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  1. blaster

    Martin 000 decision, advice if you can

    I have the Martin OOO28 Modern Deluxe and it is a fantastic guitar. For a smaller guitar it has the volume of some dreads. The new shape is nice and not as thin as the standard series, but out of 3 MD I tried each neck felt a little different. It's always best to try first or as others stated...
  2. blaster

    Why are Taylors called the acoustic for the electric player?

    In the 70’s Ovation necks really appealed to electric players due to their necks. Right after that Taylor utilized that same principle by shaping a neck that suited electric players. I had a Lemon Grove Taylor that had a super thin neck that at the time I liked and sounded big and deep. As...
  3. blaster

    CF Martins guitars

    It’s like every acoustic...you can play 3 of the same model and each sounds different. I only buy my acoustics after playing them in person. I have 2 Martins which sound fantastic.
  4. blaster

    Martin choices

    I have both a OOO28 and CEO7 to get both the hog and rosewood sounds. I too was looking at both a D-28 and 18 before I decided on the OOO. I play mostly at home and wanted a guitar was both nice sounding and not too large. For years I played a D style guitar, but as I am older I prefer...
  5. blaster

    Martin Modern Deluxe- value for money or bling ?

    I like the titanium truss rod as it makes the guitar light and more stable. The necks on the 4 I tried before all varied, whereas some had a little thicker soft v neck and some had thinner necks but very much like the standard series Martins.
  6. blaster

    Martin Modern Deluxe- value for money or bling ?

    I have the Modern Deluxe OOO28 and it’s a fantastic acoustic. It is very open sounding and plays easily. My Martin sounds broken in probably due to the torrified top. Even though the guitar has gold Waverley tuners it’s pretty understated. The difference in cost between the standard series...
  7. blaster

    NGD Martin 000-28

    Congrats, I also picked up one in December as a retirement gift to myself. They are great guitars.
  8. blaster

    000 or dread - what's your pref?

    000 for me, and I also have a CEO7 too...00 design. I like dreads but I like guitars that I can sit on the couch and chair.
  9. blaster

    I can’t be the only one

    I was diehard Taylor player ever since they came out. Even though the necks are like playing an electric, I have grown to like bigger necks and more bottom end that my Taylors were lagging. Years back I purchased a Martin CEO-7 that not only had a great bigger V neck, but had great bottom end...
  10. blaster

    Gibson, Martin, Taylor, which one

    I like them all. Each one has their own sonic qualities. I have all 3, but now only have 2 Martins.
  11. blaster

    Bourgeois vs. Collings vs. Huss & Dalton

    One of my favorites has always been a Bourgeois, but I settle on a Martin Modern Deluxe OOO28 since dreads are too big for me. I loved the Martin D28 Modern Deluxe if I was getting a dread. The Bourgeois that I played were fantastic, but higher priced than I had money for.
  12. blaster

    NGD: Martin CEO-7 Factory Delivery Program

    Great review and great pictures. I am also a happy owner of a CEO-7 and its one of the acoustic guitars that I will have forever. Love the looks of the 7 and the tone. Congrats on your new purchase.
  13. blaster

    NGD- Martin CEO-7

    After trading in my 2006 Taylor 714ce which was a good guitar, I got my Martin CEO-7 which is a fantastic guitar. The CEO is a louder guitar than the Taylor and more "woody". The smaller size of the CEO-7 fits perfectly as a couch guitar or for strumming on the deck outside. This guitar...
  14. blaster

    Taylor fall ltd 714ce for a Martin CEO 7 - good trade?

    They got a new one CEO-7 for me. Doing the trade again tomorrow.
  15. blaster

    Taylor fall ltd 714ce for a Martin CEO 7 - good trade?

    Took back the Martin since it had a problem with the neck. With saddle as low as it was the action was 8/64 - 9/64 birth sides of neck. That is after the dealer took down he saddle. I got my Taylor back until another guitar comes in.
  16. blaster

    Taylor fall ltd 714ce for a Martin CEO 7 - good trade?

    I did do the trade and came home with the CEO7. Loved the looks of my Taylor but the Martin won me over on the way it sounded.
  17. blaster

    Taylor fall ltd 714ce for a Martin CEO 7 - good trade?

    I have a 06 fall led 714ce which is a nice guitar. This weekend I tried out a CEO7 and was surprised how much louder and bigger sounding than my 714. Also it's smaller in size. Would trading my Taylor be a good trade?
  18. blaster

    Martin CEO7

    The nice thing about the CEO-7 Golfnut is the adi top and mahogany back and sides which is very different to your 28s. The CEO-7's I played were articulate and great sounding, I also like the modified V neck.
  19. blaster

    New Martin D18 or Gibson J45?

    There is a new D-18 at my local dealer and its one of the best sounding acoustics I ever heard.
  20. blaster

    Taylor 814 CE Grand Auditorium

    I like the Taylors due to their neck. I started playing electrics in the mid 60's and never touched an acoustic until the late 70's. Taylor guitars to me play like an electric, and if you find the right one, they are good.
  21. blaster

    Tell me why you love your Taylor...

    I have a Taylor 714ce and it fits my style. I love the necks on the Taylor acoustics because I come from a background of playing electrics. My 714ce has just the right amount of bass, treble and mids to keep me happy
  22. blaster

    Which acoustic ? $1000.00 limit

    Check out the Eastman E10OM. Its a great guitar and right around his price range. Its an all wood guitar with an Adi top which sounds fantastic. Also, a used Taylor 300 series would be good too.
  23. blaster

    Best small bodied mahogany guitar ever?

    Eastman E10OM. Great guitar and great price on them. Very vintage sounding and great workmanship. My other favorite is the Martin OM-21 which is a little smaller than the Eastman, but still a great sounding guitar. Of course, the Eastman is louder due to the Adirondack top
  24. blaster

    Anyone like Ovations here?

    I had a Legend years ago and ended up selling it for a Taylor. I am happy with my decision to change to a Taylor. I liked my Legend but couldn't deal with the bowl slipping off my lap, and the lack of all wood sound.