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  1. J

    Who builds this amp?

    A couple of months ago there was an amp FS in the Emporium. Red tolex, red knobs and black grill and faceplate. Small 1x12 combo. I can't remember the builder or the name of the amps but he would also put your name on the faceplate if you wanted. Can someone tell me the name of the builder?
  2. J

    Tele steel saddles

    Are any of you Tele players using steel saddles? If so what kind and how do you like them compared to brass? Thanks for any info. John
  3. J

    66 Vibrolux with non-original OT

    A friend of mine is selling his 66 Vibrolux. He's a professional musician and this has been his main gigging amp for the last 20 years or so. It's been serviced regularly and sounds great but he had to replace the OT in it a few years ago. Original cone Fender labeled Oxford speakers. Cosmetic...
  4. J


    Who makes the best sounding, easiest to use auto-wah?
  5. J

    12 string recommendation needed

    I'd like to get a good sounding and playing acoustic or A/E 12 string. Can someone recommend what I should look for? I don't have much experience with acoustic guitars. Thanks, John
  6. J

    Shipping outside the US?

    Not sure if this is the right Forum but it concerns a guitar. Has anyone had any experience shipping a guitar overseas? France actually. What sort of payment can you accept besides Paypal? What is involved in overseas shipping? I've bought and sold plenty here but I've never shipped a guitar...
  7. J

    Anyone tried the Fane alnicos?

    I was wondering how they compare to the ceramics and if they're worth the extra money. Thinking about putting one in a 1X12 cab.:rolleyes:
  8. J

    What's your favorite Fuzz?

    I want to get one but I'm not sure which one. So many choices. :rolleyes:I'm just looking for a good classic Fuzz pedal. Thanks, John
  9. J

    Zemaitis guitars

    I know Zemaitis is back in production but who else is making decent Zemaitis replicas? The new Zemaitis are still pretty pricey. Thanks, John
  10. J

    Decent muti-effects unit?

    Does anyone make a good sounding multi-effects unit that a tube snob can learn to gig with without hanging his head in shame? I've never owned one but sometimes the convenience of using one is pretty tempting. I have to cover a fairly wide range of sounds with our group and I'm looking to...
  11. J

    Best od pedal for a Super Reverb?

    I need some suggestions for an overdrive pedal that will work well with a Super Reverb. I need something that will give that smooth creamy sustain that we're all looking for. I'm using a Telecaster. I use the SR for gigging so I'm not looking for bedroom level overdrive. Thanks in advance...