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  1. JoeInOttawa

    FX-200 vs Kemper Cone: Any Thoughts?

    Has anyone tried both of these? Are they the same? I had thought so originally, but I've heard that maybe not. So I'm interested in whether or not they're the same and if not, how they differ sonically. Thoughts?
  2. JoeInOttawa

    Traynor Quarterhorse as Modeler Amp?

    Anyone ever tried one of these as the amp section to your modeler?
  3. JoeInOttawa

    Special Variax Pricing?

    The Line 6 web site opens with an ad for "special pricing on all Variaxes." The link goes 404. Anyone know what the offer actually is? And does this suggests there is finally a new batch of Variaxes on the way?
  4. JoeInOttawa

    Wireless Recommendations for the Weekend Warrior

    All, I have been using the Line 6 G30/35 for over ten years without too many complaints, but, as I more and more wireless to the live rig, I'm starting to find the range of the wireless system starting to wane. I suspect the 2.4Ghz band is simply getting a bit too crowded, but I'm no longer...
  5. JoeInOttawa

    Digital Gear Related: Is there such a thing as Wireless Firewire?

    Looking to untether a digital mixer that does multi-channel audio, but also happens to have a Firewire interface. Any thoughts -- other than "Yeah, well, good luck with that."?
  6. JoeInOttawa

    Neural Quad Core Live Q&A...

    ...was just removed by user??? Or is that just my feed?
  7. JoeInOttawa

    Far-Field IRs: Any Commercial Resources Out There?

    Greetings! Jay Mitchell was kind enough to share his far-field* IRs with me. I still haven't gotten much past installing them into a couple of patches, so I don't feel competent to review them, but I did like what little I heard enough to wonder if there are other sources of far-field IRs out...
  8. JoeInOttawa

    Are MIDI Cables Shielded?

    Might be in the wrong forum, but here goes... Does anyone know if 5-pin MIDI cables are shielded and (possibly a different question) suitable for use as a microphone cable? I'm trying to build a 5-conductor snake cable to carry a mic source (XLR) and a the unbalanced signal from a piezo...
  9. JoeInOttawa

    Seriously? I Just Bought the SDOTD And Then This? (Carvin Content)

    Brand new today. In stereo, yet. https://carvinaudio.com/products/mach100-100w-pedal-amplifier
  10. JoeInOttawa

    PSA: More Quilter on Stupid Deal of the Day

    Maybe it's not Quilter that is releasing new gear, it's MF getting out of Quilter. Microblock 45: https://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid?source=3TP8HRG&mscr=2122158_129937&_requestid=610350&_requestid=610440
  11. JoeInOttawa

    Quilter 101 Mini: Who's Used It with their Modeler?

    Hey all! Looking for anyone with experience using the Quilter 101 Mini into an FRFR driven by a modeler. Who's done it, how'd you do it, and how'd it work out for you? Thanks! Joe
  12. JoeInOttawa

    PMC-10: Anyone Remember How to Dump SYSEX TO the Pedal

    Shot in the dark time: It's been forever since I had to replace the batteries and reprogram my PMC10. I'm using Raymond, and I cannot for the life of me remember who to put the PMC10 into RECEIVE mode so I can program it. Is anyone old enough to remember the PMC-10? And how I get it into...
  13. JoeInOttawa

    Let's talk digital wireless...

    I've been running a Line 6 G30 for many years now -- since cell phones were analog! -- and it's been pretty solid. But lately, as I integrate more wireless into the show, and more people show up with iPhones, I find the useable range sometimes drops pretty substantially, especially since I moved...
  14. JoeInOttawa

    Guess what's back in stock. Hint: Atomic

    For all the people I have seen asking, it looks like the AFB, AA6 and AA12 are back in stock: https://shop.atomicamps.com/
  15. JoeInOttawa

    New Data Point: Loud Gig with Deuce Deluxe (PEDD)

    Just wanted to add a data point here. Normally, my duo doesn't have stage volume, we only use the foldback through monitors. But we just played a second weekend at a bar where they don't quite have enough PA, but they want you to be loud. Most bands have no problem, because they have a live...
  16. JoeInOttawa

    MIDI Over Wireless?

    I am looking for a essentially a wireless MIDI cable -- point-to-point wireless (and I'll put this part in all caps to emphasize the point) WITH NO IOS OR OTHER PC INVOLVEMENT. What I want to do is connect a MIDI food controller to a MIDI effects device. No PC, no Apple device, no other...
  17. JoeInOttawa

    Dmc Micro Midi Thru Question

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this, so if it needs moving, I hope the admins will advise... I need a panic button in the middle of my MIDI control chain. The button must support MIDI THRU and be able to send a CC102 (value not important) on a single channel. The DMC Micro claims to be...
  18. JoeInOttawa

    Stereo IR Loader for Cheap Musicians?

    So, if i wanted to experiment with (read: not invest too much money into) stereo IRs, what would I be looking at? Has, for example, anyone tried a Yerasov IRon Cab? Is there anything closer to home that would be worth a look? Or am I really looking at dual Radar/Solid Studios? Hit me up --...
  19. JoeInOttawa

    Shootout Request: Anyone Got Access to Both a Deuce Deluxe and a Powercab?

    I'd like to see/hear about a shootout between them -- in the interests of science, you understand. So, anyone got access to both? Also wouldn't mind seeing a PEDD vs a Celestion Unicorn (a.k.a., F12-X200), but I'm not holding out much hope for that one... :)
  20. JoeInOttawa

    Experience and advice for selling out of town

    Greetings, all! I have a fairly rare guitar that seems to have a much bigger audience in Europe than in my small burg of Ottawa, Canada. Up until now, I have not considered selling any way other than face-to-face, but I am starting to consider offering it both here on TGP and on Reverb. I've...
  21. JoeInOttawa

    Looking for VERY simple 1-2 button MIDI switch

    Is anyone aware of a single (or dual) MIDI switch that can be programmed to send a single CC value, or toggle between two? I need to turn something on and off. Asking for a friend. ;) Pat just made the point that, really, what I need is small, it's probably less about the number of buttons...
  22. JoeInOttawa

    HELP! X-Air Effects Pop-Out Box is Huge

    I've had this problem before, and someone on the X-Air FB page was able to help me. But that was over two years ago, and I can't remember the fix. The pop-up box that contains the Combinator in x-Air Edit (Windows 10, device-independent), is about six times wider than the controls for the...
  23. JoeInOttawa

    Bag for Chemical Designwerks HoleyBoard Zig?

    I added the "?" so no-one would think this was the answer. It's the question: I have a Zig Zag (only using the Zig) with an Atomic AA6 mounted on the top row, and I have no good solution about how to cart it around. Right now, I'm using a catalog case, but I don't see it surviving in the long...
  24. JoeInOttawa

    Bose S1 as FRFR-ish Monitor: Tell Me About Your Experience

    Have you used one? Are you using one regularly? I'm using Yorkville NX10Cs, and they sound great straight on, but as a sidwewash serving two of us in a duo where they're not directly aimed at either one of us, they sometimes seem to suffer from coax-related issues that make the treble disappear...
  25. JoeInOttawa

    Trying to Find: LP Custom Mary Kay

    Greetings all! This goes back about 30 years, and I couldn't solve the mystery only five years after I saw it, so I'm not overly hopeful here, but, what the heck, it's Friday, so why not give it a go... So, about 30 years ago, I was in Burlington VT on a long weekend. I wandered into a music...