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    Amplitube 5

    So I was thinking this morning, maybe NI is a better comparison, because the trick with them is that you don't upgrade every time they put out a new Komplete, because they always hold back the best stuff to sell separately as an expansion. Then, when the next version shows up, all the expansions...
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    Amplitube 5

    Excepting a few of the better expansions (Fender 2 and Mesa), I don't think they've been up to par in a while. When I started getting into modeling 9 years ago, Pod Farm 2 was wiping the floor with Amplitube 3. When I totally abandoned analog gear for modeling 2 years ago, ReValver 4, S-Gear...
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    Help a newbie to plan a laptop setup (Reposting here...)

    For Jazz, I don't think you'll find anything in Amplitube or from Neural that tops S-Gear. The worst thing I can say about S-Gear is that it doesn't offer any effects before the amp, so if you want a compressor or overdrive, you'll need to patch that in separately inside Reaper. If I were...
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    How many of you still keep a pedal board around?

    I've still got my whole analog rig. Pedals, 5150, rack effects. Like you said, it just sits. I dust it occasionally. At this point I keep it because I figure I might regret selling it someday.
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    Legendary Drive (Carvin Legacy) sounds like mushy fuzz in Helix

    His tone circa 1996 with the Bogner Ecstasy was peak Vai. After that, it's been downhill slide in to fuzzy, mid-heavy, squawkiness. Regarding the "Legendary Drive," it is misclassified as a drive or distortion block; it's a preamp. So I'd try using it into the cleanest amp block you've got...
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    Who's got the modern champion of 5150 sims?

    I managed to snag Neural's Archetype: Nolly suite using the Black Friday sale. I realized that this makes something like my ninth 5150 sim. It must be one of the most cloned amps these days, behind Plexis and JCM800s and Rectos. Which 5150 modeler do you consider the best? After a...
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    What's your current fav amp model?

    Axe FX II: Euro Red Modern Helix: Placater Dirty Plugins: Mercuriall Euphoria and Freeman Fluff in Amped Roots
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    Amplitube 5

    I had the same thought--you're going to model a classic like the Bogner XTC, and then you choose the baby over the 101B? The PT rather than the BE100 Deluxe? Why? Who was clamoring for that?
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    Dialing in Winger tones: HX Stomp

    Reb’s tone hasn’t changed in years. It’s a simple recipe: EMGs into Boss Super Overdrive into a very loud Marshall Super Lead. In Helix, I’d default to the Super OD into the Placator Dirty with the master around 7. Nearly all of the verb and delay you hear in the early albums were done in post...
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    Recreating SPX90 "Symphonic" - Axe-Fx III, H9 & SpaceModulator

    Super interesting. Love your channel, Leon. To my ear, nearly all of them would sound believable if you told me it was the SPX90, especially in the context of a mix. My guess would be that #3 is the flanger. I like 4 and 5 best, I think.
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    Amplitube 5

    They don't typically get explicit about the amps they're modeling, but you can usually suss it out from the looks, the promo material, and the sounds. In addition to the Fortin Cali and Nameless suites, which both model some kind of aggressive modded Marshall sounds, the Nolly suite contains 4...
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    Amplitube 5

    Definitely agreed on the vast gap in quality of sound. I can't name a single amp in Amplitube 4 MAX that has poweramp compression and sag like a real amp. Certainly nothing that sounds as good as the lead channel in Archetype Plini or the 5150 in Nolly. I think some of the amp tones in the...
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    Amplitube 5

    I would be absolutely shocked if this was the case. IK does this constantly with all their big products. Buying "MAX" gets you all or nearly all of the expansion packs that existed when the product came out; but they still nickel and dime you to death for all the subsequent packs. So if you...
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    Amplitube 5

    You sure? That's not what their web site says.
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    Amplitube 5

    So you'll need to drop $100 just to have your old gear work in the nicer UI and with a decent IR loader? I think I'll pass. Maybe I'll toss them a few shekels during one of their big Black Friday sales or something when they cut the price to $45.
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    Amplitube 5

    Looks like a shocking lack of actual new amp modeling. I see they're still dragging around the "Metal Lead-V" and other amps from Amplitube 3. They were subpar 5 years ago when A4 came out. If they haven't radically improved the actual amp modeling, I see little reason to upgrade from...
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    Axe-Fx III

    Wow.... yeah, it might be time to listen to more music and watch fewer gear videos on YouTube. Steve Stevens is a massive success.
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    Are Speaker IRs 'getting better' like modeling?

    I think they've improved in a few ways. The folks who produce IRs have gotten more thoughtful about the best ways of capturing the IR without unnecessarily coloring it. For example, some of them like OwnHammer offered IRs that "baked in" a little mid-scoop to compensate for what was felt to be...
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    Amplitube 5 coming next week?

    Amplitube 5 was my guess too, since Amplitube 4 came out on 10/29/2015. Only other thing I could guess is MODO Guitar. I feel so mixed about Amplitube. It's been helpful to me in providing one-off tones for fills and for medium and low gain sounds. But there's not a single time I've been...
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    HX 2204 What am I doing wrong

    Like others, I don't bother with the 2004. Even the modified 2204 sounds thin and farty. But the Placater is excellent. It's basically the only amp I use in Helix Native.
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    Why didn’t EVH make more music?

    I really wonder if we'll hear much more. Ed always suggested that there was a ton of music being recorded at 5150; but if you read Sam's book, he suggests that there's very little left that they didn't use and that constant drug and alcohol use plus a kind of amateur studio setup limited what...
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    What did you do before modelling?

    I had two amps and some pre-amps that I used. A block letter 5150 A Fender Princeton Chorus An ADA MP-1 A bunch of rack gear and pedals: Roland SDE-3000 Lexicon MPX200 Behringer EQ Boss DS-1 Digitech Bad Monkey Keeley Compressor Digitech Turbo Flanger Boss CE-2 Boss DD-3 ISP Noise Decimator...
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    The next big thing from Line 6

    I'm hoping the next big thing with them is that the cabs in the Helix get about 300% better, they provide better hall and plate reverbs, and they add a Bogner XTC amp model.
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    "Amplex" Freeware Amp Sim with User-Adjustable Component Modeling

    This seems like the kind of thing you can do much more elegantly in ReValver 4 with the "Tweak Blueprint" option if you want to change the tubes or caps or bias of your Orange or Recto; or in Blue Cat Axiom if you're not interested in modeling some real-world gear.
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    Axe FX II still good?

    I mean, they still sound as good as they did when they were used by A-list bands and session musicians. They are not receiving anymore updates though, so they sound as good now as they're ever going to sound.