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  1. stephenT

    Unofficial Pickup Directory

    Please fix (my favorite pickup builder) David Budz address in your post. It's: https://www.budzguitars.com
  2. stephenT

    Ron Ellis Pickups?

    I dealt w/ Ron when he was selling pickups for Hamel, so I go way back. I've had several sets from Ron and was asked to install a strat set in one of my builds. I will say it was impressive, a lot of thought went into the pickup set. But for a builder his wait times are crazy. That said, I work...
  3. stephenT

    What's the coolest pickguard you've ever seen?

    Yup, been there. Same folks that Warmoth and others import from. Sadly brown shell is no longer produced by Mazzucchelli, plenty of other choices, just not the one I want. Believe me, I've been down this road.
  4. stephenT

    What's the coolest pickguard you've ever seen?

    Yeah, Completely different color and pattern but thanks. The product was from Italy.
  5. stephenT

    What's the coolest pickguard you've ever seen?

    that's one of my guitars, see signature. the pickguard was a Warmoth custom. The material was Italian made and no longer produced. The guitar, the model is a t90, was built for my friend Sean Costello.
  6. stephenT

    What's the coolest pickguard you've ever seen?

    Thanks! The pickguard was a warmoth custom made. The material, "brown shell" was an italian product and is no longer made.
  7. stephenT

    Lets see those RED guitars

    Got red:
  8. stephenT

    P90 Tele's...Let's see em!

    Thanks for the kind words on the guitars, I use David Budz pickups exclusively, we've developed a set w/ the p90/bridge pickups that works great. I'd talk to him about a match up for your Texas Special bridge.
  9. stephenT

    P90 Tele's...Let's see em!

    Allow me to post a couple more, p90s on t style guitars is kinda my thing. The white t90 belongs to Ed Roland (Collective Soul) and he tells me it's all over their new release. The Burgundy Mist is w/ Cliff at Destroy All Guitars and is available.
  10. stephenT

    Looking to take the harshness out of my tele

    I agree, to my ear the sharp break point is the problem. My preference are Glendale saddles, great sounding, nice and round. And pickups, David Budz winds his pickups to avoid harsh, my favorite pickups.
  11. stephenT

    Is USACG on vacation?

    I spoke w/ Tommy and Rob today. Tommy was in the hospital awhile back and during that time some stuff was left undone. They've been working on the backlog, Tommy's feeling great, he has trained a new crew that he's very happy with and turn around time now is very fast. I'm getting ready to...
  12. stephenT

    Au naturel solid bodies

    One of mine, koa top w/ mahogany back, chambered. Brazilian fingerboard. Gold anodized pickguard and control plate.
  13. stephenT

    Guys in working bands - which acoustic do you use?

    I use an Eric Schoenberg designed Recording King O, RP1-626-C with a Sunrise pickup. It's a 12 fret w/ a cutaway. I plug it into my Goodsell MkIV V6 1x12 w/ the Sunrise Buffer box in-between. I've also got a RK Dirty Thirtys "O" sized acoustics I put my extra Sunrise in as a spare for gigs. They...
  14. stephenT

    Steampunk Appreciation (show yours)

    Very cool!
  15. stephenT

    Looking for a sleeper acoustic.

    I have a couple Recording King that I like BUT, I played a Bedell OM (i wasn't familiar with the brand either), $350 new that blew me away. Their site is under reconstruction but try to find one, great sound and playability.
  16. stephenT

    Trouble contacting USACG?

    I spoke w/ them last last, no problems. I always call (don't fax). Never an issue, great guys.
  17. stephenT

    Help me identify this acoustic guitar!

    Sunrise pickup, sorry that's all I can tell yas.
  18. stephenT

    Fender goes after a replica builder

    Thanks. The current design is very similar.
  19. stephenT

    Fender goes after a replica builder

    When I started my little venture of building two piece guitars in the early '90s I designed a unique (at the time) headstock shape and made a point of positioning my logo differently than the big boys, for whom I have a great deal of respect. I knew then (1992) you couldn't and shouldn't use...
  20. stephenT

    May I show off my new Custom P90 Tele please?

    It is a Rutters plate, it's a very nice design. Thanks! I play every Sunday night @ Northside Tavern, come on out and say hi. My web thingy is in my sig.
  21. stephenT

    Help me identify this Telecaster

    Not in any way a Fender.
  22. stephenT

    May I show off my new Custom P90 Tele please?

    If you throw in thinlines to the equation I suspect that percentage would be higher. I've done a handful of mahogany "t" guitars and I know other small builders have as well. Mahogany can be heavy, that was a lovely body, I think we are in the 7.3 lbs range, all in. Of the major tele wood food...
  23. stephenT

    May I show off my new Custom P90 Tele please?

    Thanks! Since JJ plays stages all over the world, we have a dummy coil wired in series hiding under the pickguard to help cancel the hum. A shout out to David Budz for the pickup system design. They still have the feel of single coils.
  24. stephenT

    May I show off my new Custom P90 Tele please?

    If I may, very soft "V" profile on the neck, it's the shadow that makes it look like a hard "V". And that's natural mahogany, back and sides, no stain.