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    FS DSM Simplifier (*SOLD*) and EHX Pitchfork

    Thanks Kevin. Pitchfork still here!
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    FS DSM Simplifier (*SOLD*) and EHX Pitchfork

    Hi- two great units here. Both LNIB. Minimal usage. Prices are shipped PP’d to CONUS. DSM and Humboldt Simplifier SOLD. Check out the mega-thread for more info. Great direct option. EHX Pitchfork $125. Octaves, detune, etc. Awesome pedal.
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    Some of Pete Townshend's power chords are the best in the business but...

    If you are looking for bluesy virtuoso leeds out of Pete Townshend in the 60s/70s you are completely missing the point of what that band and he were trying accomplish, creatively. You wouldn't be the first though. His soloing got "better" as the years went by (and he ran out of grade A...
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    Always on Marshall-In a Box for base clean/breakup tone while sounds good stacking?

    Friedman Dirty Shirley or a Revival Drive Compact are the best I've ever heard for this. The DLS is great too if you are playing a strat or a tele.
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    Silliest made-up location in a song?

    I know its not made up but the "winslow arizona" bit from Take it Easy always grates me a little for its randomness.
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    Wilco "Leave You Like You Found Me" Modulation?

    With Wilco and their vault of gear it’s probably close to impossible to pinpoint it exactly, but it sounds like a 2 or 4 stage phaser to me.
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    Why can't guitar pickups be plug and play?

    I hear your point, and I don’t necessarily disagree with you, but I personally think it’s wasted on guitar pickups, that’s all. Having done many, many pickup swaps myself over the years, on guitars of all kinds, I can say my experience is that: It is really hard to drastically change the...
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    Why can't guitar pickups be plug and play?

    There’s no economic incentive for guitar manufacturers to do this. That’s way. The “old style” works plenty fine, and the vast, vast majority of guitar buyers out there seem to want guitar tech frozen into a time capsule that ranges from about 1954-1969 anyway. The people this...
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    Sold Boss SY-1, Boss RV-6, J Rockett GTO

    Hi- The Boss pedals are like new. Neither has been out of the house. The GTO has some velcro on the back and a scuff on the front, but otherwise great condition. Original boxes and papers on all (not pictured, but happy to send you one). All great pedals, just looking to do the churn...
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    Help an old guy understand the Strymon Iridium

    So certainly for recording. But I like the Iridium into a clean power amp (I use a Quilter)/cab for better reliability, portability, and ease of switching from those three base sounds within a gig. I like it better than an all-in-one like a Helix or a Headrush because it integrates very well...
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    Sold Fender Custom Shop '50s Relic Telecaster 1pc ash

    Hi! Regrettably need to put this beauty of a Telecaster up for sale. My personal holy-grail cosmetic spec of a Telecaster (I've churned more than I care to admit o'er the years). I had a Danocaster and this at the same time, and kept this one FWIW. A couple of pick marks (but hey it's a...
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    Guild Starfire III: Vintage vs. Reissue

    Always wanted a late 90s Westerly Starfire. good luck!
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    Surf- masterpiece albums!

    Ventures Live in Japan is a masterpiece
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    How Has Online Sales Tax Impacted Your Buying/Selling of Gear?

    Thank you, that's helpful advice.
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    How Has Online Sales Tax Impacted Your Buying/Selling of Gear?

    Yes, for higher dollar items, it has absolutely eroded whatever value there was in shopping for used stuff on Reverb. Will still put pedals and similarly priced things out there tho. The rest I've been going back to CL, pricing it competively and I have been breaking even or doing slightly...
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    Dream amp no longer made and impossible to find used... any suggestions?

    Magic amps are great no doubt, but there are lots of great boutique amp makers all trying to do endless variants of the same 5 things. There is something else out there that will get you where you need to be. And in the meantime your tastes will probably change after a while anywhere. My two...
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    Recommend me a twangy, relic'd tele (styled) guitar for <=$1500

    I also would look up “Relic Tele Partscaster” on Reverb. Lots of cool funky stuff on offer all the time, for half your budget.
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    Recommend me a twangy, relic'd tele (styled) guitar for <=$1500

    K-Line all the way. i’ve owned MIMs, MIJs, CIJs, MJTs, AVRIs. A Custom Shop, a Danocaster, a couple of “guy you never heard of”-casters, and some home parts brews.. Not to draw conclusions over a small sample from these builders,but my K-line is the one I grab the most at this point.
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    Brandi Carlile

    She’s very good, and have seen her numerous times live. Excellent performer, and great at crafting a show. Seems like the genuine article, and definitely has a message/vision in her art, which I respect, since so few artists out there seem to get that anymore. That said, I lost all interest in...
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    Skrecho + Tap Tempo?

    Stonedeaf Syncope maybe?
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    Interview with Sturgill Simpson

    Fair, but IMO the industry needs more SS's and fewer people that get out of bed to do little more than to pump up the social media following. If you're good you can say what's on your mind and still have a career. Also - he might just be trolling us all. This might be a carefully crafted...
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    Forte style vs Dumble style 2x12 - help me pick a cab.

    I can sort of help here...I have a Avatar Forte 1x12 and a Vboutique Vumble 2x12". If I had to choose just one, it would be the Avatar/Forte, no questions. The Vumble looks cooler and is bigger sounding, and it gets brought where stage footprint/look is important, but in terms of...
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    All in one like the Iridium but with a aux in?

    Not sure if this is the exact question you are asking, but I can say that the Headrush has this, and it sounds great via headphones. I own both the Headrush and the Iridium.
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    What was the immediate impact of ...And Justice for All?

    Similar story for me too. When was I very young I was into the 70s Classic Rock my parents were into, the Who, Clapton etc. Then as MTV ramped up I was into the Poison/Bon Jovi/Def Leppards of the work. GnR was the first mainstream thing that I'd heard that had dark/seedy/ominous undertones...