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    Could Use Some Advice Please!

    I am wanting to get into recording. I've been playing music for 30 plus years, but never have gotten into recording. It's kind of intimidated me, despite buying a Zoom HD16 recording device a few years ago. I just never learned to use it, although I lazily didn't put in enough effort to do...
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    Crate VC5310 vs Fender Hotrod Deluxe.

    I have always loved the Vintage Club amps. In terms of tone, I think they are superior to the HRD. Some of the Vintage Clubs have been known to have little things go wrong. One of my old one would blow a fuse from time to time. But, in terms of tone/sound, I would rate the Vintage Club...
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    AC30 Custom Classic Users- Need Quick Help ASAP For A Show

    Hi guys. I have to play a show tonight with a Vox AC30 CC with alnico blues. I want to use a Tele and Les Paul but want to avoid having to do too many adjustments to the eq and settings when I change guitars. What I want to try and do is use a Morley ab box through the effects loop:v have...
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    My Vintage 30 experience..

    I played a festival over the weekend and didn't feel like lugging around the cab I normally use with Tone Tubbys. I brought my old 2x12 with vintage 30 and g12h30. I had always LOVED that combo and for whatever reason hadn't used the cab in a long time. It sounded perfect. The v30 / g12h30...
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    Wanting to be perceived to be a "guitarist" without putting in the work to be one

    I have a similar friend who is incredibly hard to play with. He's "played" guitar for 15 + years, but never really learned a good foundation. He's always wanting to play together when he's in town, and it almost seems like a job to play along with him. It's a lot of work, because you have to...
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    Slash featuring Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother

    Cool tune. Very Zep. I hope theres more good songs to come.
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    New Ibanez Tube Screamer Amp...

    Before clicking on the link, I expected to see an amp that was black with a metal looking grill. I was pleasantly suprised to see the styling of these. Pretty cool looking amp. For that price, I'm certainly interested. Shortly after they're released, you'll see the "necessary mods" for them...
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    Love My AC30CC w/ Blues-But......

    Thanks for the opinions thus far. I do certainly like the master volume, as I've never messed with attenuators much. So the Hayseeds have MV? As for the effects loop and trem, it's not a neccessity, though cool to have at times I suppose. How does the tone match up comparison-wise with the...
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    Love My AC30CC w/ Blues-But......

    I've gone through many amps over the years and always wanted to experience an AC30. I've had one for over a year and totally see what the magic that is the AC30 chime. Now since I'm hooked on that tone, I'm wondering if I would like the AC30 handwired/Heritage series even more...? Or maybe...
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    Epiphone WildKat, AlleyKat Owners Chime In!

    Hmmm. That sounds kinda cool for giving a bit of versatility sound-wise. I've never done this with any of my guitars. Is it tough to do? I assume you just have to buy a "push/pull" pot, and then wire your pickups differently to facilitate it? Thanks man! And am interested in any mini-hum...
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    Epiphone WildKat, AlleyKat Owners Chime In!

    I really don't have a problem with the pickups, but because I enjoy goofing around with swapping pickups in guitars (especially budget ones), I'm toying with some new ones in my new Alleykat. Anyone have any recommendations or luck with changing pu's in these? I've never tried Filtrons on...
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    Epiphone WildKat, AlleyKat Owners Chime In!

    I just traded a MIM Tele for an Alleykat over the weekend. I absolutely LOVE it. I was worried about the build quality and pickups, but so far it's left me pleasantly suprised. I haven't been able to put it down. I'm going to flirt with new pickups and pots just because I enjoy doing that...
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    Name a concert you regret not going to

    Nirvana came to Dayton Ohio. I was asked to go and decided to pass and "catch them next time they're close" Kurt died not too long afterwards. :(
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    Craigslist Dictionary

    Saw this on the Cincy CL and thought some here would appreciate the listing. Cracked me up. http://cincinnati.craigslist.org/msg/1538784572.html
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    Do you think of selling most of your guitars

    I do this. I don't really think of selling any of my main LP's, my main Strat, and my main Tele, but I have a handfull of cheaper (yet nice) guitars that I find myself adding up the sell value and then thinking of what I could buy with the money I would sell them for. Times in the past, I've...
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    So I sat thru about 40 min. of Arcade Fire on Austin City Limits.....

    Good post here! I've enjoyed reading this thread and welcome more like it where we share what we like or dislike about music. I don't understand some of those who get offended by the fact that people share different taste at times. :nuts For the record, I very much dig Arcade Fire. I...
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    Players you'd like to see together

    Ab-so-freaking-lutely man!
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    Players you'd like to see together

    Cindy Lauper and Queen
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    Cheap Guitars That Play Great

    I've been wanting to get one of the import Reverends. They look killer and I've heard a lot of great things about them.
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    AC30 Users Who Gig Them - Advise Needed

    Just wanted to update here (too many times, people don't update their threads after resolution). I gigged it and brought a Tele and a Les Paul (which is what I had used exclusively for a few years). I started out with the Tele just to be bullish about doing things different, since I was using...
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    HELP!! AC30/Hayseed 30 learning curve (long)

    I'm with the poster above about having to get used to the AC30-type amps. I started out wondering why I didn't dig it like I expected. I'm now completely hooked.
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    Whats a good amp for the les paul

    I dig EL-84s with a Les Paul. I love my Carmen Ghia and AC30 through myLP's. Suprisingly though, I find one of the best matches I've ever heard with my Les Pauls is one of the USA made V30H head w/ matching cab by Crate (not made in US anymore though). An almost identical amp is the blonde Crate...
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    AC30 Users Who Gig Them - Advise Needed

    Pardon the elementary nature of this question, but I've seen others say this. When you say to run things wide open and use the guitar to control everything, do you mean to max out your volumes (on the amp) and then adjust the guitar's volume knob to tame it to your desired level? I had always...
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    AC30 Users Who Gig Them - Advise Needed

    This gig I'll be playing lead on various covers ranging all across the board. What channel do you use and what guitar(s) if you don't mind?