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    These things suck tone:

    Maybe they don't really. But my superstitious side thinks they do. Left over polishing compound. All that powdery material soaks up natural vibrations and besides I don't like it. Plastic protective film. Leaving that on any part of the guitar is wrong. Even having it on the spring cover of...
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    Y'know, we've got it good.

    Was testing a guitar amp, a Blues Jr with a weird complaint, squealing oscillation with the customer's guitar, but not with the mongrel Strat I tested it with when I worked on it. That Strat has 20+ year old Sperzel tuners on it that work perfectly. I could duplicate the problem with my 1996...
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    How about some wiring ideas?

    I'm sitting here looking at a 5pos "Super Switch" and two humbucking pickups. The Neck Pup has a coil split lead. The Bridge has a 5 wire arrangement. Who's got the craziest scheme using the named parts? The bridge is a slanted Nighthawk pickup, about 14K and does a decent tele sound when...
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    Happy New Year!

    Here's wishing all of you a great new year with lots and lots of broke stuff fixed, good stuff tuned and blueprinted and awesome stuff built.
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    Do unplayed guitars really fossilize in the case?

    Heard a lot of such things said, it's bad for the thing to go unused. With stuff like vintage violins and such it really is a thing. But aside from normal neglect ..... Who's pulled otherwise great old vintage guitars out of the case for the first time in years or decades?
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    Push-Push Pots

    Push-Push Pots, that's rotary pots with a DPDT switch, actuated by pushing down on them: Are any of them good enough to go on a serious guitar? Who makes the good ones? Looking for the experiences of the forum.
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    Threaded Neck Inserts + Machine Screws

    Is there a consensus here on the goodness of using neck inserts and machine screws to mount bolt-on necks? Are there recommendations? Has anyone tried these? Any good? Too Cheap? http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-SETS-Threaded-Guitar-or-Bass-Neck-Insert-SS-SCREW-Tone-Sustain-DIY-Luthier-/261184313025...
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    Battery Testing

    Okay, who out there still checks 9V batteries with his tongue? Apparently 21st Century Man refuses to do this and it's only elderly relics like myself who would even think of it.
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    Please recommend tuners for a Gibson B-25-12

    Old Gibson 12 string with clapped out plank tuners. Looking for a good quality replacement that won't require fussing, drilling or reaming without spending a fortune. What should I be looking at?
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    Slightly OT - Congratulations and Condolences Sought

    As of last evening I am now married to a wonderful and beautiful woman. As of today I am fulfilling the Christmas present I promised her: I am restringing her autoharp. Thank you.
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    Somewhat OT, but interesting

    :omg Customer says his Assistant DJ / Flunky / Gear Monkey reached around to plug it in, all the lights came on and then there was smoke. PS: that emoticon is exactly what I looked like when I saw this.
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    Good Cheap Looping Pedal, Exist????

    Looking for a pedal to record and play loops for practice and working parts out without having to fire up the "studio." What's out there, preferably cheap, easy and happy?
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    Please Name The Amp You Are Asking For Help With.

    Please. We've got lots of people here with lots of knowledge who are willing and able to offer good advice on using, troubleshooting, repairing and modding and demodding amps. One of the things they really want to know to be able to help is just what amp we are talking about. Please tell us...
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    An Informal Poll on Pedal Size

    As I sit here planning pedal designs and reading what people say on teh internets, I'd like to ask the gear sluts around here some questions. Let's start this with the fact that everything is a compromise and it isn't possible to get every possible goodness into every pedal. So, for yourself...
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    Raw Vintage Strat Springs - A Review

    I recently read about some Strat springs that are allegedly designed according to the ancient specs, sold by a company call Raw Vintage. They claim awesome tonefulness, the springs are larger diameter and yadda yadda. What got my attention is that they advertised them as being less stiff...
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    Coolest, Bestest Strat Mod EVAH!!!11!

    I've played and modded Strats since the days of the three-bolt neck. Done all kinds of crazy stuff including the multiple mini-toggles with the phase and series stuff. Did the super-switch deal. All cool and all, but after all that, the one I've been playing for the last 15 years had a perfectly...
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    Roland Jet Phaser AP-7

    Is anybody building a plausible clone of this creature from the past? I'm sitting here looking at a schematic debating whether to develop one, either for just myself or also to sell. Not sure if it would be worth it if they're out there. I do have to have one of these things sooner or later...
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    1965 Gibson GA-20RVT Reverb Pan

    Hi folks, have a GA-20 on the bench with a clapped out reverb tank. What current production will drop in and do the job. It's the standard Accutronics type long, 2 spring, About 170 Ohms DCR both in and out - that isn't the impedance, just a reference point if it helps. Thanks.
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    Appearances Matter

    Appearance counts. How do you see things? How do others view gear in your experience? Some guys treat their gear lovingly and carefully avoid any chips, rips, scratches or tears. Their rigs look perfect and new. Others carry guitars without cases, drag their amps across parking lots and...
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    6L6 and EL34 aren't interchangeable

    The patient is a 60W Marshall TSL. Problem, blows fuses. Look through the grill and see an obvious bad tube: Reach in, pull it and Hmmm, it's worse than it seems: Someone had stuck 6L6GC into an amp biased up for EL34s. The thing ran until the glass softened, got sucked in by the vacuum...