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  1. Bigsby

    Why No Upper-midrange Speakers?

    Having played at many different places at this point, I've experienced my AC30 and AC15 type amps in a wide range of environments. One stage and room might make your amp sound perfect and easy to dial in over a thumping drummer. Another place is a complete struggle the whole night trying to be...
  2. Bigsby

    James Calvin Wilsey

    I read a 2019 article today about Jimmy Wilsey, and it prompted me to put on his 2008 record, "El Dorado." https://rhythms.com.au/long-read-the-wilsey-sound-the-rise-fall-of-james-calvin-wilsey/ I remembered that I saw a youtube video 10 or so years ago where he talked about getting those...
  3. Bigsby

    Mystery Humbucker

    Is this some sort of Dimarzio from the 70s? It was the bridge pickup in a hacked up Travis Bean I bought in the early 90s. It appears to have a steel base plate (providing the mounting legs) that has been soldered and screwed onto a brass plate.
  4. Bigsby

    Russian 6n14n-EB Tubes

    I bought a quad of these online from somewhere in Eastern Europe many years ago. I asked my amp tech to put them on his tube tester when I got them, and he said they did not register as EL84. I think he said the tube tester didn't react to them at all. Does this sound right? Is it safe to put...
  5. Bigsby

    Single Pickup Guitars

    Other than tradition, is there a reason single pickup electric guitars have the pickup in either the extreme bridge, or extreme neck position? It would seem a spot in between would be more useful if you only have one pickup to use.
  6. Bigsby

    New Bands Playing Classic (Style) Soul and R&B

    We just saw Durand Jones and the Indications this week, and earlier this year we saw Kelly Finnigan down the street. Both singers and their bands are fantastic. Anyone saying "there's no good new music" is missing out if they don't look around for newer artists. Anybody else out there making...
  7. Bigsby

    MIDI Controlled Board - Ultimate Freedom or Frustrating Money Pit?

    Has anyone built a MIDI board only to go back to regular effects or a digital multi-FX? I love the idea of great sounding individual pedals with presets and a controller to make them all dance between presets together. I'm thinking of starting with a Boss ES-5, putting an M9 I already have in...
  8. Bigsby

    Blu-ray, DVD Audio & SACD 5.1 Into Analog Input JVC Amp

    Is there a device that will take the digital audio out from a newer disc player and split it into 5.1 analog? Would I be better off getting an older player that has 5.1 analog outputs?
  9. Bigsby

    Double/Dual Guitar Gig Bag?

    I need a bag that will provide excellent protection while carrying two 335-type guitars at once. Ideally, it would have an external pocket large enough to carry a Zoom G5 multi-fx (19" x 8" x 4"). It looks like the Mono M80 dual guitar bag is the best unit on the market, but it's very...
  10. Bigsby

    Guitar Combo Fell Over

    I was rolling my amp after a set last week, it hit something on the floor and toppled over pretty hard onto it's face. It's an AC30 type in a very heavy bluesbreaker style 212 combo cab. I have not yet tried to fire it up. Is there anything I should check before I do? Just fire it up, and if...
  11. Bigsby

    The Revolution

    Saw Prince's band tonight at The Fillmore in San Francicso. It was a little bit of a memorial service, like seeing Holy Holy last year for Bowie. Plenty of tear jerker moments. Musically though, amazing to hear that band do their thing. Definitely a show to see if it comes around.
  12. Bigsby

    Any Digital MFX with ABY?

    Do any of the digital multi effects units have a pedal model that allows the stereo outs to function as an ABY like the Fulltone True-Path ABY? Ideally, the model would sum stereo inputs to mono when A or B was selected, and also have a phase switch on A or B. I've got a Zoom G5, and it...
  13. Bigsby

    Zoom G5 Moisture Warning

    Don't let any sloppy drunks near your multiFX at a gig. The slightest bit of moisture will cause your bank and patch switching to do what they want, when they want. I think I'm going to get a clear plastic cover for mine like a 70s couch at grandma's.
  14. Bigsby

    Vinyl Paint or Coating for Beat Up Cases?

    I've been repairing a beat up, but structurally sound guitar case so that it's serviceable again. Does anyone know of a paint or coating that would do a good job of protecting the exposed wood where the case covering has come off?
  15. Bigsby

    Help With 'PAF' Pickup Identification

    Are these 57 Classics? Any other winders putting "PATENT APPLIED FOR" stickers on their pickups?
  16. Bigsby

    Speaker (Driver) Storage

    I've got a bunch of guitar speakers that I will get around to using, including an original pair of 1967 Celestion Vox Silvers. Other than face down on a shelf in a low humidity, cool room, any best practices for storing them? I have six or seven total that aren't in any cabs.
  17. Bigsby

    Sound Guy For A Night

    I lugged my PA down to a venue Saturday to do sound for some friends. It was a packed small to medium room and they were definitely digging in harder and playing louder than at sound check. I have new respect for sound guys. Trying to get a singer audible over a band making a huge racket is...
  18. Bigsby

    Decoupling Booze From Performing

    I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has previously had drinks to "take the edge off" before and during gigs in order to perform, and has successfully transitioned into sober performing. What did you do, what were the challenges, what would you do differently in hindsight, etc.?? I...
  19. Bigsby

    Cheap Speakers That Are Actually Good?

    I'm used to paying top dollar for Celestion/Emminence/Weber and all the other usual suspects. Are there any under-the-radar cheapies that actually sound good? I had a Sears 40XL combo (with 7189 tubes) years ago that was a distortion machine. It had some no-name 12" in it. Definitely a one...
  20. Bigsby

    A Royal Cockup

    We had our first four-set bar gig this weekend. We had a great show and the place was packed. Our drummer's on hiatus, so a friend was subbing. Said sub drummer decides to have an argument with the managing bar tender at the end of the night. From triumph to defeat in 60 seconds. I worked...
  21. Bigsby

    Cheapo FM Transmitters for MP3-players

    Looks like there are a ton on Ebay for ~$10. Can anyone recommend a seller/brand in particular. I've got a new(er) car with no cassette player or aux in. CD/Radio only
  22. Bigsby

    Increasing Cargo Capaticty of a VW Golf

    Does anyone use a cargo box on a roof rack, or a trailer hitch-mounted cargo box to carry gear to a gig?
  23. Bigsby

    Solution For Occasional CD Label Printing

    I had an Epson inkjet 5 or so years ago that had a tray for putting graphics on a printable CDR. It was extremely frustrating in that it would often not work correctly, and mess up a blank completely. Is there anything out there that's a great solution and not a ton of money? I'm occasionally...
  24. Bigsby

    Drilling Straight Bridge Holes

    In order to install a Schaller Roller bridge on my 90s Epi Riviera, I plugged the existing holes with dowels and wood glue. It's time to drill the new holes. Should I use something like this in order to get straight pilot holes going? Any other tips or tricks? I don't have access to a drill...
  25. Bigsby

    Diagnosing Scratchy Volume Pot

    I put a brand new harness together with Bourns mini pots as full sized pots won't fit through the F hole of my semi-hollow. Everything sounds great except for scratchiness when turning the bridge volume pot. It's only scratchy when the guitar strings are vibrating and the pot is being...