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  1. blaster

    Any DCW pedals users here?

    I have the ZAZ drive which is one of my favorite pedals.
  2. blaster

    I don't "get" the Big Muff

    Years ago I also tried using a Muff in a live setting and just like the OP my guitar got lost in the mix. While I do enjoy the Muff sound, they often don't work in my setup, and I gravitate towards the Fuzz Face sound or variants of. The only "Muff" sound I found useful was my friend's Skreddy...
  3. blaster

    Boss BE-5M Multi-Effects - did you have one (or still do?)

    I had one and used for years playing live along with the loop feature that enabled me to use some a few ODs. The issue that these units had was the foot switches went bad but were easy to fix.
  4. blaster

    JHS 3 Series: Cool tones / Better Value

    I like the Fuzz and Distortion. Great concept by JHS.
  5. blaster

    Anyone liking the El Cap more than the Volante?

    I love my El Cap and have no reason to look at anything else.
  6. blaster

    Boss CH-1 vs MXR Analog Chorus Comparison?

    I have had the CH-1 and still have the MXR. The MXR is a great pedal and sounds as good as my old CE-2. The CH-1 was OK, but the MXR feels and sounds better to me.
  7. blaster

    Tele users what are your favorite Overdrive pedals?

    DCW Zen Drive J Rockett Animal Skreddy Screwdriver
  8. blaster

    HX Effects yay or nay?

    I have one and the effects are really good. I have compared the HX to my individual effects and they are pretty spot on once you adjust all of the parameters.
  9. blaster

    NPD: DCW Pedals [Internally Screaming]

    I have the ZAZ drive and it’s one of my favorite OD pedal and even does distortion. It’s very smooth
  10. blaster

    NPD: DCW Pedals Fat Dad Overdrive

    Looking forward to the demo. DCW are great pedals.
  11. blaster

    NPD: DCW Pedals Fat Dad Overdrive

    I have the ZAZ drive myself and Dustin builds killer pedals.
  12. blaster

    In 10 years, what pedals will have the hype status of the Klon?

    I think there may be a pedal or two that will have the same impact of the Klon, but as the market is already saturated with good pedals at all price points I think that there will be less of the "hype" status that the Klon had. Another factor that will come into play is there are less people...
  13. blaster

    best Leslie in a pedal -go!

    Neo Ventilator...use it more on my keyboard though. Best Leslie sim out there.
  14. blaster

    Boss OS-2 any good?

    I have one and really like it. I used one playing live for years and then grew tired of it and got rid of it. Last year I bought another OS-2 and realized its a great pedal.
  15. blaster

    NPD: Boss OD-3 Overdrive - lots of pics!

    I have one again after selling one years ago and it is a great pedal. I have quite a few boutique OD's and the OD-3 is on par with them.
  16. blaster

    ZAZ Overdrive - NPD

    I just saw another contest from Dustin @ DCW. Good Luck to all !
  17. blaster

    ZAZ Overdrive - NPD

    Anyone has any of DCW's great pedals?
  18. blaster

    ZAZ Overdrive - NPD

    A few weeks ago DCW pedals was running a contest for one of their pedals on TGP. Luckily, I won a ZAZ Overdrive. Actually, this is my second ZAZ Drive as I gifted my first one to another musician, so I was more than happy to received another one since I missed it. The ZAZ Drive arrived to me...
  19. blaster

    I left my Centura at home today

    I have been using my Centura for the last 6 months at home with my PRRI and I like how it thickens my overall sound. It's a great clean boost, and when I push the gain around 3:00 it has a smooth light overdrive sound. I don't think of the Centrura pedal as an overdrive/distortion that alters...
  20. blaster

    Eventide H9 - Pros and Cons

    I actually sent mine back. While I loved the delays and reverbs, I did not like the modulations, which is one of the reasons I got it. Instead, I got the mobius to fill my mod needs. Also, did care for the iPad interface, i like old fashioned knobs. One thing I loved was the delays...world class.
  21. blaster

    Limited edition Boss hand-wired classic re-issues

    Way over-priced. The OD-1 is nice, but the SP-1 even though rare is not worth it. I can buy buy vintage and save a bunch
  22. blaster

    POLL! What Keeps You From Buying in the Emporium?

    I can buy cheaper elsewhere. For example, Strymon effects listed are near the new prices.
  23. blaster

    Eventide H9 - Pros and Cons

    I am waiting for a H9 - standard model and wanted to know the pros and cons. I am mainly an at home musician anymore, but I like using effects for a variety of sounds. I have a MXR analog chorus and an El Capistan for my delays. Of course I have my dirt boxes and a compressor. I was...