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    Pod HD Dual Cab research/setlist

    Just another very positive report here of using your info and data to compile some dual cab patches. And, yes, even my first attempts are significant improvements over my finely honed single cab ones. Thanks very much, Meambobbo, for all your efforts and sharing.
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    Anyone tried using a bass amp with their modeler?

    I play my bass through my HD500 into a bass amp and cab, and it sounds utterly excellent. However, playing a guitar through the same rig sounds poor, even with a lot of tweaking. Bass cabs/speakers are much more full range than guitar cabs/speakers. However, bass gear is still generally rather...
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    New HD500 - User UNfriendly. I don't get it

    I find editing using the device pretty intuitive once you've spend a few days with the unit. I don't use HD edit at all any more. For someone who's used to a bit of button-pushing and knob-twiddling I think editing purely using the HD500 will be a breeze after a couple of days.
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    HD500 case options

    I'm shocked, but only because it took over 20 hours for the first sarcastic comments to appear ! TO answer all your questions, I am a nurse and the case was going to be thrown away at work. I took it, lined it with foam and I can't tell you how many times I've used it as a hard case for muso...
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    HD500 case options

    I'm using an old Olympus colonoscope hardcase for my HD500. ...... but you might find it awkward to source one for yourself.
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    GSP1101 is it reliable?

    I gigged one continually for about 3 years with no problems or issues whatsoever. A great unit. I only sold it because I was giving playing guitar a rest for a while.
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    Quick Demo to show how the most subtle changes in IR make a difference in the AxeFx

    Thats a little bit weird. The "on axis" tone has way less treble than the "off axis" tone. The opposite of what I would expect. But I certainly agree that there is a big difference between the two.
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    HD500..OK - HD + DT25...superb !

    I'm talking about all gain ranges. It really nails it. And the amp model responds brilliantly to being goosed by the screamer and tube overdrive pedal models in the HD also. I haven't experimented with the /13 model much as yet, but will definately do so in due course.
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    HD500..OK - HD + DT25...superb !

    Had my HD500 and DT25 for a few days now, so starting to get to know the units much better. I have to say that I really agree with some others who I have read stating that, on their own, the HD500 and DT25 are pretty OK, but nothing outstanding. But together..... they are really wonderful...
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    Fender DRRI - Best Amp (to run pedals into) for the price?

    The guitarist in my band where I play bass uses a DRRI, mainly with a Fulltone GT500 for dirt. PLenty of full, crunchy classic rock tones and singing solos. It always shocks me how great it sounds, how well it sits in the mix and just how dang loud it is for so few watts ! He plays with a tele BTW.
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    Simply very, very excited !

    After a break from guitar (playing bass) for couple of years I have decided to go back to the instrument that I love (6 string electric). My main guitar rig for several years before I went onto bass was a GSP1101 through a PA power amp into a Marshall 1960. At the time I went through...
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    Zoom G2 vs. RP500-1000 or ME70

    Comparing a G2 with an Rp1000 is like comparing a valve junior with a Mesa Mk4. The RP is several leagues better in every way. IMO, the TLLE is also not in the same class as the RP500/RP1000/GSP1101.
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    help with GSP1101 tones?

    I'm using a Samson Servo 200 amp (200W). Not sure you can get these in the US. It's just a fairly cheap, generic, stereo/mono, flat response PA amp. I suspect that any similar amp would be great, although I have not tried any other SS amps with my GSP. What I would also say is that I would...
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    help with GSP1101 tones?

    THe cab sims on the GSP1101 are not the best in the world (nor are they the worst). But because of this, I always use mine through a guitar cab live (I use a 1960a), with the GSP cab sims disabled. I also have found that using a 200W solid state PA amp gives me better tone, that is certainly...
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    Vox Tonelab LE > Digitech RP500 > or Boss GT-10?????

    As an owner/ex-owner of pretty much all the floorboards ever produced, I can honestly say that the RP500/1000 units from Digitech are way above all the others in terms of amp modelling. Yes, I did say "way above all the others", and I meant it. The Boss units take the trophy for pure effects...
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    GSP 1101 Gig Report

    SOunds good to me Jason ! You guys are busy !!
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    GSP 1101 Gig Report

    I'm using Beta C48 too. No glitches whatsoever !
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    GSP 1101 Gig Report

    Nice one Buddaman. Enjoying my GSP1101 too, live. Running through a SS power amp into a 1960a. Lovely. Can't seem to get direct (either to PA or recording direct) tones that are quite up to the same standard as my tones from the cab. What cab and speakers are you using ? Also, are you...
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    GSP1101/Control2 or RP1000?

    Having cab sims off going to FoH would sound horrible. You really need those cab sims going direct. The GSP obviously does this. I don't own an RP but am fairly sure it can do this too.
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    GSP1101/Control2 or RP1000?

    He's here - http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=921216
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    Rap to me about amp modeling...

    Hi ... good to see that you're still around ! Lol, yes, full circle back to a modeller. I bought the GSP1101 for silent recording, but it ended up being so good it replaced my pedalbaord and live rig too ! I bought a Tonelab LE too last week, with good memories of the TLSE I used to have...
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    GSP1101 take two

    If you're talking about genuinely clean cleans then the GSP will not be an improvement over the PODXT IMHO However, if you like a bit of hair on your cleans, the GSP is in another league, and is way more convincing and amplike.
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    Digitech GSP1101 - Live

    Yes definately kill the cab sims on the GSP for that. I'd definately recommend that you consider a SS power amp - cheaper, potentially more reliable, lighter, and I actually prefer the tone of my GSP through my SS power amp compared to through tube power amps.
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    gsp1101 help, controll 2 and midi

    Any of the Control2's buttons can be assigned to pretty much any function on the GSP. Each button on the Control2 is also assigned a MIDI channel too. So I assume that if you have a MIDI out connected from your GSP, then hitting each particular stomp button on the Control2 will send messages on...
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    Samson Servo 200 - great little power amp

    Just thought I'd give you guys a "heads up" about the Samson Servo 200, which is a 200W 2u rack mounted power amp (stereo or bridged mono). I've just started using it in my rig, amplifying my GSP1101 through guitar cabs with greenbacks. It sounds really, really good, and is much more consistent...