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  1. J

    Now I have gas... Eminence CANIS MAJOR

    OOOOH! Being a HUGE fan of the Cannabis Rex, I would LOVE to hear this, I use 2 C-rex's in a 2x12 cab, I would like to try this with one of the new speakers, I'd think it would be fantastic. They probably won't reach the UK for some time though.
  2. J

    V-Picks: Nite-Glo vs. Standard

    +1, the nightglows seemed to make the strings 'muffled' sounding. Jon
  3. J

    AxeFX light-gain country grit

    That sounds excellent, very 'natural' sounding.
  4. J

    Which Opamp chip has found a home in your TIM/Timmy?

    I used the LM1458 for a long time, did not think it could be improved on, then I read your post, bought a TL072ACN, THAT is now MY sound!! Great chip, nice 'full' sound, enhances the bass but does not (seem) to affect the treble. Thanks for the tip. Jon
  5. J

    Which eminence speaker for my Hot Rod Deluxe?

    Cannabis Rex, fantastic speaker, takes a while to break in though.
  6. J

    Picks or plectrums that sound like fingers/flesh?

    V-Picks fattie range are very good for that type of tone.
  7. J

    What does a Hiwatt sound like?

    After listening to all the demo's (all great) I have cane to the conclusion that the HI-Watts sound like my Carlsbro CS60TC, or maybe the other way round... so save yourself a LOAD of cash and look for one of the old CS60TC Carlsbro's. Also, after watching the demo's, I really want a 4x12, god...
  8. J

    Is the Ultimate Attenuator putting big iron Marshalls back on stages?

    Many thanks for the reply, answered my question perfectly.
  9. J

    Is the Ultimate Attenuator putting big iron Marshalls back on stages?

    Would an attenuator be a waste with a master volume amp? would it benefit in that you don't have to push the preamp to get valve drive? Jon
  10. J

    Ho's Attenuator

    OH MAN!!!! :drool what a great tone.
  11. J

    what is your favorite EL84 Tube?

    Polams for me, fantastic valve. Of the modern, I'd go for JJ
  12. J

    Marshall Vintage Modern R8 VOS - Playing HIDEAWAY

    Great playing, but not sure if its youtube or my pc but I found the sound to be very trebley and rather sharp.
  13. J

    Ceriatone Overtone Special - to HRM or not to HRM?

    Non HRM for me, great tone, and nice playing.
  14. J

    Okay P=90 users...

    I have a seymour phatcat at the neck of my guitar, no hum at all.
  15. J

    GE-7 Users....which mod is best?

    I have the Monty mod, sounds great to me, makes the stock pedal quieter and more 'clean/hifi sounding.
  16. J

    Which pre-amp valve would be V1 in my Carlsbro 60 Twin?.

    They are fantastic amps. The above site will give you all the details you need, as will the carlsbro forum. Carlsbro tended to design amps with mullards in mind and as long as you use your favourite ECC83/12Ax7 you will have no problems, they are a wee bit sensitive to biasing, I have found that...
  17. J

    Tone control on Tele.

    Many thanks for the reply, I will try it later and let you know how I get on.
  18. J

    Tone control on Tele.

    Hello all, I wonder if anyone can tell me, 1. is it possible to wire the tone control to the bridge pickup ONLY. 2. If so, could you tell me how. Many thanks, Jon
  19. J

    Make your argument - Best Strings EVAH!

    My fave string for a long time, but supplies seem to be intermittent here in UK, so, I tend to use GHS burnished nickels, fantastic string.
  20. J

    Maximum volts for pedals list...

    Tim pedal - 18v ( I prefer 15v) Boss GE-6 (jap) - 12v
  21. J

    Any Mullard experts out there?

    Don't look like any Mullard I have ever seen.
  22. J

    New CarolAnn OD2100

    That is gorgeous!!!! Does it SOUND anywere near as good as it looks?
  23. J

    Paul Cochrane Tim Overview Videos

    Here here, fantastic demo's of a FANTASTIC pedal. Many thanks.
  24. J

    MagicStomp users, a little help please.

    Thanks for that JW, I will try that out later, no bad joints in it though.
  25. J

    MagicStomp users, a little help please.

    Ah!, must be a design flaw. The other out works fine, but don't you find it sounds 'odd' because it is the right side of the stereo feild? or is it just me. Jon