time, not cranked but just for a little extra sparkle should i buy a timmy or how bout a langraff fulldrive or ocd or maybe one of the exotic pedals thanks
  6. J

    Aiken Invader = Good bedroom amp?

    bobeau can't wait to get the chieftain:) i was going to rebuild a deluxe and put el34's in it but now i have your chieftain on the way and i'm so excited i just soiled myself!! peas and carrots
  7. J

    Show Your #1 Amp Rig Pics

    will someone please host for me? i want too get in!
  8. J

    New Komet

    yaw is crazy!!
  9. J

    If I wanted to build myself a JTM-45 clone, where would I find the parts?

    hey heehaw, i have a started jtm45 project that i'm going too have too abandon:( so far its a chassis,tube sockets,wired turret board, pots, knobs, filter caps and filter cap rings and the input jacks. all the stuff is top notch up too this point it is overbuilt!! that doesn't always mean...
  10. J

    transformers, HELP!!

    i'm already aware of all of this, my tech has explained this too me in great detail. actually he will be doing the final assembly. i don't have too do any research at all! he would gladly gather parts and assemble himself but i wanted too do the research and part gathering for educational...
  11. J

    transformers, HELP!!

    thanks for the input, but i don't think i should comp any of my parts due too my experience
  12. J

    transformers, HELP!!

    so many choices i don't know which way too go!! this is my first build basically its a jtm45 with exceptions i've talked too mercury, marstran, heyboer, but i havn't talked too oei. my deal is i have no interest in cloning exactly. i want a nice amp that has a great response all the way...
  13. J

    digi key distributer

    just bought my pots from a place called digi-key really great techs and service believe it or not i was having a hard time hunting down a resource for the 2 watt rv4 pots (small order sell) guys are great lots of cool stuff!
  14. J

    turret board pic

    i guess i'll have too take my chances:) i hope everything turns out okay. thanks for the input.
  15. J

    turret board pic

    that is correct tybone! the board looks pretty sick huh? project is about 1 month from being finished. it will have mercury mag power, output and choke running el34s with a b+ of 360 and a gz34 rec tube it is a dual bias as well and also features a pentode triode switch thanks
  16. J

    turret board pic

    here is a link too my nerw dual bias board check it out! tell me what ya think
  17. J

    turret board pic

    thanks thames, comin at ya! btw, had it done by an extremely nice fellow named martin at a [place called total tone, i believe he's in canada as well.
  18. J

    turret board pic

    i want too attach a pic of my new turret board (its pimpin) how do i?
  19. J

    pot values

    i'm thinking about replacing the vol, tre, bass, pots in my sfdr. i was looking at the clarostat pots and i wanted to make sure igot the best value for the designated pots. thanks for the help
  20. J

    pot values

    what resistance values should i buy for vol bass and treble pots?