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    BBC Tribute to Amy Winehouse

    She was a tremendous talent who left us far too soon. I first heard her in 2006, when a DJ on a modern alternative station said he heard her on a weekend show of theirs, and he said he had to play her even though she wasn't on the playlist. He played "You Know That I'm No Good" and I was...
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    Hello from Florida!

    Welcome aboard! There's a tremendous wealth of information available here. TGP can suck you in for hours at a time, so bear that in mind as you juggle your business and music projects! What part of south Florida are you in? Central Palm Beach county is where I currently reside.
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    Please post about problems with bad electric, neon lights etc...

    This gets posted a lot but you need to have one of these in you gig bag at all times: It will help you find outlets that have faulty or missing grounds, neutral issues and reversals. Properly grounded outlets and shielded instruments will go a long way to minimizing hum.
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    Gary Moore - Live '87 with strat

    +1 For me, the essence of a musician is the ability to convey emotion. Which put Gary Moore way up on my list. RIP Gary. Thanks for all the great music. You are missed.
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    Share Your Gig Photos - I'll Start....

    Here's one of the latest ones I have, from a breast cancer benefit we did last year
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    I had heard of her but had yet to hear her. Thanks to the OP that's been rectified! I'm really digging what I'm hearing.
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    Nothing FEELS better than playing some funk!

    Maybe not funk per se, but I really liked it!!!
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    Hiromi is such a badass...

    I had never heard of her... but I'll never forget her after this! Thank you for posting this!
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    Another Porcupine Tree Appreciation Thread

    I looked for In Absentia in 5.1... little rich for my blood! http://www.amazon.com/In-Absentia-Dts-Porcupine-Tree/dp/B00016POFE/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1332514054&sr=8-4 2 used form $179.
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    Lake County Musicians Swap Meet, Mt Dora, FL

    I wondered about that. I've passed by the sign for it a few times when My GF and I were visiting her folks in Mt. Dora. I've never been there on the Sunday they hold it though, so I can't comment :)
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    Another Porcupine Tree Appreciation Thread

    Donnie, I did almost the same thing. Some on here recommended In Absentia, which I loved. Played it to death before finally buying another PT album, which was Deadwing. Wish I would have been hip to them a few years ago, as they played in Miami in 2010!
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    Brilliant performances with crap gear

    Well, once I got good gear and discovered it wasn't the issue that left just me and my technique. At that point I just started practicing more. So good gear did that for me :) Didn't Hendrix just play off the shelf Strats? Didn't stop him from sounding amazing!
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    Great radio and TV band documentaries .....

    I was scrolling through the channels on my Blu-Ray player and I checked out SnagFilms. They had a good documentary on solidbody guitars. When I checked out their web site they had quite a few documentaries on musicians and music gear. Here's a link to one I saw...
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    Electricity problems at a local clubs knock out my digital delay

    The problem with even a regulated supply in this scenario is that if the voltage drops below a certain threshold it won't have sufficient voltage to produce a stable 9 VDC, thus it will have ripples in the output that will affect your effects.
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    What's your day job?

    I lived in Islip when I was a kid, moved to south Florida in the late 60's. Met a great gal down here last year, she lived in Commack the same time I lived in Islip. Small world, eh? I work for a large telecom company as a central office tech. Do everything from dialtone to OC192.
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    Very Important Question- you gig shaven or scruffy?

    When you're my age you shave or your face looks like an old dog's muzzle :)
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    getting shocked - my gear, the PA, or...? (GSP1101 content)

    Try using a passive direct box between the GSP and the mixer. That will provide isolation.
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    When do you know it's time to go digital?

    100% agreed on all points mentioned. But I think when the OP stated that "I play a little jazz and a lot of this and that" he (or she) hit one of modeling's strong points; the sheer variety of tones available at the touch of a switch.
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    Behringer Eurolive

    I'm using the B208D. I wanted to keep things really compact, as my main gig is on a crowded casino stage in an 8 piece band. I'm using it with the Roland GR-55. It works very well with the guitar sounds, but I had to dial the low EQ setting way back for the synth sounds. I'm using it for a...
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    Christmas gig - went awesome!

    Glad you had a great gig! I'm assuming that the vocals were you and your brothers; IMO there's nothing that comes close to the sound of brothers harmonizing.
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    Why is it so hard to find a GOOD guitar tech?

    By all means learn how to set up your guitar for yourself, if for no other reason that it will be set up the way YOU like it. Dan Erlewine's books are highly regarded. Do a search on the net and there are more articles than you'll ever be able to read.
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    The one, the only, the official..."You call that **** MUSIC???!!!!!" thread

    Sick Again from Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti album. Let's just say it was the soundtrack to me moving out of my parent's house at 17.
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    How loud is your powered FRFR speakers?

    I'm using a Behringer B208D for a personal monitor. 200 watts, I can't imagine needing more power. I do have to roll the bottom end off, as it's only an 8" woofer, but the rest of the stage monitors add a bit of bottom so it works fine. And it didn't cost a bunch.
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    Competition in music

    I let it drive me, but not consume me. When I see or play with someone who is a really good player it motivates me to practice more. After all, if they can do it it must be humanly possible. So in theory I should be able to do it too. In practice it doesn't always work out that way :)...